Criteria for new partnerships


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Criteria for new partnerships

  1. 1. Making new COMM partnerships
  2. 2. Partner's vision, values, beliefs & practices: Why do they exist? What do they want to achieve? What's their impact on society? What means do they use do achieve it? Their brand in your target market. What students think of them? How trustful are they? What's their history? How is it connected to AIESEC? What's their relevance? Dont's partnerships: political, camouflaged for profits (eg life coaching event charging 40 E/person), personal benefits (eg fame, network etc)-> understand their real intentions, protect AIESEC! "Show me your friends to tell you who you are" Things to pay attention to 1 2 3 4 See what they can offer you & what you can do for them. Credibility? Trust? Network? Advise? Funding? What else? How can you help them?
  3. 3. Media Other youth NGOs  Are they accurate? Are they official? Are they objective or political & manipulative?  What is their audience (age, profile etc)? What is their reach? Better on LC or National Level? Does it cover your target audience? Generally, we want co-operation with other NGOs. However, always take into consideration: their beliefs & commitment, their structure, their members & their programs as well as their brand positioning in the society (with what kind of NGOs do you want to be associated with?) Gimme gimme gimme, more! Things to pay attention to
  4. 4. Students Close Env. #2: Univ. Other #1: Family, Friends etc. #2 Professors, Career Offices, Secretaries etc. Media, Companies, etc. Circle of Trust Who does your target audience trust the most?
  5. 5. AIESEC Media Other UR When it comes to education, there's nothing more credible than their Uni & Professors. This is your 2nd best partner - it helps raise brand awairness (to their close well) & constantly inform and remind about your programs Other youth organizations, events, partners, materials etc. How can you reach them (like a PR) And make them talk about you The customer needs to see the message at least 7 times in order to understand it!
  6. 6. Need more tips? Take some from AI ;)  => very usefull link on PR for AIESEC  => global brand experience wiki  => ideas & global initiatives on making AIESEC more known to externals
  7. 7. Any Questions?
  8. 8. Thank You Pinzari Christina PR & Media Manager 2013 - 2014 AIESEC in Greece @christinapinz Christina Pinzari Cristina Pinzari