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Podcast open house 2012 2013

  1. 1. PODCAST OPEN HOUSE 2012 - 2013 Mrs. Leesa R Rodenkirch rodenkirch@arrowheadschools.org (262)369-3611 V.M. 3668
  2. 2. About Me …● Married 14 years● Two daughters: th ○ Aliya is 9 years-old and beginning 4 Grade at Nature Hill Intermediate ○ Maycee is 6 years old and beginning 1st grade at Ixonia Elementary
  3. 3. About Me …Education:● 1998 Bachelors’ degree from UW-Stevens Point in secondary education, biology, broadfield science, & computer science● 2002 Masters’ degree from Cardinal Stritch University in professional development and religious studies● 30+ Continuing Education credits from various universities● 2012, Google Qualified InstructorExperience: 15th year at Arrowhead
  4. 4. ScheduleClass Taught Science 9Teaching Periods 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, & 10 both A and B DaysOffice Hours Before School 6:45am – 7:15 am 1st , 2nd and 8th HoursBest Communication Tool is EMAIL! Please use Skyward (our grading program) often to check for announcements as well as late or missing assignments.
  5. 5. About Science 9 …The Science 9 course has been designed todevelop the thinking processes and laboratory skillsneeded for subsequent science courses whileemphasizing the connections between science,mathematics, and real life. Students will participatein laboratory investigations and projects with thepurpose of exploring physics, Earth science, spacescience, and chemistry.It fulfills the state of Wisconsins physical sciencerequirement for high school graduation.
  6. 6. About Science 9 …Physics: Science Methods, Measurement & Graphing Connections, Inquiry & Applications in Science Energy, Motion, & Forces WavesChemistry Matter, Atomic Structure & Chemical Reactions The Periodic Table Nuclear ChemistryEarth & Space Earth’s Atmosphere & Heat Earth Science Astrophysics
  7. 7. About Science 9 ...All assignments, whether it be a lab, project, test, quiz, orassignment will be aligned to Science 9 Learning Targets (whichare also aligned with Wisconsin State Standards). The purpose ofthese tasks is to increase understanding such that Learning Targetmastery can be achieved. Students will be evaluated according totheir level of understanding on the following scale: ● Advanced (A, 4): Work demonstrates complete and detailed understanding of the information important to the topic. ● Proficient (B, 3): Work demonstrates complete understanding, but more details are needed. ● Basic (C, 2): Work demonstrates incomplete understanding of the topic and/or misconceptions about some of the information. However, basic understanding is evident. ● Minimal (D, 1): Work demonstrates a very incomplete understanding of the topic or has so many misconceptions that the material appears to be misunderstood.
  8. 8. GradingGrades are calculated based on total points earned onthe 4, 3, 2, 1 scale (previous slide)and are cumulative.15% Semester Final 85% 18 Week Grade18 Week Grade Distribution (estimated percentage) 30% Unit Exams 30% Culminating Activities/Projects 20% Assignments & Lab Work 20% Daily Quizzes “Checkoff” HomeworkNOTE: While homework is not included in a student’soverall grade, its completion is crucial for learning targetmastery. If a student chooses not to practice a learningtarget thru homework, then the lab, quiz, test and/orassignment that IS graded will most likely suffer for it.
  9. 9. Materials Needed● 1 inch Three Ring Binder (must be rigid).● Tabbed Dividers for Three Ring Binder● Loose Leaf Paper● Scientific Calculator (graphing calculators are NOT acceptable)● EXPECTED (paperless initiative) Students will use their Arrowhead Google Apps account to create, collaborate on, gain access to, and submit classwork.● RECOMMENDED (BYOD initiative) A SMART DEVICE (tablet, netbook, laptop, smart phone, iPod Touch, etc.) with WiFi or internet capabilities.
  10. 10. Policies ...If a student misses class for any reason, it is his or herresponsibility to find out what was missed.The teacher will be in her office or classroom by 7:00am each day and materials can be picked up thereOR accessed electronically at any time: Google Online Classroom Moodle ClassroomAn excused absence, provides one class period foreach day missed to make it up. Remember your classwork is your responsibility.