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  1. 1. ! LEAD Guideline ! ! ! ! ! ! Leaders become great not because of their powers, but because of their abilities to empower others. - John Maxwell! ! ! ! ! ! Powered by
  2. 2. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I. LEAD definition –Why & What II. LEAD framework III. Customize the LEAD framework IV. TMP/TLP LEAD Delivery V. GCDP/GIP LEAD Delivery VI. LEAD Partner VII.Engage my team/entity

  3. 3. ! ! ! ! LEAD is a companion of the AIESEC leadership development model, which catalyzes the Inner & Outer Journey to the leadership development, connecting the inner and outer journey throughout every AIESEC experience. !*Catalyze: To modify, especially to increase, the rate of a chemical reaction through the action of a catalyst (a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected) !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catalyst Companion Connecting Inner & outer Journey When you bring “LEAD” and “current operation” together, chemistry would happen - boost our ELD program! It is no longer a separate elements in your strategy, one session in your conference, but something always there in the inner & outer journey By LEAD, people would get more integrated experience by getting clarity & awareness of both inner & outer journey LEAD Definition
  4. 4. !! ! Ideally, in every ELD program, inner & outer journey would happen to develop youth leadership. Somehow, the challenge we’re facing is that the inner & outer journey doesn’t always go smoothly. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Without LEAD: Challenges of not having integrated journey because of lacking of awareness! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Why & What
  5. 5. What LEAD can do is to be the catalyst along the whole journey to make the inner & outer journey flow by bringing more consciousness to the whole journey. ! ! ! ! ! ! With LEAD: Push the whole journey forward to have better linkage between inner & outer journey! ! ! With LEAD as a companion and the catalyst, we would have people who take the whole inner & outer journey, which in the end would develop the leadership we want to develop for the world. In this case, LEAD would be no longer an add-value that can be there or not there, but something embedded in to the journey to become one of the value generator for our product. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. 6. ! For each one of our programmes we built the LEAD journey of our customers as they flow through our customer flow. ! Within every stage of the customer flow we mapped out the Activities that AIESEC deliver towards the program customers. For each activity we have defined a LEAD outcome that define what stage of the inner and outer journey we are passing trough and what leadership we develop. It’s important that you take your time to read it and connect to your own reality, understanding what outcomes are already in place and what are still not happening. ! You can find it here.! !! Check out the LEAD tools for the delivery of LEAD in each activity!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! LEAD Framework
  7. 7. ! ! ! 1. Choose the LEAD program you want to implement ! 2. Map out the activities that the customers are passing through when they join this program! ! ! 3. Check the LEAD ELD Framework and integrate the missing activities in your journey. ! 4. Find the best solution to develop the expected LEAD outcome from all the activities. (Use the LEAD tools here). ! 5. Define the time for delivery and the needed education. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Customize the LEAD framework
  8. 8. ! Before designing the LEAD framework that would be carried out in your entity, you need to understand your reality, entity focus, FOBO strategies and analyze how much to develop LEAD would be crucial. ! Here it is reference for you to check, according to cluster of your entity, which leadership body would need LEAD, and in each LEAD program, what would be the role of MC/NST/LC.! ! Possible LEAD program you may need for different leadership body:! ! !! For Any cluster regardless of scale of exchange program, MC and LC EB (especially LCP) would be one of the most important leadership role to focus on. Then, it would bring more performance & integrated experience in ELD program once local TLP can take LEAD program. After the scale becomes bigger, there would be a large amount of membership, and membership will have longer life span in AIESEC, then develop an standardize LEAD for newbies/oldies would become important. When you have a large number of LC/entity to manage, you would have a big NST team for you to manage LCs, then ensure NST to have a integrated virtual experience would become the main challenge and tipping point.! ! ! ! ! ! ! Leadership Body TMP TLP Newbies Senior/ Oldies LC TL LC EB/LCP NST MC Cluster 1 √ √ √ √ √ √ Cluster 2 √ √ √ √ √ Cluster 3 √ √ √ Cluster 4 √ √ TMP/TLP LEAD delivery
  9. 9. Role of Different leadership body during implementation:! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! In GCDP GIP LEAD program, co-delivery is the key for a successful implementation. Please check GCDP LEAD co-delivery framework & GIP LEAD co-delivery framework to see how entities from different tiers can reach a reasonable co- delivery plan based on their partnership.! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Cluster 1 Cluster 2 Cluster 3 Cluster 4 Newbies Bring clarity and coach program development: MC VP TM Develop program: LC VP TM or LTT in Cluster 1 LC Deliver content: LC EB team/ NST NTT/LTT in Cluster 1 LC Bring clarity and coach program development: MC VP TM Develop program: MC VP TM, NTT, LC VP TM in Cluster 1 Deliver content: MC team/ NST/ NTT/LC EB team Senior /Oldies LC TL Bring clarity & develop program: MC VP TM Deliver content: MC team/ LCP / external LC EB/ LCP Bring clarity and coach program development: MC VP TM Develop program: MC VP/Responsible NST Deliver content: MC team/NST/LEAD partner/ external Bring clarity & develop program: MC VP TM Deliver content: MC team/ external NST Bring clarity & program development: MC VP TM/ MC responsible for NST Deliver content: MC team/ LEAD partner/ external MC Bring clarity & develop program: MCP/MC VP TM with the help from AI/ alumni/ LEAD partner/ Board of Advisor Deliver content: MCP/ LEAD partner/ external/ Board of Advisor/ Alumni GCDP/GIP LEAD delivery
  10. 10. ! To empower the delivery of LEAD is suggested to have a professional trainer to facilitate the learning process. ! What kind of LEAD Partner should I have? ! In the global network we have different examples of LEAD partners and LEAD partnership. You can choose between different kind of companies, alumni, professors, non corporate organization but at the end what makes the difference is how those partners are able to support you. ! What kind of learnings my partner is supposed to facilitate? ! Well from the new LEAD framework now should be clearer the learnings we should facilitate to empower our programmes and develop the leadership we want to. Take the framework and understand what kind of learnings can be facilitated by AIESEC and for what you need an extra help. After, make a proposal approaching the different options you have. ! How to get the partnership? ! Professional trainers don’t provide this service for free so you need to understand first how to afford it. If the payment with money is not a considerable option you can provide them back different services they might be interested in. ! How to manage the partnership? ! A successful delivery is made by a successful partnership. Its really important that you have clear what kind of delivery you expect from him and what kind of delivery he can provide. Ask first to perform a training delivery for you and your team to get to know him better and verify what kind of style does it have and if it fit with your plenary and AIESEC culture. Build with him a honest and trustworthy relationship where you can give him feedback and viceversa. Remember that the LEAD Partner
  11. 11. delivery needs to be built togheter to ensure that the outcome is as you expected.! ! ! ! ! ! ! Bringing LEAD in network never means to replicate LEAD from the AIESEC network. ! “Replicate” When we see the GCPs and epic sessions in the conference, we bring back the slides from the output, and then conduct the same things regardless of reality in the entity. ! What we need for bring in LEAD: “Transfer” Engage your teammate, LC VP TMs to think & discuss - ! ● How can we make LEAD not a add-value things like an USB disk, that only happens in one block in the conference, or when we need to motivate members? (When we need it, we plug in; after use it, we pull them out and put it aside) ● How can it become a companion and catalyst of our inner & outer journey to make it integrated? ● How can we make sure what LEAD brings is not randomly happening in my entity? ! When we bring clarity, we create the proactivity to the entity to create our own LEAD program according to our reality.! ! ! ! ! ! Do you need more clarifications? ! Contact us! Angela Alesci- GST TL LEAD Ana Sofia Espejo- AIVPTM Engage my team/ entity