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Design Star Consortium (Centres for Doctoral Training)


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On Wednesday 29th January, the Doctoral Training Partnerships and Centres for Doctoral Training were launched at a conference at the University of Nottingham.

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Design Star Consortium (Centres for Doctoral Training)

  1. 1. Design  Star  ‘strength  in  diversity’       Brighton  University   Goldsmiths,  University  of  London   Loughborough  University   The  Open  University   University  of  Reading  
  2. 2. Design Star | strength in diversity 5 leading design research departments and schools in broad-based universities. Inter-disciplinary design linked by a common approach that encourages the integration of history, theory and engagement. Full- and part-time graduate researchers from different backgrounds. 2
  3. 3. External facing We value external collaboration, partnership and engagement. We want to raise the profile of design research and its relevance to society, government, business and the economy. We are proud to be working with at least 10 external partners: in museums, industry, local and national government and health. 3
  4. 4. Great student experience We consulted with PhD students in writing the bid and will continue to listen to their ideas. Design Star graduate researchers will have: – Placements and engagement with our partners – Collider workshops – An on-line research portal – Conferences and public engagement events – A residential ‘summer school’ Many of our activities will be student led. 4