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News Gathering

  1. 1. Manajemen Stasiun Televisi NEWS GATHERING Amelia Day Pertemuan Ke-6 12 Oktober 2010
  2. 2. Minggu Lalu Broadcast Management oleh dosen tamu: Adjie S. Soeratmadjie Head of Corporate Communications MetroTV
  4. 4. NAICS Industry Sector Description NAICS - North American Industry Classification System SERVICE SECTOR, INFORMATION 512131 - Motion Picture Theaters (except Drive-In) 511110 - Newspaper Publishers 512132 - Drive-In Motion Picture 511120 - Periodical Publishers Theaters 511130 - Book Publishers 512191 - Teleproduction and Other Postproduction Services 511140 - Database and Directory Publishers 512199 - Other Motion Picture and Video Industries 511191 - Greeting Card Publishers 512210 - Record Production 511199 - All Other Publishers 512220 - Integrated Record 511210 - Software Publishers Production/Distribution 512110 - Motion Picture and Video 512230 - Music Publishers Production 512240 - Sound Recording Studios 512120 - Motion Picture and Video Distribution 512290 - Other Sound Recording Industries
  5. 5. NAICS Industry Sector Description 515111 - Radio Networks 517510 - Cable and Other Program 515112 - Radio Stations Distribution 515120 - Television Broadcasting 517910 - Other 515210 - Cable and Other Telecommunications Subscription Programming 516110 - Internet Publishing and 518111 - Internet Service Providers Broadcasting 518112 - Web Search Portals 517110 - Wired 518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, Telecommunications Carriers and Related Services 517211 - Paging 517212 - Cellular and Other 519110 - News Syndicates Wireless Telecommunications 519120 - Libraries and Archives 517310 - Telecommunications 519190 - All Other Information Resellers Services 517410 - Satellite Telecommunications
  6. 6. SUPPLY SIDE: further on
  7. 7. 511110 Newspaper Publishers DEFINITION: Corresponding Index Entries: This industry comprises 1. Newspaper branch offices establishments known as 2. Newspaper publishers (except newspaper publishers. exclusive Internet publishing) Establishments in this industry 3. Newspaper publishers and carry out operations necessary printing combined for producing and distributing newspapers, including gathering 4. Publishers, newspaper (except news; writing news columns, exclusive Internet publishing) feature stories, and editorials; 5. Publishers, newspaper, and selling and preparing combined with printing advertisements. These establishments may publish newspapers in print or electronic form.
  8. 8. 519110 News Syndicates DEFINITION: Corresponding Index Entries: This industry comprises 1. Feature syndicates (i.e., advice establishments primarily columns, comic, news) engaged in supplying 2. News picture gathering and information, such as news distributing services reports, articles, pictures, and 3. News reporting services features, to the news media. 4. News service syndicates 5. News ticker services 6. Newspaper feature syndicates 7. Syndicates, news 8. Traffic reporting services 9. Wire photo services 10.Wire services, news
  9. 9. Sementara itu…
  10. 10. DATA DEWAN PERS ( Pendataan Pers Nasional 2010 • TELEVISI & RADIO • SURATKABAR/MAJALAH: – Terbit harian – Terbit mingguan – Terbit bulanan • WEBSITE (SITUS BERITA)
  11. 11. DEMAND SIDE
  12. 12. Badan Pusat Statistik (Kompas 8 Oktober 2010) FAKTA: FAKTA: Persentase Persentase pembaca surat penonton TV kabar & majalah terhadap populasi terhadap populasi penduduk penduduk Indonesia Indonesia 2008: 23% 2008: 85,86% 2009: 18,94% 2009: 90,27%
  13. 13. Apa artinya? 1. Masyarakat meninggalkan cara klasik mencari berita (via koran/kertas) 2. Masyarakat mencari berita langsung dan audio-visual (radio, TV, media sosial) BETULKAH?
  14. 14. Masih ingat ini? The deer now has gun -- Gordon Borrell, 2007
  15. 15. Munculnya Berita di Media Penyiaran Indonesia 1. Bataviasche Radio Vereniging (BRV) di Jakarta adalah pemancar radio telegraf yang ditingkatkan menjadi radio telefoni oleh Belanda (1920-an); dengan stasiun relai di Bandung, Cirebon, Surabaya, dan Malang. 2. Hosokyokaki (siaran propaganda Jepang) di Jakarta, Bandung, Purwekerto, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya dan Malang berhenti siaran 19 Agustus 1945. 3. Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) berdiri di Gedung Radd Van Idie Penjoboan, 11 September 1945, sebagai upaya mengaktifkan kembali siaran radio sebagai komunikasi pemerintah Indonesia dengan rakyat. SUMBER:
  16. 16. Famous TV Shows Debut October 11, 2010 Profile America -- Monday, October 11th. Throughout the years, this month has traditionally seen the premier of new television shows, some of which have become recognized as classics. "Saturday Night Live" appeared for the first time 35 years today. Fifty-five years ago this month, two long-running children's shows debuted -- "Captain Kangaroo" and the "Mickey Mouse Club." And 60 years ago, in the early days of television, Groucho Marx sat on his high stool for the first time and bantered with contestants on the show "You Bet Your Life." Also that year, "The Jack Benny Program" began its transition from a beloved radio show to become one of the nation's favorite television program. When Groucho and Jack Benny started their shows in 1950, fewer than four million American homes had television sets. Profile America is in its 14th year as a public service of the U.S. Census Bureau. Sources: Chase's Calendar of Events 2010, p. 510, 500, 501, 505, 536 Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970, p. 796
  17. 17. Famous TV Shows Debut SUARA DIBERI GAMBAR…?
  18. 18. Any Wars: Live on CNN History as it happens…
  19. 19. Indonesia News Anchors 1962 2010
  20. 20. Indonesia News Anchors 1962 2010
  21. 21. Indonesia News Anchors 2010
  22. 22. OK, how did it start?
  23. 23. INPUT process OUTPUT OUTCOME
  24. 24. News Formula READER PEOPLE ACTION INTEREST NEWS Barun Roy , Beginner's Guide to Journalism
  25. 25. News Formula LOOK WRITE PRODUCE AROUND NEWS production Barun Roy , Beginner's Guide to Journalism
  27. 27. MAKRO STRUKTUR INDUSTRI RADIO UK INDONESIA National Radio LP Publik (RRI) Local Radio LP Swasta (Trijaya, El Shinta, 68H) BBC Local Radio LP Berlangganan (?) Digital Radio LP Komunitas (JRK, Suara Petani, Cable and Satellite Nelayan Marunda, dkk.) Internet Radio Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  28. 28. MIKRO STRUKTUR RUANG BERITA / NEWSROOM 1. Head of News, News Editor, Bulletin Editor 2. Senior Broadcast Journalist, News Producer 3. Broadcast Journalist, Reporter, One-journalist newsrooms, TV journalist Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  29. 29. Narasumber Berita National News Radio news agencies, Local intake, Data feeds, Live bulletins, TV audio, Wire services,,, Sources of local news The emergency services, News releases, Audio news releases, Public utilities, Politicians & councillors, Listeners, Colleagues, Pressure groups, Freelance journalists & agencies, Rivals, Your own station, Internet Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  30. 30. Perencanaan Planning & Developing Stories Newsroom diary, Newsdesk resource management, Developing stories, Newsroom contacts, Resisting pressure, Embargoes Story Treatment Copy, Interviews, Voicers or voice pieces, Cuts/clips, Soundbites, Wraps & packages, Newsroom style guide … a news embargo or press embargo is a request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date or certain conditions have been met.They are often used by businesses making a product announcement, by medical journals, and by government officials announcing policy initiatives; the media is given advance knowledge of details being held secret so that reports can be prepared to coincide with the announcement date and yet still meet press time. (WIKIPEDIA) Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  31. 31. Manajemen Ruang Berita Resources Rotas, Budgets, Estimating costs, Cutting costs Complaints Phone callers, Correcting errors, Solicitors, Regulatory authorities, Privacy Winning Audiences Audience figures, Targeting audience, Presentation formats, Promos, Sponsorship Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  32. 32. Persiapan Setting Up First tasks, Making contacts, Technical requirements, Filing systems, Calls list Going On Air Preparing for the first day, Getting exclusives Recruiting Training and Coaching Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  33. 33. Produksi The Producer Responsibilities, Qualities Preparation Programme items, Treatments, Running orders, Pot points Fixing guests Choosing guests, Approaching potential guests Studio production Think ahead, Tech ops, Discipline, Trails, Teasers & promos Pot Point (titik awal pencarian berita) Trails ("stay tuned" atau "the world's most informative radio") Teasers (atas program yang akan disiarkan di jam tersebut) Promos (atas program yang disiarkan di jam lain) Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  34. 34. Produksi Khusus - 1 The news round-up Content and style, Typical format, Jingles and "beds" Features and documentaries Using audio/video, The essence, Setting up, editing Outside brodcasts Planning, Radio links, ISDN landlines, Telephone links, Couriers, Standby presenters Phone-ins Selecting subjects, Studio operations, Phone-in presenters, The delay, Problem phone-ins Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  35. 35. Produksi Khusus - 2 The music-speech mix Qualities of presenter, The right mix, Blending Elections General guidelines, Closing nominations, Programme packages, Discussion programmes, Other news items, Election phon-ins, Opinion polls, Polling day The chancellor's budget speech (pidato kenegaraan) Experts, The speech itself Commentaries Planning, Mood, Style and content, Using silence Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  36. 36. Produksi Khusus - Detail Outside Brodcasts Planning Radio links ISDN landlines Telephone links Standby presenters Couriers Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism”
  37. 37. Outside Broadcast Van ENG SNG DSNG ENG = electronic news gathering SNG = satellite news gathering DNSG = digital satellite news gathering
  38. 38. Outside Broadcast Van
  39. 39. TM-H150CG SR-DVM70E TT1260 IRD receiver Voyager E5740 LBand DSNG TM-A101G W31442 PROLINK-4 Premium RM- P210E 166XL Dual Remote Compressor Control Limiter Gate
  40. 40. Global News Access - Perkembangan teknologi - Kamera (semakin kecil / portable) - Satelit (semakin murah, kapasitas besar) dan Jaringan Kabel (hingga ke pelosok) - Internet (dua arah) - Kebutuhan berita “live” & “breaking” - Information as currency
  41. 41. Outside Broadcast, Global Impact
  42. 42. First OB - 1939 - NBC - New York - one vehicle transporting the trasmitter for the link to the studio - the other carrying camera and production equipment - “telemobiles”
  43. 43. Westminster Abbey 6 September 1997
  44. 44. WTC 911
  45. 45. Mavi Marmara 31 Mei 2010
  46. 46. We, The Media
  47. 47. Prita vs. Omni Hospital Tangerang
  48. 48. Citizen Picks
  49. 49. Info Macet: partisipasi publik (call in, type in)
  50. 50. Bibliografi Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart, “Basic radio journalism” Ted White, “Broadcast news: writing, reporting, and producing” Stuart Allan, Einar Thorsen, “Citizen journalism: global perspectives” Dan Gillmor, “We the media: grassroots journalism by the people, for the people” Norman J. Medoff, Edward J. Fink, Tom Tanquary, “Portable video: ENG & EFP” Jonathan Higgins, “Satellite newsgathering” John Owen, Heather Purdey, “International news reporting: frontlines and deadlines”
  51. 51. UTS open handout questions: 5 answers: essays (@20 points)
  52. 52. Pertemuan Ke-8 November 2 Rating Measurement & Program Development Process
  53. 53. Pertemuan ke-8 November 2 Rating Measurement & Program Development Process