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AHDS Conference November 2014 - workshop; SCEL


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AHDS Annual Conference November 2014 'Teaching Scotland's Future: What you need to know and do.' Workshop by George Gilchrist, primary HT and a participant in the SCEL Fellowship programme.

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AHDS Conference November 2014 - workshop; SCEL

  1. 1. Me and SCEL George Gilchrist For AHDS November 2014
  2. 2. Why is practitioner enquiry not being more widely adopted for professional and leadership development? What needs to happen to allow this to happen?
  3. 3. Practitioner Enquiry  An evidence rich approach to critically informed thinking and practice
  4. 4. Critical Informed Reading and Research  John Hattie  Michael Fullan  Helen Timperley  Knud Illeris  Marilyn Cochran-Smith  Graham Donaldson
  5. 5. Conclusions/Findings  Practitioner enquiry works  It’s complex and messy  Needs to be a disposition or stance  A continuous process, not a quick fix  Start from where you really are  A supportive, open culture based on trust  Senior leaders have to thoroughly understand and be involved
  6. 6. Conclusions (continued)  Need to step back from busyness  Slow down for deeper impact  We need to reframe CPD and CLPL  Needs support and understanding at all levels of the system  We need to avoid mutations
  7. 7. Alternatives  What's the option?  More of the same or dare to be different?  You decide!