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  1. 1. Company Data Management In E-Synergy (How to Add / Edit Companies) Table of Contents: 1. Introduction Company Data Management Page 1
  2. 2. 2. Adding the company into the system - Different types of companies 3. Editing the data of a company already existing in the system 4. Conclusions 1. INTRODUCTION The usefulness of the E-Synergy system is based on the idea of tracking company calls and meetings (conducting sales) by AIESEC members. For that very reason all the companiesthat have been in any way contacted by members need to be entered into E-Synergy database for the full and detailed picture of tracking sales. The purpose of this guideline is, thus, to show all the activities that are needed to enter the data of companies into the system or edit the data of the organization that is already in the system. The activities, which are to be done in order for the company’s data to exist in the system, are fairly easy to follow and to do… so, no worries! 2. ADDING THE COMPANY INTO THE SYSTEM Every activity in the system starts with the screen presented below: Company Data Management Page 2
  3. 3. Here, for the purpose of this part of the guideline, you choose the link “Add new company” (this is the one with a keyboard button marked ADD next to it). That particular link leads you to the next sub-site on which you can choose the type of the company that you are adding into the system. Company Data Management Page 3
  4. 4. E-Synergy presents to yo several types of companies to choose from when entering the u data. The choice might influence further activities connected to this company (i.e. make it easier to find it in the future), so one can see that it is quite relevant to make a good choice. As such, below are presented the types of companies with their brief descriptions. THE TYPES OF COMPANIES: CONTACTED – the company that has already been contacted by either a cold or a warm call. CUSTOMER – the company that has already been having an AIESEC intern and that you want to sign another contract with. VISITED – the company that you have already been to a meeting with. UNCONTACTED – the company that has not been yet in anyway contacted by AIESEC. After choosing the best fitting company you go to the sub-site where you fill in the form with company data. Company Data Management Page 4
  5. 5. The data that need to be given in the corresponding fields is as follows: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, E-mail, Website, etc. The aforementioned fields are for the company data. Nonetheless, you should also remember to fill in the data of a person that you made contact with within the company. Here you should be very detailed, because in the future it may make it easier for others, or even for you, to re-find the company or that person in the system. You save your activity by clicking on the “SAVE” button. The button is located in the upper corner. 3. EDITING THE DATA OF THE COMPANY ALREADY EXISTING IN THE SYSTEM. Company Data Management Page 5
  6. 6. The following activity is also started from the “Start Page” sub-site (screen below). For the purpose of this part of the guideline you have to choose the lin “Search k companies” (this is the one with a magnifying glass icon next to it). The above link leads you to a new page where you see “system’s company search engine”. Company Data Management Page 6
  7. 7. You perform a search by filling in the fields of the search engine. The more fields you actually fill in, the better and more accurate the results will be. The point here is that one does not want to go through a great number of results that appeared after the search, because search queries were not specified enough. After filling in the fields press “SEARCH” button in the upper corner to conduct the search. The next site that appears is page with the results of your search in the database by using the search engine. Here you click on the name of the desired company to go further. It can be, thus, clearly seen that the better andmore specified search queries result in a more precise result and as such a lesser number of results that one needs to go through in order to find the particular company contact. The screen presented below represents the next sub-site that one lands on after clicking the name of the searched company. Company Data Management Page 7
  8. 8. This site is representing all the information that was given abou the company to the system. t The right side of the window is devoted to all the activities that were done in connection with the company (cold & warm calls and meetings). In order to edit the company’s data you have to click the but on “EDIT” in the upper t corner. By clicking it you proceed to the next sub-site where the system allows you to add, delete or change the existing data about the company. It is even possible to add the picture of the company or the person who was contacted. Company Data Management Page 8
  9. 9. To finalize your work after changing all necessary fields you have to press the “SAVE” button, which is located in the upper corner. 4. CONCLUSIONS Hopefully the above guideline will be helpful to you in the process of adding and editing the information about companies, because to sum up - the functionality of E-Synergy system is based on the fact that AIESECers use it to track calls and meetings with companies while doing the sales. For the above activity to be fully registered and documented, the companies that one is contacting need to be entered into the system’s database. Company Data Management Page 9