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School’s clubs


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School’s clubs

  2. 2. THERE ARE… Student Council & Community •I Am Vietnamese & Spanish •Dodge Ball & Art
  3. 3. STUDENTS COUNCIL &COMMUNITY In Students Council, you will get to organize nearly all events of the school, and you’re the •In one that take all the Community, you responsible for stuff will do stuff that you organize. like plant trees, sweep trashes,.. You do stuff that is
  4. 4. I AM VIETNAMESE & SPANISH •In I Am Vietnamese, you will get to know more about your country if you’re In Spanish, you will Vietnamese, and if learn how to speak you’re foreign, you Spanish. will get to know Maybe you will get more about to learn about Vietnam Spanish traditional tradition, foods… foods,…
  5. 5. DODGE BALL & ART • In Art, you will get to use your imagination to create picture! For example, you Are you interesting in will learn how to sport. If you are, you create should join Dodge Ball club. In Dodge photorealistic Ball club, you will get painting. to play dodge ball for the whole club period! It’s really fun to throw balls to each
  6. 6. Clubs arefun !! Have Fun !!