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Looking Forward Doctoral Training - Professor Mark Llewellyn, AHRC


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On Wednesday 29th January, the Doctoral Training Partnerships and Centres for Doctoral Training were launched at a conference at the University of Nottingham.

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Looking Forward Doctoral Training - Professor Mark Llewellyn, AHRC

  1. 1. Looking Forward Professor Mark Llewellyn AHRC Director of Research 29 January 2014
  2. 2. Caveats • This presentation is not an announcement • Thoughts that may feed into future proposals • Opportunity for comments and reflections from community (see timetable in final slide) • Focus now is on delivering new DTP/CDTs • But … with an eye to the future evolution of the scheme
  3. 3. Recognition of changes … and their pace • BGP1 (2009 starters) – stability – increased efficiency and ensure decision—making devolution • BGP2/DTPs and CDTs (2014 starters) – – – – more significant change to the block grant model fewer awards (lead organisation and number of studentships) balance between DTP and CDT components funding devolved and strategy for flexible delivery of studentships • (BGP3…): Next phase (2019 starters) – model has to evolve – flexibility has to be maintained and potentially enhanced – community collaboration and partnerships beyond the academy
  4. 4. Evolution of scheme – current and next • Increased expectation around collaboration – Strategic – Delivery • Balance between breadth (DTP) and specialism (CDT) – which priority areas? • Funding expectations – Duration of studentships • Potential to move to 4 year funding – Continue flexibility in use of funds • Application process – No Expression of Interest stage
  5. 5. Funding requirements: some future considerations • Set budget for the scheme – Set amount/% of overall AHRC Programmes budget for PG? • currently 43% (FY2014/15) • longer term aspiration (since 2010) to move to 33% • sustainability and viability • Bids to demonstrate minimum capacity threshold for studentships but there will not be a maximum number of studentships requested • Decisions on allocation to be based on capacity, quality and priority • Commitment and leverage required – Potential minimum matched funding level – Potential % of match or additional funding from non-HEI sources; greater incentive and demonstration of partnership
  6. 6. Timetable thoughts… Date Activity First cohort of DTPs and CDTs begins October 2014 First reports from DTP/CDTs Early 2015 ‘White Paper’ for comment on DTP/CDT2 scheme 2015/16 DTP/CDT2 scheme launched November 2016 Application deadline for DTP/CDT2 October 2017 Proposal checking, peer review By end February 2018 Right to reply March 2018 Panel meeting May 2018 Recommendations considered and decisions made June 2018 Outcomes July 2018 Final cohort under DTPs and CDTs begins October 2018 First cohort DTP/CDT2 begins October 2019