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  1. 1. Want to be in Your MarketLooking for Product ExperiencesMarketing Reps
  2. 2. Recession proofEveryone needsPatentedStock OptionsPlan B!
  3. 3. (2 Categories)#1 Beauty (The Rave) Highlighted at the NutriCosmetic Summit (June 22, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV). Featured on: Fox News Good Morning America The Fashion Team
  4. 4. Patented Option: Look YoungerBioCell Collagen: Hydrolyzed Collagen,Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondroitin SulfateGreatest bioavailability ofany HA product. Topical creams cannot permeate the dermis of the skin. (Temporary Cover- Up/Mask) Versus HA by injection!Miss your wrinkles?
  5. 5. The ConsequencesLevels of HA in the body are inverselyrelated to aging: wrinkling/jointdegradation
  6. 6. HA & Collagen in Aging Process HA Younger looking Flexible Active Healthy Collagen
  7. 7. Joint Health (Category #2)research firmJoint Health DynamicGrowth MarketTheir conclusion: The #1 Product in the Category (pharmaceutical and neutraceutical) Award for Excellence
  8. 8. Delivery System: ResveratrolFrench Paradox/Heart Health4 oz. = 8 bottles ofred wine!Life-Extendingmechanisms in thebody!
  9. 9. 15 20 seconds!
  10. 10. Before and After BioCell Collagen
  11. 11. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Pioneer of total joint replacement surgery Commission for 12 years Former Chief of Orthopedics at the Florida Hospital for thirteen years Emeritus Associate Professor at University of Florida is clinically proven to restore and protectjoints and improve skin quality. Its perfect at any age and is amust for anyone over the age of 35. My entire family uses it.Its safe, natural and in my opinion, the mostimportant nutraceutical ever produced. Jusuru is welldeserving of Frost and Sullivans Customer ValueEnhancement Award-Louis P. Brady, M.D.
  12. 12. The New Pet BlendHA, Collagen and Chondroitin Sulfate are the buildingblocks of the human body, i.e. the essence of life.Therefore, the health benefits are much greater thanskin and joints.
  13. 13. Corporate Partner GMP LabsGMP Compliant: Neutraceutical at pharmaceuticalstandards for 20 yearsDeveloped and Patented: Only Liquid form of BioCellCollagenFirst and only product they kept for themselves! Functional Beverage Market Rapid Growth Aversion to pills Bioavailability Financially Advantageous Mona Vie only a juice!
  14. 14. Business ModelThe ending volume for the month becomes ourstarting volume for the next month!The product and business are so good. . .The reorder rate is so high. . .
  15. 15. The Business of the 21st Century Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Social Marketing: Business of the 21st Century 5x more likely to make $100,000 (mini-franchise) Key to Success The Right Team with Training and Support 80% of all new distributors are in the GGG!
  16. 16. Wholesale Self-ConsumptionThe Cartoon NOT selling out of cars or trade shows Giant buyers club Grows to 100s of thousands of distributors with a customer or two
  17. 17. Annual Revenue in Millions 2-3 Years Today Formulation Concentration Momentum Stability ...the  phase  with  the  most  rapid  growth  is  the  momentum phase which  occurs  after  the   company  has  exceeded  $50  million  in  {annual}  sales. This  is  the  moment  when   exponential  growth  kicks  in, when  fortunes  can  be  made by  those  lucky  few who  got  into   the  company  before  it  went  into  momentum. -­Richard  Poe,  Wave  3:  The  New  Era  in  Network  Marketing
  18. 18. Our Secretwith our help.This approach: we can pick the people!Our stats are:
  19. 19. Upcoming Events
  20. 20. Business Plan3 Steps One time fee of $39.95 (wholesale buyer or iRep) Product at Wholesale Receive Rewards (Commissions) Your Own Copy of the JUSURU Website Case on auto-ship for $140 Very economical way to start a business! Planning Session with their Sponsor Ideally within 48 hours Receive GGG best in the industry training.
  21. 21. V3 Product Free Wholesale users orbusiness people with $750 inpurchases during the nextmonth (not $7,700 likeAshley) pays for their productfor their first 3 months whilegetting started.
  22. 22. The Genesis Global Group
  23. 23. Step 1 Review
  24. 24. New iRep Checklist
  25. 25. New iRep Checklist
  26. 26. Prospect List
  27. 27. Your ChallengeInviting: If you invite face to face or say toomuch over the phone, many of your prospectsmay not have the opportunity to meet them for45 minutes with an open mind.few changes as possible so it sounds like you.If we have 30 to 45 minutes where they cansee the whole picture, this is hard to say no to!
  28. 28. Invite: Networking(Small Talk)to have a networking (luncheon/ party/ get together, etc.) so wecan help one another out with leads and business ideas.doeuvres/ dessert, etc.)? _(Wednesday)_ at ______ at _(12:00 / 7:00pm)_; canyou move your schedule around?Would you do me a favor?... Will you let me know at least 24hours ahead of time if anything comes up?
  29. 29. The Product Approach(Small talk) How are you doing?Gosh, I know how busy you are with the _(the kids)_ and_(your real estate)_, but I thought I would give you a quickwine/lunch/dinner). Would you like to join me? _(Friday)_ at _(12:00)__(11:30)_.anything comes up would you please give me 24 hour
  30. 30. Casual Inviting(Small talk: This will vary depending on yourrelationship with your prospect.)Confirm time and location.