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Investigation Skills Activity for KS3 Science

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  1. 1. Helicopter Investigation
  2. 2. Have a look at a helicopter. ? Work out how to make one. (5 minutes)
  3. 3. How to drop a Helicopter Get ready!
  4. 4. Start the clock when the Dropper lets go. Stop the clock when the helicopter hits the floor.
  5. 5. Don’t throw the helicopter – just let it fall. If it bumps into you on the way down, do that reading again.
  6. 6. What variables might affect the time it takes to fall?
  7. 7. The thing we change is called the independent variable.
  8. 8. The thing we measure is called the dependent variable.
  9. 9. I’ve got a MuDdy CHIN! we Measure the Dependent variable we CHange the INdependent variable
  10. 10. Forces What force is pulling the helicopter down? What force is stopping it from dropping like a stone?
  11. 11. The helicopters don’t take very long to fall – just a couple of seconds. How can we get more accurate times?
  12. 12. Carrying out the investigation • Make a helicopter. • Drop it, time it and write down the reading. Take three readings. • Cut 1cm off each wing. • Do another three readings. • Cut off another 1cm. • Carry on until you run out of wings!