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Local newsletters guide

  2. 2. “Kind of” the Current State “I’m running like crazy with all that processes… explore, global talent, promo, UR, events, waaaaaaaaa, now I have to send internal newsletter too? Why god? Why is this happening to me? Well, it’s time to set this clear!  Why should I even bother? I’ll be straight: Because…  It’s the greatest tool to spread the news of your LC to all the members, making them feel the ownership of the whole LC and truly part of it.  Members learn news of the LC and not just news of their sector. It’s good for them to get a general AIESEC knowledge and not be like “I know my sector, I’m good at it. I have no idea what’s going on in other teams & sectors…”  Demonstrating Integrity. Sharing the current news of the LC is the definition of being clear and having the integrity to share what’s going on in every aspect of the entity.  A great space for innovation, internal jokes, a true culture-shaper  A nice way to inform all members for upcoming important dates (e.g. events, LC Meetings, Local Conferences, etc.)  Need more? Think more! How can I improve? Today just about anyone can produce a newsletter. However, not everyone can do it well. Along with readability, the most important aspect of any newsletter is content, content, content. This is where a great many newsletters fall down. You can however enhance the quality of your newsletter by following a few guidelines that I will present right away! But of course once again you should practice, practice and practice! MAILCHIMP In tool we trust… More than 5 million people use MailChimp to create, send, and track email newsletters. Whether you're self-employed, you manage projects for clients, or you work for a Fortune 500 company, MailChimp has features and integrations that will suit your email marketing needs. It’s widely known, simply to use and it can make miracles. All you need is good mood and willing to experiment and learn. It’s a great online marketing tool that can be used in AIESEC for any kind of external or internal newsletter. No coding required. No IT knowledge is needed. YOU can make it happen! THE “WHY” OF INTERNAL NEWSLETTER AIESEC GREECE CHAMPION MC 2013-14 Bringing newsletters to the next level & making our lives in AIESEC Greece a lot easier since 2013. www.mailchimp.com
  3. 3. sasa What’s going on? Here you can right important news of the LC. A good idea to present what is happening in every driver/sector is to split it like this: Or it’s also very good to present the results of the LC vs planned until now, so everyone to know how are we going! Simply create a graph, save it as an image and insert it as an image in your newsletter. Opportunities What opportunities are there for your members locally, nationally & internationally? Check what’s going on in the network! LC Meetings Inform briefly what happened in your last LC Meeting and inform about when is the next one!
  4. 4. Announcements Announce all updates, news, things that you want to share so as everyone to know! Or even surveys, reports or anything that comes from national level! People are coming to the office while you’re having EB Meeting? Not anymore, now they know! Recognitions Recognitions is something that everyone likes! It’s good to recognize the most hard-working members or anyone that you think worth it! External News A section for our partners. Here you can promote their announcement. It’s a good thing for ERs to sell, so let them know!
  5. 5. Learning Point You can use this section to name one learning point! It can be something regarding AIESEC Knowledge, or whatever you want your members to learn! Interns News Interns arrived? Why not to be in the newsletter, in order members to get to know them? In that way they get more engaged! Of course you can announce activities that you are planning with the interns! Funny Moments Share the funny moments of the LC!  Make sure it’s funny or interesting for everyone and not just for you! :D Quote of the week Share something relevant to the week!  Let it be motivational, inspiring, or whatever let them learn something out of it!
  6. 6. GENERAL TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND …coming out of experience! :P Be careful when choosing a template. Make it beautiful enough, people won’t read it, or even pay attention to it if it’s not nice, because it may turn out not easily readable. Watch out for the amount of text that you are using. The purpose of newsletter is not to have big texts that will overanalyze things. We want to get a summary of what’s going on. Use as many pictures as possible. Pictures makes your newsletter vivid. Use your members’ faces, in order to make them feel part of the LC and make them feel proud! Regarding how often you should publish local newsletter, I believe at least once per 2 weeks. Usually LCs are having LC Meetings once per 2 weeks. So let’s say, the schedule can look like this: 1st of month 8th of month 15th of month 22nd of month LC Meeting Local Newsletter LC Meeting Local Newsletter *In that way members will get informed for LC news every week! Use English. It makes you more aligned with our organization, provides an international spirit, makes your newsletter readable from your interns & let your members practice. Make it funny & interesting. It’s all about content guys. If it’s not good & enjoyable enough, members won’t even bother reading the news. When using a link, hide it behind text. For example: “Don’t forget to like our Facebook page!” Use our brand properly! Watch out for mistakes and use our visuals where possible. Closing… Getting to the essence of a newsletter, it should first of all attract attention and secondly be of interest. There are the basic principles of any form of marketing and communication. As local committees grow, local newsletters seems more and more important and useful for spreading the news of the LC. Plus, if structured well, they can turn out a really useful channel with multiple functions. For any questions that may come up contact me at swkratis.papadopoulos@aiesec.net “Spread the news people!  ” SOKRATIS PAPADOPOULOS MC MANAGER IM 2014