Steroids Alberta Harm Reduction Conference


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Steroids Alberta Harm Reduction Conference

  1. 1. SteroidsAlberta Harm Reduction ConferenceMay 2013Trish Dribnenki & Chris Lalonde
  2. 2. Objectives What are anabolic steroids? Side effects. Injection techniques. Fitness/Bodybuilding Subculture. Steroids and other drugs.
  3. 3. Anabolic Steroids Anabolic steroids are made up of synthetic testosterone. The totalnatural daily production of testosterone in a male is 7mgs/day. Inhibit catabolic effect of glucocorticoids. Build muscle, lose fat, enhance strength, energy and performance.. Used in medicine to treat anaemia, muscle weakness after surgery,vascular disorders and menopausal symptoms. Helps withprevention and recovery of injury. Testosterone is a male hormone. (responsible for facial hair,deepening of voice, sex organ development) Anabolic: Muscle growth. (stimulates growth in tissues) Androgenic: Masculine/ side effects. Ideal steroid= high anabolic, low androgenic.
  4. 4. Anabolic SteroidsWhen injected or ingested, steroid moleculestravel in bloodstream and binds to receptorsites to cause different responses. (ie: ifsteroid molecules bind to hair cells, it mayincrease facial hair, or it may trick the bodyinto thinking there is an overabundance ofhair, so it shuts down the hair on one’shead).
  5. 5. Anabolic Steroids When steroid molecules bind to muscle cells: More protein can be used by the muscles,therefore, more tissue growth with increasedtraining and caloric intake. More muscle fuel is stored in the muscles, whichmakes more energy available for that muscle towork. More red blood cells are produced, allowingincreased oxygen to be delivered to the muscles,allowing better training and endurance. AKA:“steroid PUMP”.
  6. 6. Aromatization “Bitch Tits”. Too much testosterone in body, “saturates” thereceptors. The brain/body converts the testosteroneinto estrogen (female hormone), which leads togynaecomastia—breast development. Feels like painful/sensitive lumps under nipples.Is IRREVERSIBLE, but will reduce in size afterfinishing a cycle. Reduce dose and add an anti-estrogen (ie:Clomid or Arimidex), especially if using D-Bol,Deca, or Testosterone esters.
  7. 7. SaturationIf the receptor sites get used up, theexcess steroid molecules float in thesystem.Causes damage to liver and kidneys.FIND A DOSE THAT GIVES GOOD GAINSw/FEWEST SIDE EFFECTS.Sometimes this can be “re-started” by takingtime off between cycles.
  8. 8. Anabolic SteroidsSide Effects: baldness, acne. sodium/water retention. aggression, mood swings, insomnia, paranoia, headaches, mania, anxiety, violence, aggressivesexual behaviour, irritability, suspicion, dependence. liver damage/cancer, jaundice, hepatitis, bleeding, cancer. kidney damage. stomach pains. increased risk of infections and viruses such as cold/flu. palpitations, enlarged heart, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increasedblood clotting time. muscle and tendon injuries, damage to the femur, swelling to extremities. “bitch tits”, sterility, shrinking testicles (come back to normal after discontinuation of steroid),impotence loss of ability to maintain an erection, priaprism (penile erections may continueinvoluntarily over long periods), deepening/hoarsened voice, enlarged prostate gland, growth ofclitoris, menstrual irregularities. (Masculine effects for women may be permanent.) adolescents may experience stunting in growth, premature closing of bone growth/development.
  9. 9. Anabolic SteroidsWomen At greater risk for side effects. Female body contains a small amount of testosterone, directly balancedw/estrogen. (estrogen is responsible for growth of hips/breasts, body hair,reproductive cycle). When anabolic steroids are taken by a female, the natural hormonal balanceis disturbed and masculine effects occur. (ie: body/facial hair growth,deepening of voice, clitoral enlargement, disturbance of menstrual cycle orabsence of periods, thinning hair or baldness, increased sex drive—inaddition with the usual side effects). Pregnant female—Do not take steroids, it can adversely affect the fetus. Afemale baby could be born with male characteristics. If any of the above effects occur: stop using, or choose less androgenic drugs. Dosesfor women should be much less than male counterparts, and cycles shorter.
  10. 10. Anabolic Steroids Injecting Always use a new needle and syringe for EACH injection. 1 ¼ inchneedles best for gluteal IM, 1 inch best for deltoid. Never inject into vein. Always draw back first to ensure you do not injectinto a vein. This can be fatal. Never share needles/syringe, vials, injection supplies. Do not inject more than 2mL into one muscle area at a time. Dispose of used needles into biohazard bin. Only insert needle ¾ into muscle, so that it is easier to remove if it snaps.If you don’t insert deep enough, you could cause an abscess. If you feel a hard lump in a muscle where you inject, use another site. Rotate sites. Use needle ONCE, use injection supplies ONCE, do not share. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with Doctor or callSafeworks.
  11. 11. Anabolic Steroids Choose injection site. Buttock is best (upper/outer quadrant), or upper outer third of the thigh. Ifusing deltoid, reduce amount of steroid injected and don’t use deltoid for oil based steroids.Remove clothing from area. Clean the site w/soapy water or an alcohol swab. Use sterile equipment on a clean surface. Draw up the steroid with a clean needle and syringe. It is easier to draw up with an 18g, andswitch tips to inject with a 22g or 23g. When you push a needle through the seal of a vial, it dullsthe needle, so make sure you switch tips before injecting into your muscle. Make sure there is no air left in syringe, however, it is difficult and not necessary to get rid of allthe bubbles, especially when injecting steroids, which can be quite oily. Stretch skin of injection site, usually it is easier with index finger and thumb of opposite hand. Hold syringe like a dart and quickly jab the needle into the muscular area at a right angle. Pullback the plunger to make sure no blood enters the syringe. If no blood, press the plunger. If blood enters the needle, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Remove the needle and put pressure to areauntil bleeding stops. Use another site. NEVER INJECT INTO VEIN OR ARTERY. If you feel a sharp, severe pain (like an electric shock), you likely have hit a nerve. Removeneedle immediately and use another site. After injecting into muscle, put a cotton swab to area with pressure and massage slowly todisperse the drug. Due to “thickness” of most steroid solutions, injection might be painful. Dispose of needle and vial in biohazard bin.
  12. 12. Anabolic Steroids Abcesses: Causes: not cleaning area properly, over use of site, ornot injecting deep enough into the tissue. Symptoms: pain/burning at site, hard lump. Heat,redness, inflammation. May cause cellulitis or nerve injury. Apply warm compress to area. Use a different site. Get treatment. Antibiotics may benecessary. Rotate sites. Don’t inject too much fluid. Oil based steroids. Needle exchange Call Safeworks. Go to Pharmacy or medicalsupply stores.
  13. 13. Anabolic Steroids Oral steroids:Most orals are chemically altered (C-17Alpha-alkylated) to prolong its life in thebody, which causes the oral steroids totypically be more toxic to the liver. Thereare few orals (such as Andriol) that arenot altered, however, they need to betaken more frequently and have ashorter life.
  14. 14. Anabolic Steroids Cycles: Steroids should not be used all the time. A cycle is usually a planned6-12 week span where one uses steroids and other enhancing drugs,followed by a similar length of time where one does not use anything.It is important to have off time to allow the body to rest from sideeffects, receptor sites to regain sensitivity to steroids. You may want to get a physical exam and blood workdone to assess physical health; electrolytes, liverfunction, cholesterol, glucose and hormone levels. Testfor HIV, Hep C. **This is a really great way to find out if your gear is realor counterfeit!** Find a doctor you can trust. Cycling for some may mean lowering the dose.
  15. 15. Anabolic Steroids Stacking:Taking a combo of 2 or more drugs.When stacking, each drug dose canbe reduced w/same effects. Somepeople prefer stacking, and find thatusing certain combos optimizes theeffects of each.More is not better.
  16. 16. Anabolic Steroids Diet: Carbohydrates 50%-60% Protein 30%-35% Fats 10% Two essential components to bodybuilding: Regular resistance weight training Adequate, planned diet Common mistake: overestimating need for protein. Energy is most important requirement for body, obtained by carbohydrates. If thebody uses up the energy from carbohydrate consumption, it begins to break downproteins to use instead. Vitamins and minerals are essential. Drink plenty of water. Best to drink no alcohol. Reduce stress. Sleep and exercise.
  17. 17. Anabolic Steroids Where do steroids come from? Available via “black market”. Difficult to maintain quality control, poor quality productsare available. Risky. No guarantee to ingredients or mix of ingredients. Difficultto determine proper dosage. Sometimes the steroid ismade of “toxic” substances from other countries (lessexpensive, easier availability). Made in unsterile conditions, or with products thatresemble steroids but are not (ie: Olive Oil, Primrose Oil).
  18. 18. Anabolic Steroids SPOTTING COUNTERFEIT STEROIDS: Inspect quality of packaging. Is there a safety seal or information insert? Single shot vials should have even levels. Don’t buy loose tablets or vials. Never use multi-shot water based steroids. Dates and Batch/Lot numbers should be printed on packaging/bottle, indifferent ink than rest of labelling. Sometimes there is an indent in thelabel/box. They should be consistent. Check bottle or vial—labels should be straight, with clear, crisp ink, not fadedor crooked with rough edges. Stopper on top of vial should not be able to turn by hand. Does it looktampered with? Before and after drawing steroid solution, inspect the vial and syringe, hold itup to light and observe for any floating bits. The solution should be clear andfree of any floaters or cloudiness. If you are concerned about color orconsistency, do not use. When in doubt……discard. Do your research, keep up-to-date about what is available andcurrent trends.
  19. 19. Anabolic Steroids “Roid Rage”: Increased aggression, linked to some cases of violent crime. Important to understand that “rage” and “aggression” is a behaviour and can be controlled. Ask: “What happened that led you to act aggressively?”, “Where and when did it occur?”, “Who was affected?”, “Outcome?”.“How did you benefit from this incident and how did it help your training?” Understand your aggression. Prepare yourself for upcoming aggravation. Talk to a friend and tell them what you are doing. Reward yourself when you control your anger successfully. Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms: Pain, fatigue, malaise, insomnia, loss of sex drive, loss of muscle, loss of appetite, lack of interest,headaches. Desire to use more steroid or start cycle sooner. Depression, ambivalence or restlessness. Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Feeling of dissatisfaction with body image. Suicidal thoughts or suicide. What to do: Talk to someone. Seek professional help. Find distractions or other activities. Continuetraining and stay on track with nutrition. Find a support system or group. Identify triggers and buildcoping mechanisms. To reduce withdrawal effects: Keep on your diet and nutrition. Get adequate sleep and rest. DrinkLOTS of fluids.
  20. 20. Anabolic Steroids Subculture. Used by: Competitive athletes. (Performance enhancement.) Bodybuilders. (Often steroids are a major part of the training, widely accepted within the culture.) Body Image Users. (Fashion/ entertainment industry, gay, recreational weight trainers, self esteem.) Occupational Users. (Police, security, military, construction, bouncers, etc.) Adolescents. (To achieve media portrayed body shape.) Steroid use and users remain on the fringe of mainstream culture and a subculture exists. Media often sensationalizes the steroid/ bodybuilding culture. (Example: Figure skaters, cyclists, etc., use steroids forperformance enhancement yet media portrays male bodybuilders in a different light.) Sexual promiscuity, body dysmorphia and use of party drugs/ alcohol are prevalent within this subculture. Encourage to PRACTICE SAFE SEX. Building relationships with the steroid consumer client in harm reduction: Non-judgemental approach. Avoid commenting to their body size/ shape. Avoid terms such as “juice monkey”, “meathead”, “steroid junkie”, “juiced up”, etc. Be aware that steroids can cause mood swings and aggression, your client may notbe in the “mood” to engage. Steroid consumers do not associate themselves as “drug mis-users” or “drugabusers” or “needle users”. Ask if they have a network of experienced trainers/ users who they can seek advicefrom or a doctor they can trust. There are website forums they can access.
  21. 21. Anabolic SteroidsWebsite Forums:Resources for Clients- Dan Duchaine, the “Steroid Guru”: TheUnderground Steroid Handbook.
  22. 22. Anabolic SteroidsSteroids and the Law: Restricted drugs under the Food and Drug Act (ScheduleG in the Criminal Code, Section 48, Subsection 1). It is an offence to import, export, produce or supplywith/without intent to sell or supply. It is illegal to be in possession of drugs that are notprescribed by a Doctor (non-medicinal use). Tested for in many contests/ competitions, banned insports. Sentence: Fine to 18months-10years in Jail.
  23. 23. Anabolic Steroids- ORALSteroid Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherInformationAnadrol (Oxymetholone) 50mg tablets.Common Dose: 1-2tablets.Strongest oral available. Worksfast. ++Androgenic/Anabolic= ++wt/strength gains. C-17 alphaalkylated= ++toxic to liver. Onlysteroid conclusively linked to livercancer.**WORST**. Water retention,high BP, acne, hair loss, “bitchtits”, headaches, stomachcramping. Liver disturbances andjaundice even at low doses. DONOT USE LONGER THAN 6 wks.After completing cycle, someexperience ++wt/strength loss.Cycles should not be longer than4-5 weeks max. Best used in astack.Anavar (Oxandrolone) 2.5mg tablets.Men- 6 tabs/dayWomen- 3 tabs/day.Mild, low androgen. Promotesstrength and hardness w/outwater weight. Does not riskhigh BP or “bitch tits”.Very rare. GI upset is common. Sometimes used as part ofstack. Safest to use. Can stayon it all year round. ++Expensive.Halotestin 40mgs/day maximum 4-6 weeks.Increases strength and energy.MOST TOXIC on the market. C-17 alpha alkylated. Best used4-6 weeks before show,hardens++.Aggression+++ uncontrollable. Not for women, as virilisationeffects may be permanent.Dianabol (D-Ball),Methandienon(Methandrostenolone)5mg tablets.Common Dose: 3-5 tabs/day.++Size/Strength gains. Mainly onlyavailable as counterfeit. C-17 alphaalkylated. Enhances feelings ofwell-being. Aromatises easily.Acne aggravation, male patternbaldness, gynaemastia, waterretention, high BP. Even low dosescause abnormalities in liverfunction tests.Easiest to get. Cheap.Primobolan Orals Men- 50-100mg/dayWomen- 25-50mg/dayPopular with women. Not C-17alpha alkylated. Used mostlybefore competitions, not dramaticgains.One of the safest. Has an effect while on a reducedcalorie diet. Out of system quickly,used up to three weeks beforecompetition.Stromba, Stanozolol(See Winstrol)5mg tablets. If given for prolonged periods, mayaffect liver.Winstrol 2mg tablets.Men- 16-30mg/day.Women- 4-8mg/day.Low androgenic properties. Low. Women may experiencevirilisation effects.Used in combinations for stacks tobulk, harden, cut.
  24. 24. Anabolic Steroids- OTHERSteroid Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherInformationTrenbolone Acetate(Tren)20mg pellets, ground upand mixed with 50/50water/DMSO mix.Apply to skin or snort directly.May make into injectable mixbut must be done in sterileenvironment to reduce risk ofinfection.Acne, body/facial hairgrowth/ hair loss. **Willsuppress naturaltestosterone production.Strong androgen, noestrogenic activity. ++Hardness/definition. Nowater retention. Reported tocause ++aggression, moodswings, edginess, increasedsex drive and vivid dreams.
  25. 25. Anabolic Steroids- INJECTABLESteroid Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherDeca-Durabolin(Nandrolone Decanoate)200mg/1ml vial. 2ml vials.Men- 200-400mg/week.Women- 50-100mg/week.++Popular with steroid consumersand counterfeiters. Great forsize/strength gains. Minimal harmto liver. Minimal aromatizationwith moderate doses. Increasesnitrogen retention (increasesprotein synthesis and preventstissue breakdown).Stays in system up to a year aftertermination. “Deca-dick”- erectiledysfunction++.Frequently detected and banned incompetitions. Excellent base drugon a cycle. Good results whenstacked w/most drugs. Users havereported that previously soreshoulders/knees are painless onDeca.Dynabolon 80.5mg per injection. Similar to Deca. Good anabolicresults.Durabolin 50mg/2ml vial. Similar to Deca, faster acting.Active less than a week, requiring2 injections weekly.See Deca. One of the safest and effectiveanabolic steroids available.Dianabol (D-Bol) 25mg/vial. 50-100mg/weekly IM. ++Size/Strength gains. Mainly onlyavailable as counterfeit. C-17 alphaalkylated. Aromatises easily. Usew/anti-estrogen.Acne aggravation, male patternbaldness, water retention, high BP.Arnold Schwarzenegger.Esiclene 2mg/ampoule. 6 ampoule/box.Inject 1-2mg into specific musclew/25g x ½ inch needle. Only goodw/2 muscle groups at a time.Muscle inflammatory. Used for siteinjections, best biceps, calves, reardeltoids.Dangerous due to multipleinjection areas.Lasts 20-30 hours. Great fordefinition and hardness. Used toharden lagging biceps or the nightbefore competition. Commonlytested for in contests.Equipoise 50mg/cc. 10/50cc vials. 3-6ml/week.Widely used. Oil based.Veterinarian steroid. ++Anabolic,+Androgenic properties. Whenstacked with low androgenicsteroid, good “cutting” results. ++Strength when stacked w/Test.Very few. Low risk to liver. Rarearomatising. Small water retention.Counterfeits are common. Someversions don’t contain steroid.Primobolan Depot 50-100mg/ml. 1ml vials.100mgdose is from Germany, 50mg doseis from Mexico.Men- 200mg/week.Women- 100mg/week.Effective while on low calorie diet.Mostly used prior to contest.Longer lasting, requires injectiononce/week.Safer. Doesn’t aromatixe, isn’ttoxic, low in androgens.
  26. 26. Anabolic Steroids- INJECTABLE cont’d…Sustanon Unknown Dose. Blend of four testosterones:propionate, phenylpropionate,isocaporate, decanoate. Fastacting and long acting, up to 4weeks in system.Less is needed, therefore lessside effects.Used on weight gaining cycle,stacked w/oral anabolic. “Onestop shop”.Strombaject See Winstrol.Testosterone Cypionate(Depo-Testosterone, Cyp)200mg/ml. 10ml vial. Oil based. ++Anabolic/ ++Androgenic. Aromatises.Causes natural production oftestosterone to be dramaticallydisturbed. Water retention.Can last 2-4 weeks.Size/ strength gains++. Popularsteroid. Stacked for greaterresults. See potential in 4-8weeks.Testosterone Enanthate(Testoviron Depot)200mg/ml vial. 10ml vial. Long acting.++Anabolic/ ++androgenic. Aromatises.Moderately toxic to liver.Injections every 10 days.Testosterone Propionate(Testoviron)100mg/ml. 10ml vial. Oil based. Similar to Cyp. Usual side effects. Take every 3-5 days.++Painfulto inject.Testosterone Suspension 100mg/ml. 10ml or 30ml vial. Water based. Very fast acting.++Anabolic, ++androgenic.Lasts in system approx 24hours. Huge gains.One of the WORST: waterretention, gynaecomastia,acne, aggression, baldness,testicular atrophy, infertility(reversible), impotence. Effectsworsen if used for longerperiods. Highly toxic to liver.Testosterone in purest form.Can feel a change within 30mins of injection– obviouspsychological response.Testosterone Teramax 50mg, 100mg, 250mg/mlstrengths.French Testosterone.Winstrol Depol 50mg/ml.Men- 3-5ml/week.Women- 1-2ml/week.Low androgenicproperties.Low. Women mayexperience virilisationeffects.Used in combinations for stacks tobulk, harden, cut. You can put it insyringe and drink it. When youcome off of it, your joints ache—painful+++.
  27. 27. Other DrugsName Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherAldactone (Spironolactone) 25mg tablets. Mild diuretic used for high BP,however, competitors use itprior to competition for waterretention. Females use as anti-androgen.Muscle cramps, GIdisturbances, gynaecomastia,heart problems, dizziness.Electrolyte imbalances.Furosemide, Burinex, Amiloride.Caffeine, Ephedrine, Aspirin(ECA stack)Ratio ECA 1:10:3Ephedrine 20-30mg, Caffeine200mg, Aspirin 75mg.Fat burning, energy enhancingstimulant.Increased BP, anxiety,dizziness, nausea, shakiness,headaches, loss of appetite,insomnia, heart palpitations,irritability.There have been deathsassociated with Ephedrine use.Hard on heart.Clenbuterol (Clen) 20mcg tablets. Used as a beta-2 agonist intreatment of asthma, but hadmuscle building and fat reducingproperties. Stimulant. Used asfat burner or muscle definition.Anxiety, insomnia, shakiness.Dangerous changes to thefunction of the heart.“Ephedrine for horses”. Take 2days on, 2 days off (3 weeksmaximum) because body buildsup tolerance quickly.Cytomel (Triacana, Textroxin,Liothyronine sodium)20mcg tablets. Thyroid hormone drug. Pre-contest, used to increasemetabolism of carbs, lipids,proteins.Nervousness, tremors,headache, insomnia, musclecramps, restlessness,excitability, diarrhoea, weightloss.RISKY: prolonged use maycause hypothyroidism or underactive, requiring thyroidmedication for duration of life.Thyroxine, Eltroxin.Ephedrine Hydrochloride Stimulant. May cause feelingsof euphoria. Used as stimulantto increase energy andendurance and appetitesuppressant.Increased BP/ heart rate,nausea, vomiting, palpitations,dry mouth, restlessness,agitation, insomnia, anxiety,cold fingers/ toes. There is arisk of psychosis and paranoiawith high doses. Side effectsstop when discontinued.Not physically addictive.Furosemide (Lasix) 10mg, 20mg, 40mg. More bodybuilders die on thisdiuretic. Pulls potassium fromheart.GHB 1 teaspoon of powder mixedw/water before bed.Increases natural growthhormone, has an effect ongrowth hormone and prolactin.Induces sleep. Also diuretic.Can cause unconsciousness/coma for 3-4 hours, amnesia,vomiting, loss of muscle control/spasms. Worse with alcohol.Associated with “date rape”.Illegal to possess. Part of party/night club subculture.
  28. 28. Other Drugs…cont’d…Name Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherGrowth Hormone Very popular. Naturally producedin body. Promotes growth ofmuscle, body stature. Improvesconversion of fat into energy. Greatfat burner.Many. Gigantism and acromegalyof the eye. Enlarged hands, feet,fingers, nose, ears, etc. Enlargedorgans. Elongated jaw bone andforehead. Thick/ coarse skin,deepened voice, increased bodyhair. Spade-like shape to fingers/toes. Joint pain/ boneabnormalities. Shorter lifeexpectancy, age faster.The body can produce antibodiesto GH and destroy it within thebody. Expensive++.You can tell “Real” GrowthHormone (Humatrop, Gintrop)from fake if you feel aching/stiffness in your hands after use.Insulin Immediately after workout,inject a small amount ofinsulin SQ. Drink a carbdrink within 15 mins afterinjection. Eat or drink aprotein shake within anhour later to avoid a drasticsugar drop.Complex polypeptide hormone.Regulates carbs/ fats/ proteinmetabolism. Primary stimulus formuscle growth.HGH causes liver to produce IGF-1(Insulin Like Growth Factor), whichtravels to muscles and insulindrives it into muscle cells. IGF-1with insulin then initiates muscleprotein synthesis.Sudden and severe hypoglycemia.Abnormal behavior. Seizures.Coma, death. Can cause diabetes.Excess insulin can be stored asbody fat, causing obesity.Risk: after injection, sleepiness mayoccur, increasing risk of coma.Excellent anabolic, best whenstacked with HGH. Can’t bedetected in urine testing. Difficultto regulate, varies from dose/type/ diet/ exercise/ druginteractions. Requiresmanipulation of Thyroid hormonealso for added gains- very difficult.Always carry glucose tabs. Makesure you have a STRICT ROUTINE.VERY DANGEROUS.Insulin-Like Growth Factor Anabolic with high nutritional state(otherwise may become catabolic-opposite of anabolic causing tissuebreakdown- with reduced caloricintake).Hypoglycemia, edema, jaw pain. Expensive. Comes in powder-easy to cut or fake.Human ChorionicGonadotrophin500IU/vial, 1500IU/vial,5000IU/vial. Comes in bottlesof powder, add water, injectSQ.Stimulates production oftestosterone. Often usedsimultaneously with a cycle. Mustbe used in 2-3 week cycle, with 1month between cycles.Prolonged use may suppressbody’s production ofgonadotrophin (regulates normalgrowth, sexual development,reproduction).Use post cycle to gettestosterone back to normal.Not readily available.
  29. 29. Other DrugsName Dose GeneralInformationSide Effects OtherNubain 10mg/ml. 1ml and 2ml vials. Opiod analgesic for painmanagement and peri-operativeanalgesia. Used by bodybuilders forpain management. Euphoria++.Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness,constipation, dry mouth, slowpulse, sweating, palpitations,tolerance, dependence.“Bodybuilder’s Heroin”. Used orallyor IV. Expensive++. “Chasing firsthigh”. Taken with Oxycontinsometimes. Side effects can be feltwithin 24 hours of last dose.Proviron Estrogen antagonist. Minimizes orstops aromatising effects. Alsoused to harden muscles for menand women. Women use provironw/other steroids.Tamoxifen 10mg/tablet. 10-20mg/day. Anti-estrogen. Counteracts effectsof aromatisation. Preventsgynaecomastia, female pattern fatgrowth, edema.Take post cycle.Testosterone Precursors (DHEA-dehydroepiandrosterone,Androstenedione, Androstenediol).Convert to testosterone in thebody. Short serum life in the body.Minimal effects.Recreational Drugs (ie:stimulants)Amphetamines, speed, ecstasy,cocaine. Cannabis, alcohol,nicotine.Euphoria, inflated sense of self.Paranoia. Increased heart rate, BP,anxiety. Can cause heart attack,death. May adversely interact withsteroids used.Supplements (ie: CreatineMonohydrate)Popular product. Available over thecounter. May replenish andincrease body’s ability to delayfatigue and reduce recovery timebetween exercise. May increasemuscle volume by pulling waterinto muscle cells.Water retention. Not recommended for use withdiabetics or individuals withimpaired kidney function.
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Resources/ TrainingPamphlet “Anabolic STEROIDS- HARDCORE INFO” by LifelinePublications, “Using Anabolic Steroids Safely- A Harm Reduction Approach” byCalgary Regional Health Authority.FactSHEET “Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids” by the Canadian AIDSTreatment Information Exchange (CATIE).Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, TestRevision. (Copyright 2000). American Psychiatric Association.Booklet “A User’s Guide to Steroids and Other Performance and ImageEnhancing Drugs- MUSCLE Boundaries”. Published by HIT UK Ltd,2006.Pamphlet “Anabolic Steroids” Published by HIT UK LTD, 2005-2007.Pamphlet “Injecting Anabolic Steroids: Step-by-Step Visual Guide” byLifeline Publications.Pamphlet “Anabolic Steroids: A Guide for Users & Professionals” by LifelinePublications.