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Durian run 2017 Apprentice Secret Manual


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Your day of Durian Running is here. Study this intently and be the ultimate durian master. Note of the fabulous points 1. ROUTE MAP 2. TIMELINE 3. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 4. NO BIB NO DURIAN

See ya 645am Ciyuan CC 23rd July 2017 Sunday. A fantastic time awaits

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Durian run 2017 Apprentice Secret Manual

  1. 1. Apprentice Durian Run For Good Secret Manual
  2. 2. Content Foreword Timeline How to carry Durian First Aid Point of Contact Race Route 1 3 6 8 9 10
  3. 3. Foreword
  4. 4. Immense honor to have you for the Durian Run. As much as we would like to claim credit, saying how good we are as organisers, we know this is not true. You. Yes, my friend, YOU are the one who makes or break this event. As simple as that. We are approaching the day of Torns and Ouches. Are you all prepared to 'TaBao' (takeaway) your durians on a short walk of 4-5km? Make sure you are ready to savour the fruit of your labour after the race. Let’s make this the most enjoyable event for ourselves. Most Importantly RUN FOR GOOD. Registration proceeds all going to charity. How awesome is that? Read this manual very carefully. Soak in all the details. Safety always comes first. Seriously humbled that you would choose to come down for our event. That you hope to become a Durian Master. To serve and be of value. Giving back to society. Raising the Durian spirits of those who lack it, when needed through troubled times. This is something we can never repay. Thank you. Terima Kasih. 谢谢。ந றி. Yours In Durian Torny Wan Run For Good Committee
  5. 5. Timeline
  6. 6. Wake up Brush teeth Finish brushing teeth. Remember bring BIB ! Leave the house. Travel Light. No Bag deposit Reach Ci Yuan Community Club Durian Zone opens. Durian PT warm up. Resist the urge to eat durian. Sing Majulah Singapura (110th anniversary of Zubir Said) Flag off Remember no road closures. Note to run safely Remembering why carry durian. Quite awesome. Finish running. Claim my medal Take my coconut. Eat my durian. Lucky Draw. Musang King to be won Stay for awesome Sports day games Post on facebook. Thank the volunteers. 0430 0435 0535 0540 0645 0700 0750 0755 0800 0810 0830 0900 0905 0920 0945 1000 LIGHTNING OR THUNDER OR WET WEATHER; During the run: All participants to take shelter under the bus stops, HDB Blocks and where possible under cover, make their way back to Ci Yuan CC. Our volunteers would be on route to advise you Before the run: We would wait till 0830 before deciding whether run is cancelled. If run cancelled, the rest of the program would continue.
  7. 7. #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules #noroadclosures #observetrafficrules
  8. 8. Carry it your way Q: Do I really need to carry the durian? We only care about your happiness AND YOUR SAFETY If you want to eat your durian before the run, please go ahead. You don’t want to carry your durian? Cool with us too. If you want to cartwheel all the way... We welcome you to do so. Be creative be smart. BE SAFE! JUST SMILE AND DO IT YOUR WAY
  9. 9. No Race Pack collection on race day No Bib No Durian No Race Pack collection on race day No Bib No Durian No Race Pack collection on race day No Bib No Durian No Race Pack collection on race day No Bib No Durian No Race Pack collection on race day
  10. 10. First Aid+65 9011 7531 Life and Death case Persons with difficulty Heat stroke Fainting Honored to have the esteemed Red Cross volunteers with us We have First Aid at almost every 500m. We have Ambulance on Standby at Ci Yuan CC. Nearest hospital is KTPH Before any medication is given, please seek permission we will have participants info on allergies, etc.
  11. 11. Point of Contact For very very important matters that you or your Durian Leaders can’t resolve. JIA WEI +65 8118 8844 AH SIAO +65 90117531 On site matters +65 90117531 Anyone you see in medical difficulties. Collapse, faint, heatstroke. Race Route Matters Emergency SCDF Ambulance 995 Police 999 Stay calm, stay on the line and seek advice from the dispatch
  12. 12. Race Route For all those whose only goal in life is to fight for a durian. Your time has arrived. Study this intensely
  13. 13. Junctions At every of the 3 major junctions you would see a zebra crossing before traffic light Slow down before Zebra crossing and wait. Obey your Marshals. Marshals before Zebra crossing, at traffic light and after traffic light to make sure you are safe.
  14. 14. Small Roads Other than the major junctions we have about 9 small roads where we station Marshals for your safety Obey the marshals and stay safe They would also smile because you look too fantastic and cheer you on
  15. 15. Water Point Water point @Punggol South Park. Further up would be one of the 8 medical points @SPC Dist 2.6km
  16. 16. Smile & Enjoy When you put on the Durian Run shirt, you represent the hopes and aspirations of millions of Durian lovers. If you don’t smile, then we would be shattered. Your fellow volunteers would be shattered. All of us heartbroken. This event would be very chaotic. Full of thorns and ouches. It would all be worth it in the end. So please just smile.