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Fullly implement national crm o gcdp tier 2


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Fullly implement national crm o gcdp tier 2

  1. 1. Fully implement National CRM oGCDP | Tier 2
  2. 2. ❑ CRM is Customer Experience Management ❑ It’s a tool/system to manage and track the experience of EPs ( especially to manage sign-ups and applications) What’s CRM?
  3. 3. + Benefits of CRM  It allows us to have the information from around the country grouped in one place in order to generate more analysis to help us in developing more effective strategies:  Analysis on what is most effective communication channel to launch our sales strategies and promotion.  Analysis of conversion rates that we have between registered and RA.  It allows us to have an understanding of our registered and thus evaluate our market relevance.
  4. 4. + Benefitsc of CRM  It gives us the ability to have a more focused monitoring that allows us to more easily identify bottlenecks.  We can measure our reach Nationwide.  It gives us the possibility to evaluate the processes that we are running to optimize them.
  5. 5. Different Types of CRM tools/systems existing in the network TYPE 1: Simple google form (online spreadsheets) TYPE 2: PODIO/ Salesforce/ entities’ own websites TYPE 3: Global Online Registration system backend (ORS) IMPORTANT NOTE: After Nov 2014, when new Global Information System (a new ) is fully implemented, we are able to manage CRM easily through the system. NO OTHER SYSTEMS NEEDED ANY MORE!
  6. 6. Under the context of new GIS is coming… If you have NO online CRM system in place, we recommend you to just use simple Google spreadsheets at the moment. (Since it takes time to establish and educate LCs to use systems like PODIO. )
  7. 7. If you are using PODIO already, then you can check the following content to see whether any improvements could be made
  8. 8. + How would it work?  There is a PODIO space as a CRM model available in the following link :  space.  The general idea is that there are 4 different applications: web form, TMP / TLP going to exchange, University and CRM.  Each of these applications is the next link is to track throughout the process.
  9. 9. + Web Form  The first application (Web Form) is where all the information to complete our enrollment is enrolled.  Each LC filter should (by segmentation universities) who are enrolled and generate contact.  In this application the contact manager with the enrollee must update the status of that person (contacted and not contacted, etc.)
  10. 10. + TMP/TLP going on exchange  This application is to have basic information about all those EP's that are not registered in the national formulary because they are members of our entities.  The idea is to have basic information about that person as we have the information of new registrants.
  11. 11. + University  This application is simply to have segmented bodies. Must be updated each university with the corresponding entity.  The important thing about this application is that the way in which is written the university is in the way it will appear on the form for External, so you must include a name college that is known for our students.
  12. 12. + CRM  This application is to be completed once registered go to our consulting team.  The first fact, the name of the person, the information linkee names that are loaded in the application of Web Form and TMP / TLP going on exchange.  From the moment of selection until RE will be monitored by this tool.  Each EP Manager should be updating the information as your PD progresses in the process.  In this application there is room for them to go up the files for the audit (contract / agreement, SAN, CAN, Medical Insurance, Visa).
  13. 13. + Questions?  Here you have a video explaining how to use the CRM: e_gdata (Spanish)