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How to make new communication partnertnerships


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How to make new communication partnertnerships

  1. 1. Ηοw to make new communication partnertnerships
  2. 2. Introduction • In order to increase our brand image & reputation, we need to work on our external image, by implementing PR activities. • PR is not about selling anything rather than managing the opinion externals have about our organization. • Note: since PR & Media are very attached, we will reffer to them as only PR
  3. 3. PR activities • Perception Management (how does society sees us? what is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing "AIESEC"?) • Event Management (organizing, participating & promoting events) • External Relations (networking, be in touch with key persons / organizations) • Media Publications • Build External Image (what externals see?)
  4. 4. Preparation Market Research What to look for? • Events => benefits for AIESEC + reach (local or MC level?) • Organizations => Values, Action, Reputation (how people see them), target audience (would you cooperate with a KAPI??)
  5. 5. Preparation Market Research • Media => Reach, Audience (age, interest etc.), Credibility, objective (non political) • Key Persons => Dean of your University, Opinion Leader etc.
  6. 6. How to approach potential partners • Cold Calling (sending e-mail with proposal / calling for a visit) • Networking ( make use of your connections - contacts from LCP, old LCVPs, allumni, members, classmates etc.) • Participation in events
  7. 7. Cold Calling Prepare a proposal where: 1. You introduce yourself and what you want and make a quick small intro of AIESEC (1 paragraph of 2-3 lines for you + 1 one small for AIESEC). Make sure to briefly explain the "WHY" of the project. Flater them and show that you know their work. 2. Reffer very clearly what are the benefits for him to help you (tangible eg thank you posts on face book, mention in newsletter etc.) 3. Make clear what you need exactly (eg 2 posts / week on facebook, Press Release published etc)
  8. 8. Cold Calling Extras • Be very specific and ask what you want • Make sure to give something back - try to think as the partner (what would be interesting for him from what you have?) • Leave space between paragraphs - avoid big paragraphs + use bullets • Use a proffesional font (eg Tahoma 12) • If they don't answer, you can send a reminder / call after 4 days - 1 week. But only one!
  9. 9. Networking • Get informed - constantly. Make sure you know who knows who and ask for help when you need it. Your LCP is a big sorce of info & contacts! • Check often your homepage on social media - it's a big source of information (formal & informal) • Attend speaches at events, note down questions and then approach the speaker afterwards to ask him / her. Afterwards, give him your card - altough he'll probably ask for it ;)
  10. 10. Participation in events This can be done as: • Speaker => this is our #1 goal. It's the best deal we can make. Make them very interesting - use a lot of images and always less than 20 minutes. Use numbers to impress. • Delegate => mentioned before • Info desk => Try to have at least 3-4 people there. The more people are there, the more people will stop.
  11. 11. Usual things to give in comm. partnerships • Posts on facebook (no more than one per week) • Mention in Newsletter • Logo on materials • Posters in office • E-mail shots to members (very special ocasions - don't spam your members) • Speech in LC Conference / meeting
  12. 12. What you can ask for • Posts on social media • Logo on materials (online + printed) • Mention in newsletters • Banner on site • Media Publications (Press Releases, Columns etc.) • Speech, workshop, info desk • Your banner at the event (indirect brand promo)
  13. 13. Extras • Before approaching a new partner, express yor intention on the functional - maybe someone else has already done it or plans to do it • Mention numbers (likes on facebook, receivers of newsletter etc.) • Try to make win to win deals • Listen to the partner, give solutions to their problems • Be very polite and flexible • ALWAYS deliver what you promise!
  14. 14. Christina Pinzari PR & Media Manager 2013 - 2014