Flow of personal meeting interview


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Flow of personal meeting interview

  1. 1. [1] Flow of Personal Meeting: Beginning the interview 1. Welcome a candidate, introduce yourself and whoever is in the process 2. Questions for establishing nice and comfortable atmosphere: “How was the day so far for you?” short small talk. Ask if there are any questions so far. 3. Explain the objective of this procedure: selection (requirements, AIESEC alignment etc.), allocation (find the right people for the right positions). 4. Explain that you are going to keep notes during the process in order to highlight parts of the interview in order to achieve its objectives. 5. Indicate the duration of the interview and ask (nicely) that the answers should be precise and not too long. Flow of Personal Meeting: Main Part Motivation & Ambition 1. Why have you chosen to apply for the Team Member Program? 2. What do you expect to gain in AIESEC? 3. Do you have any team experiences? Describe them. AIESEC Understanding 1. You are asked by a friend/family member what is AIESEC. What would you answer? Teams understanding At this point explain to the candidate the teams that are open to your LC and ask him/her to choose the 2 most suitable for him/her in order to proceed with the next questions. On Sector Questions oGCDP 1. When you come across a situation at work where you don’t know the answer, what do you do? What are the things in work or school that motivate you? What demotivates you? 2. Tell me about a time when you faced rejection or failure at work (or school). What happened and how did you deal with the situation? 3.Tell me about a time you were at an event where there were only a few other people you knew. How did you act at this event?
  2. 2. [2]  iGCDP 1.What is your favorite hobby? What would you say to me in order to convince me to join? 2.Describe a time when you did not finish a project on time. What was the result, and what did you learn from this situation? 3. For which reasons a student from abroad should volunteer in Greece?  oGIP 1. Describe a time when you solved a customer/friend/parent complaint or issue. 2. Describe a time when you had to make a decision that was not easy to make, but it was the ethical thing to do. 3.Tell me about a time when you had trouble working with someone at work (or school.) What was the problem and how did you deal with the situation? Flow of Personal Meeting: Closing the interview 1. “Is there anything you would like to share with us before closing?” (Leave open space for the interviewee to think on his/her perspectives) 2. Indicate the way and time of the announcement: “You will be informed on the results … via e- mail/personal meeting etc.” 3. Inform him/her about next actions/steps of the process. 4. Close the interview with a nice way and a friendly attitude. 5. Thank you for your time and we will be talking soon.