NNFCC market review bioenergy issue one april 2012


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Each month we review the latest announcements and news from across the bioenergy market. This service is exclusively for our business members

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NNFCC market review bioenergy issue one april 2012

  1. 1. NNFCC Market Review Bioenergy Issue One, April 2012E ach month we review the latest Despite this setback, last month saw announcements and news from major bioenergy progress made by across the bioenergy market. This another of the ‘big six’ energyservice is exclusively for our business companies. E.ON received approval tomembers. build a biomass storage facility as part of its own plans to convert IronbridgeForeword power station from coal to biomass. The company also announced a newWelcome to the launch issue of our scheme offering free biomass boilers tonew bioenergy market review. Biomass local councils in an effort to promoteis growing in importance to renewable the market and take advantage of theenergy strategies of governments’ UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive.across the globe.According to the latest energy statistics Read on to find out more.from the UK (published in March), plantbiomass capacity in the UK increased Highlightsby 765 MW in 2011. This was thanks Page 2 Policy News Round-upmostly to the conversion of RWE TilburyB from coal to dedicated biomass – Page 3 Biogas News Round-uptrebling UK biomass plant capacity. Page 4 Energy from Waste NewsHowever, in February a major fire Round-upengulfed two biomass storage hoppers Page 5 Dedicated Biomass Newsat Tilbury, which is Europe’s largest Round-upbiomass power station. The affectedunits are likely to remain out of service Page 6 Biomass Boilers News Round-upuntil the end of July. Page 7 Events NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. Policy supporting practical experience in the design, construction and operation of commercial scale CCS with £1bnPlanning relaxation for small-scale capital funding, and additionalrenewable energy systems in UK support, subject to affordability, through low carbon Contracts forSmall-scale energy installations built on Difference;agricultural or forestry land are now exempt  £125m funding for Research andfrom planning permission under amendments Development, including a new £13mto the English Town and Country Planning UK CCS Research Centre;Order.  Planned long-term Contracts for Difference through Electricity MarketThe exemption refers to any works, buildings Reforms to drive investment inor structures with a ground area below 465 commercial scale CCS in the 2020ssquare metres and relates to the following and beyond;installations:  Commitments to working with industry to address other important areas  Solar and ground source heat pumps including developing skills and the on or within the land immediately supply chain, storage and assisting the around a building other than dwelling development of CCS infrastructure; house and  The erection, extension or alteration of  Focus on international engagement, a building for housing a biomass boiler in particular on learning from other or an anaerobic digestion system; projects around the world to help including buildings used for the accelerate cost reduction in the UK, storage of fuel for, or waste from, that and sharing the knowledge we have boiler or system; or for housing a generated through our programme. hydro-turbine Click here for more information.Click here for more information. Wales recycling targets force councilCCS competition launched as UK to buy in extra woodgovernment sets out long-term plans Pembrokeshire council has fitted wood-Energy and Climate Change Secretary burning biomass boilers in several buildings toEdward Davey has launched a new cut its carbon footprint. But timber discardedcompetition for Carbon Capture and Storage by local residents and businesses is not being(CCS), a key technology in the Government’s used to fuel those boilers because it woulddrive to ensure our future energy security and not count towards recycling targets, said thereduce emissions. council.The Department of Energy and Climate The Welsh Government says it will fine anyChange also published the first UK CCS council failing to recycle at least 52 per centRoadmap. This sets out the steps that the of its waste from the next financial year.Government is taking to develop a new Latest figures show Pembrokeshire recycled orworld-leading CCS industry in the 2020s, composted 48 per cent of waste in July toincluding: September 2011. It would fall even further short of target if it sent waste timber to  ‘CCS Commercialisation Programme’ biomass boilers. competition to drive down costs by NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. Each year Pembrokeshire council collects deployment. The report ‘Jobs in theabout 2,900 tonnes of waste timber, which bioenergy sector by 2020’ was written bygoes to a Swansea company for turning into NNFCC for the UK Department of Energy andwoodchips which then go to a chipboard Climate Change, as part of the forthcomingfactory in Wrexham, 200 miles away. The UK Government Bioenergy Strategy.timber is therefore classed as recycled. The report is due to be published before theIf only 15 per cent of that wood was suitable end of April. Follow NNFCC on twitter to keepfor burning in biomass boilers, the council up to date with the latest NNFCC news,could avoid buying pellets made from virgin announcements and publications.wood – sawmill offcuts – instead.Click here for more information. BiogasUK government announces support forcarbon floor price in annual budgetOf the most significant green policies tobenefit from the budget was support for thecarbon floor price, a mechanism designed totackle the UKs most energy-intensivebusinesses. The chancellor announced thatthe support rate would increase from anindicative rate published last year of £7.28 to£9.55 per tonne of carbon dioxide, inresponse to the dramatic fall in carbon pricesseen since last summer. Source: BiogenGreenfinchThe Carbon Floor Price is being developed aspart of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR). BiogenGreenfinch to build first localNNFCC are supporting DECC with their work authority food waste to biogas plant inon the EMR, focussing initially on the Feed-in WalesTariffs with Contracts for Difference (FiT CfD)which will eventually replace the Renewables In a first for Wales, BiogenGreenfinch haveObligation as the leading incentive for been appointed by Gwynedd Council as therenewable energy from 2016/17. preferred bidder for the construction of a new green energy plant which will take councilClick here for more information. collected food waste and turn it into renewable energy.NNFCC to publish bioenergy jobsreport The new anaerobic digestion plant will process around 11,000 tonnes of food wasteNNFCC is set to publish a comprehensive each year; converting it into renewablereport on the potential jobs that bioenergy electricity for nearly 700 homes andcould deliver in the UK by 2020. biofertiliser for use on nearby farmland.The report will highlight the significant Click here for more information.opportunities for bioenergy in the UK, andexplore the likely economic benefits of this NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. Controversial AD plant approved in Apple to invest in biogas fuel cellPowys technology at US data centreEnvironment Agency Wales has granted an Electronics giant Apple has filed plans toenvironmental permit for a proposed on-farm- construct a 24 fuel cell system to help powerbased anaerobic digestion waste treatment its new iDataCentre in North Carolina, whichplant at the centre of considerable local was built to support its iCloud online dataopposition. The plant is the first to obtain storage system and SIRI voice-recognitionplanning permission within the Brecon software.Beacons National Park. The permit outlineshow the GP Biotech Ltd facility is expected to But unlike traditional fuel cells, Apple plans tomeet the highest possible environmental use biogas made from the anaerobicstandards that will protect the local digestion of landfill waste as the fuel source.community and environment. The company have said that the new 5MWBiogas produced from the plant will be used system could begin generating electricity asto generate electricity destined for the early as June and will be fully operational byNational Grid. Among the permit conditions is November.the stipulation that at least 50 per cent of thewaste going through the plant must be Click here for more information.sourced from Great Porthamel and that thetotal amount of waste that can be acquiredmust not exceed 35,000 tonnes per year. Energy from WasteClick here for more information. ETI seeks partners for £13m energyBiffa helps Birds Eye close in on ‘zero from waste demonstratorwaste’ The ETI is seeking partners for a new £13 millionA partnership with waste management project to design and build a next generationcompany, Biffa has enabled frozen food energy from waste demonstrator plant.manufacturer, Birds Eye to reduce theamount of waste sent to landfill by 21 per The project aims to produce energy atcent in the last 12 months. According to the efficiencies higher than previously produced.food manufacturer, the initiative forms part of It is hoped the plant could be designed bya waste improvement plan which it hopes will 2014 and operational by 2016.enable it to reach its goal of sending zerowaste to landfill by 2014. The ETI issued a request for proposals for interested parties. The deadline forBirds Eyes food waste, including animal by notification of intention to submit a proposal isproduct waste, is sent to Biffas flagship Thursday 7th June 2012 with the closing dateanaerobic digestion facility in Cannock, for submissions Monday 2nd July.Staffordshire. Opened in June last year thefacility can process up to 120,000 tonnes of Click here for more information.food waste each year and generate enoughenergy to power 10,000 homes.Click here for more information. NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Waste2Tricity acquires exclusive rights for every year that the plant is operating, toto AFC Energy’s energy-from-waste support charitable and/or educational community projects and a further £75,000 willtechnology in £1m deal be allocated to trial green buses and improve cycle routes in the local area.Waste2Tricity has exercised its right toexclusively represent AFC Energy in the UK for The 150MWe plant will be fuelled byapplications involving the integration of the sustainably sourced wood biomass; mostlycompanys fuel cell products with hydrogen imported virgin wood, dedicated energyderived from the gasification of municipal crops like Miscanthus and locally sourcedsolid waste to generate clean energy in a £1 waste wood.million deal. Click here for more information.The agreement also grants Waste2Tricity aright of first refusal regarding the supply of Immingham granted planningAFC Energys fuel cells to further territories inEurope and North America for use in projects permission for biomass power plantwhere hydrogen is derived from thegasification of municipal solid waste. AFC North East Lincolnshire Council has grantedEnergy and Waste2Tricity will continue to work planning permission for a new £130m biomasstogether to target and develop waste-to- plant to be built by Real Ventures at the Portenergy opportunities as they arise. of Immingham. The "Reality Energy Centre" is due to start producing power in 2015 andClick here for more information. have a lifespan of around 25 years. The scheme is expected to create 35 long term jobs, in addition to 250 construction jobs, and provide enough energy to power aroundDedicated Biomass 90,000 homes. It will be fuelled by wood chips imported directly to the plant through theNew Bristol biomass plant to benefit port, reducing carbon dioxide emissions bylocal community 190,000 tonnes a year compared to power generated by coal.E.ON Climate and Renewables have beengranted permission to build a new 150MWe Click here for more information.dedicated biomass power station at RoyalPortbury Dock in the Port of Bristol, North RWE npower renewables and SITA UKSomerset. sign major deal to supply Scottish state-of the art biomass CHP plantIf built the plant will provide enough electricityto power up to 160,000 homes and displace RWE npower renewables has awardedalmost 400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions leading recycling and resource managementannually. In addition, the new plant will company, SITA UK, a long- term deal tocreate up to 325 temporary jobs during supply recovered wood to its £200 millionconstruction, 35 full-time jobs during biomass combined heat and power (CHP)operation and a further 20 contract personnel plant at Fife, Scotland.during routine and annual maintenance. The contract will provide more than 50 perE.ON will also set up a Community Investment cent of the feedstock requirements to theFund, which will contribute £50,000 per year 49.9 MW biomass CHP facility which is NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. currently under construction. The plant is due Biomass Boilersto be commissioned later this year and befully operational by mid-2013.Click here for more information.Vega Biofuels showcases its ‘Bio-Coal’during European road showVega Biofuels recently announced plans tobuild a green-energy manufacturing plant inCordele, Georgia that will manufacture bio-coal from timber waste. The bio-coal will bemade using special technology called Source: Anesco"torrefaction." Anesco touts biomass boiler give-The company has received interest in its bio- awaycoal product from all over the world.However, the companys main focus is Green energy firm Anesco could soon becurrently in Europe. The European Union has installing up to 10 free biomass boilers forthe worlds largest regional energy market businesses per month under a new schemeand accounts for one fifth of the worlds taking advantage of the governmentsenergy use. Renewable Heat Incentive.Click here for more information. Anesco yesterday confirmed it is launching a fund designed to provide organisations with aNNFCC attend World Biofuels Markets 50-100kW biomass boiler, as well as fuelConference in Rotterdam storage and maintenance, free of charge.Dr Geraint Evans, Lucy Hopwood and Dr John The scheme is expected to help organisationsWilliams were all invited speakers at the World reduce their energy bills by up to 50 per centBiofuels Markets Conference in Rotterdam on and curb their environmental impact. The13-15th March 2012. company is targeting medium-sized to large buildings with a heavy heating demand, suchThe conference primarily covered biofuels but as nursing homes, hotels, large commercialalso bioenergy and bio-based chemicals, units and leisure centres.and was attended by around 1500 delegatesincluding significant numbers of technology Click here for more information.providers, brand owners and investors. E.ON offers councils ‘free’ biomassFor a full report on the conference or to boilersreceive a copy of any of the talks given byNNFCC staff, NNFCC members can contact E.ON is looking to install biomass boilers inenquiries@nnfcc.co.uk leisure centres and other council properties to take advantage of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy. E.ON will pay all capital and maintenance costs, and source the biomass. The company NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. will then receive all payments from the heat for the swimming pool and othergovernment’s RHI. E.ON is initially trialling the facilities. The centre currently has gas boilers.offer, called ‘Project New Heat’, in the north- The council says it will save £5,000 a year onwest. It is approaching businesses with high fuel costs under the arrangement. The boilerheat loads, such as hotels and care homes, will also save up to 258 tonnes of carbonas well as councils. annually, meaning the council will not have to pay £3,096 a year to buy allowances underDenbighshire County Council in north Wales the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.became the first to take advantage of theoffer. E.ON will install a 500 kilowatt biomass Click here for more information.boiler in Rhyl Leisure Centre in May to provideEvents Conference in the field of Biomass comprising more than 800 presentations in plenary, oral and visual sessions. The 20th EU BC&E attractsLife Cycle Assessment Workshops, 16- policy and industry decision makers through17 May 2012 in York, UK several parallel events addressing specialwww.nnfcc.co.uk/events topics which are currently in the focus of discussion.Two workshops have been developed toprovide a basic understanding of LCA and NNFCC members receive a €140 discount offhow to set about doing one. The first the standard rate if they book before 27thworkshop covers the principles of LCA, April 2012, contact enquiries@nnfcc.co.uk forrequirements, problems and issues. The the discount code.second provides a ‘hands on’ opportunity tolearn to carry out an LCA. The workshops can Waste to Energy City Summit 2012, 21be taken together or separately. June 2012 in London, UK www.wastetoenergy.rethinkevents.comAnaerobic Digestion: Opportunities forDevelopment in the North East, 29-30 The Waste to Energy City Summit will drawMay 2012 in Morpeth, UK together the most innovative technologywww.envirolink.co.uk developers and waste management companies with the city’s financialThis event aims to explore the opportunities community and policy-makers to define theavailable to a range of organisations, future of this exciting sector and to forge theincluding private businesses, farmers, partnerships that will take new projects todevelopers and supply chain companies in commercial success.North East England from the development ofAD. NNFCC members receive a 20 per cent discount off the standard rate. Contact20th European Biomass Conference enquiries@nnfcc.co.uk for the discount code.and Exhibition, 18-22 June 2012 inMilan, Italywww.conference-biomass.comThe international science and technologyConference of the 20thEU BC&E is the leading NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. UK AD & Biogas 2012 - AD: YourMissing Link, 04-05 July 2012 inBirmingham, UKwww.adbiogas.co.ukThe Anaerobic Digestion and BiogasAssociation’s (ADBA) third annual trade showand conference, UK AD & Biogas 2012 (4-5July, NEC) will demonstrate where anaerobicdigestion can offer the best benefits to thefarming sector. Credits and Disclaimer NNFCC Market Review is edited by Dr Matthew Aylott for NNFCC members. Feedback is welcome. The Review has been compiled in good faith and NNFCC does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or the products or services shown. NNFCC, Biocentre, Phone: +44 (0)1904 435182 York Science Park, Fax: +44 (0)1904 435345 Innovation Way, E: enquiries@nnfcc.co.uk Heslington, York, Web: www.nnfcc.co.uk YO10 5DG. NNFCC Market Review, April 2012, Page 8 of 8