AHRC Themes Overview Presentation – Adam Walker


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AHRC Themes Overview Presentation – Adam Walker

  1. 1. AHRC Themes: OverviewAdam WalkerStrategy & Development Manager, Languages andLiterature20 January 2012
  2. 2. AHRC Strategic Themes • Science in Culture • Digital Transformations • Care for the Future • Translating Cultures • Connected Communities (with other RCs)
  3. 3. AHRC Strategic Themes: Development • ‘Future Directions’ consultation (Feb-May 2009) • Further consultation e.g. with key partners & Subject Associations, institutional visits etc • Development by Advisory Board & Council • Knowledge exchange, international, capacity building, public policy, partnership activities • Larger consorita grants • Building on previous AHRC programmes & supporting cross-council programmes
  4. 4. Science in Culture• Understanding the interactions between science and arts & humanities• Historical evolution of science; creativity, discovery & argumentation in science; science as a system of knowledge• Impact on values, beliefs & ‘world views’; cultural, religious, ethical and legal dimensions; representation of science in language, literature, art, imagery, museums etc;• Anticipating & influencing future controversies and enhancing public debates & engagement• Emerging areas such as medical humanities
  5. 5. Digital Transformations• How digital technologies can transform the arts and humanities, e.g. analysis & interpretation of historical data & creation of the ‘infinite archive’• Impact on issues such as privacy, intellectual property, security & identity in the digital age• Transforming some of the objects/foci of arts and humanities e.g. changing cultures, language & communication, performance etc• Initial sub-themes: Text: Authority and Power; The Creative & Performing Arts and Technology; Translating Knowledge
  6. 6. Care for the Future• How the past can inform future thinking• Visions of the future, pathways for sustainable communities & quality of life• Custodianship of cultural heritage for future generations• Future ethical, moral, cultural & social landscapes, changing civic values, intergenerational equity, notions of ‘care’ and ‘caring’, philanthropy, etc• Current highlighted sub-themes: cultural notions of the future; changing communities; material cultures of heritage; environmental change and sustainability; global trauma/conflict and transitions to new futures
  7. 7. Translating Cultures• Need for diverse cultures to understand & communicate better with each other• Role of ‘translation’ & cultural interactions in ensuring that languages, values, beliefs, histories & narratives can be mutually shared and comprehended• Cultural understanding in a globalised economy & society: diplomacy, peacekeeping, cultural interactions, business growth, community relations, diverse societies• Translation not just from one language to another, but from one medium to another, e.g. from verbal to non-verbal art forms• Experts in specialist non-European languages & language-based area studies• 4 current questions: international diplomacy & inter-regional relations; contemporary issues; public policy; translation & interpreting
  8. 8. Connected Communities ProgrammeAims to: mobilise the potential for increasingly inter-connected, culturally diverse, communities to enhance participation, prosperity, sustainability, health & well-being by better connecting research, stakeholders and communities. www.connectedcommunities.ac.uk
  9. 9. Strategic Themes: Recent Activity• Highlight notices in Networking & Fellowships• SiC, DT, CfF, TC: – Advisory groups formed – Development Award calls – Development of new partnerships & associated calls• Connected Communities: – Research reviews and scoping studies – Research Development Workshops (creative economy, health & well being) – Research Development Awards: community heritage; community, culture & design – Annual Summits for award holders with follow-up funding – Joint calls with other Funders (e.g ESRC led community engagement & mobilisation, RSA Fellowships on citizen power in Peterborough) 9
  10. 10. Strategic Themes: Forthcoming Opportunities• Continuation of highlight notices in Networking (July 2012) & Fellowships (throughout 2012)• Targeted call for leadership fellows• Development of collaborations and partnerships• SiC, DT, CfF, TC: – Development workshops planned – Calls for longer, larger grants: greater focus on sub-themes – Care for the Future: highlight notice in Research Grants on arts & humanities approaches to environmental change / values (up to £1.5m)• Connected Communities: – Research Development Workshop on Communities, Culture, Environment & Sustainability (c. May / June 2012 in Bristol) open call for participants c.March 2012 – Other workshops, associated calls & activities being considered (e.g. on community resilience, & 2013 workshop provisionally on Communities, Culture, Diversity and Cohesion) 10
  11. 11. Thank you!