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  • Datos duros sobre el desarrollo de habilidades de miembros. En un estudio realizado en Canadá sobre AIESEC (x mi jejeje) se evaluaron las habilidades que los miembros desarrollaban luego de culminar el @XP Los resultados demostraron incremento en todas estas habilidades. Por ejemplo: 53% de los encuestados manifestaron que tenían esa habilidad antes de entrar en AIESEC, sin embargo luego de AIESEC el 88% manifesto haber desarrollado esas habilidades. NOTA: En “creatividad” es el único número que no aumenta, no significa que decreció, sino que la mayoría de los miembros de AIESEC ya tenían esta habilidad con anterioridad
  • Nos interesan las habilidades, pero también nos interesa congruencia con el comportamiento positivo y estos son los números (ANTES Y DESPUÉS DE AIESEC)

    1. 1. AIESECThe international platform for young people toexplore and develop their leadership potential.
    2. 2. Flow of the Presentation What is AIESEC? What is the AIESEC Experience? AIESEC in Bolivia How can we collaborate?
    3. 3. What is AIESEC?“AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, non-for- profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.”
    4. 4. What We Envision?Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential
    5. 5. Our Impact Our international platform – ENABLES – young people to explore and develop their LEADERSHIPpotential for them to have positive impact on society.
    6. 6. Our ValuesActivating Leadership Enjoying Participation Striving for Excellence Demonstrating Integrity Living Diversity Acting Sustainably
    7. 7. AIESEC Facts Rotterdam, Netherlands (International Office) 1948 year founded 60,000 members 114 countries and territories on 2012 1,700 universities 500 conferences 15,000 exchanges 800,000 alumni
    8. 8. Global Partners AIESEC in numbers 50.000 members 107 Countries 1.600 Universities 470 Conferences 10.000 Exchanges 4.000 Partners 10.000 Leadership Opportunities 800.000 Alumni 750 Local Committees
    9. 9. What is the AIESEC experience?
    10. 10. AIESEC Programms International internships & Leadership programmes are the most intense learning experience we offer and link together our global network. The AIESEC experience encompasses cross- cultural positive impact through working abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement for the member undertaking the program.
    11. 11. Global Competency Model We build in our members Competencys that will enable us reach our vision Positive Change Agents Competencies 1. Global Mindset 2. Entrepreneurial Outlook 3. Social Responsibility 4. Emotional Intelligence 5. Proactive Learning
    12. 12. We make impact on every member that experience AIESEC Antes de AIESEC Después de AIESEC
    13. 13. We make impact on every member that experience AIESEC Antes de AIESEC Después de AIESEC
    14. 14. AIESEC in Bolivia
    15. 15. AIESEC in Bolivia 1994 year founded 350 members 500 exchange experiences since 94´ 6 entities in 2012:La PazCochabambaSanta CruzSucreOruro Corporate Video, Click here.El Alto Website: 150+ alumni 4 national Conferences per year for members 2 recruitments campaigns per year on every city, reaching 10000 interested people trough virtual & physical promotion
    16. 16. In Bolivia, we work with:
    17. 17. How can we collaborate together?
    18. 18. Board of Advisors of AIESEC Offices In AIESEC, we believe to make a better plattform trough the involvement of our external stakeholders, supporting the work of our members, advicing & giving them a right direction The Board of Advisors, is a group of proffesionals, deans, universioty teachers, past AIESEC Members (Alumni) that Support and monitore the work of an AIESEC entity.
    19. 19. University Partnership Online Promotion (Websites) Contatc with Profesors’, Deans’ and Students’ Network Positioning (On Campus Promotion) Establishment of an AIESEC Office inside “Universidad Real de la Cámara de Comercio” -Make partnerships that contribute to social and professional development-Bring global exposure to students and other stakeholders - Enable the AIESEC Experience to your students -Global Villages, Seminars and Open Forums
    20. 20. Thank You! For enquiries write to: Pablo Cesar Espinoza Lafuente National President 2012-2013 AIESEC in Bolivia[] [Cellphone:591+79776295] [skype: pablo.espinoza2189]