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  1. 1. PRIMARY Strong Independent Vocal
  2. 2. The films primary audience for this is around females aged around 15 – 25. This is because of the movie being an all female cast which appeals to them as well as appealing even more to strong, independent girls, with Juno for example compared to the stereotypical, scared, screaming girl. The socio- economic group for this is E because women this age generally lead a life at home and sometimes provided by their parents with money. Also, they’re normally studying at college or university. PRIMARY
  3. 3. SECONDARY Gore Blood Survival Monsters ______________
  4. 4. People who love horror consist of both male and females and generally around the age of 16 – 40. Within this genre are a lot of sub-genres are contained that horror fans would specifically watch and in The Descent’s case, people of the survival horror sub-genre would be attracted more towards this. The socio- economic grouping would be more towards the E, D C1 and C2 because they’re typically referred to as slobs or are people of the gothic culture. It can also include a general audience like drivers, office workers, teachers and virtually anybody else who are looking for a scare. SECONDARY
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL Adventurous Lively Free
  6. 6. The additional audience are centered towards the people aged around 18 – 30 because of the fitness and healthy life that has to be lead. The additional also include both male and female genders. It may also not include kids because of the extreme sports. This ties into The Descent because it contains a lot of adventuring and sports in which the people can relate to early on in the film like the canoeing, rock climbing and trekking. Socio-economic grouping is around the C1 or C2 because extreme sports are taken up as jobs and also the expensive amount of gear required to do these. ADDITIONAL