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Marketing The Mc Candlish Group Ppt

  1. 1. The McCandlish Group sales hiring specialists
  2. 2. THE SALES HIRING HANDBOOK Written by Mike McCandlish, is a guide for hiring VP Sales, Directors of Sales and Marketing, Sales Managers and Account Executives.ARE YOU HIRING SALES MANAGERS, DIRECTORS ORVP’s?•Sales questions and potential responses are included forinterviewing sales managers.•Gain valuable insight into what motivates salesrepresentatives and how to evaluate past performances andexperiences This informative book is provided for Free to Hiring Professionals! If you are a job candidate, you can purchase this book at
  3. 3. WHEN SHOULD YOU HIRE A RECRUITER?• Can you benefit from having independent recruiters always looking for key people for your organization in the market?• What does it cost you to take time out of your day to hire?• What is the true cost of an empty territory?• Hiring a VP of Sales- Qualified Directors and Vice President who work at American companies don’t typically read or certainly respond to the want ads!
  4. 4. Why Choose The McCandlish Group?• Our Focus• Our Standards• Our Approach The McCandlish Group sales hiring specialists
  5. 5. OUR FOCUS We specialize in sales and marketing positions.Typical business development job titles include:•Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Engineer•Director or Vice President of Sales or Marketing•Account Executive, Account Manager, Key Account Rep The best sales organizations have extensive and methodical hiring processes. They have found that the right sales manager can become the long-term glue of an enterprise. We are very effective in finding this type of individual!
  6. 6. OUR STANDARDSWe maintain a commitment to high performance and industry knowledge.•Confidentiality•Ethical Business Practices•Professional standards for both client and candidates
  7. 7. OUR APPROACH• Consultative Staf fing  - We work with a client to fully understand his or her company culture and staffing needs.• Mutual Match - We carefully compare a clients needs with that of our employees experience, skills & qualifications, assessing whether a mutual fit exists.• Customer 1st - We ensure constant contact with you and the employees we place with you, before, during and after every staffing assignment.
  8. 8. PROCESS TIMELINEWeek 1 Pull from our candidate database and network of contactsWeek 2 Conduct Interviews with candidates who fit the profileWeek 3 Screen all candidates and present “A-List” candidatesWeek 4 Interviews are conducted, candidate of choice is given an offer
  9. 9. WHAT OUR SEARCH SERVICES INCLUDE: Week 1 Week 2 • Pull from our company database of • Interview viable candidates after reviewing 30,000 candidates resumes. You see approx. 10% of those interviewed • Pull candidates from lists of competitors (if requested) • Conduct 2nd interview and get writing samples from candidates about issues not on resume • Reach out to our network of contacts and associates for additional referrals • Search for history of achievement and evaluate if they are motivated to work • Post on over 3400 job boardsSO FAR THIS IS FOR FREE …YOU ONLY PAY US IF YOU HIRE OUR CANDIDATE!
  10. 10. WHAT OUR SEARCH SERVICES INCLUDE: Weeks 3 & 4 • Submit candidates that have done the work you listed in your requirements. Some may be a 90% match, some possibly 100%. We will submit both! • Review and evaluate our candidates and interview shorty after if you have interest • If you wish for us to make an offer, we provide this service SO FAR THIS IS FOR FREE … REMEMBER YOU ONLY PAY US IF YOU HIRE OUR CANDIDATE!
  11. 11. PARTIAL CLIENT LISTIt’s been said that we are partially judged by the company we keep. Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the country, including IBM, Cisco, Sterling Commerce, Qwest and hundreds of others. Some of our current and past clients are shown.
  12. 12. Angela George Director of Recruiting (614) 429-4315 www.mccandlishgroup.comThe McCandlish Group sales hiring specialists The McCandlish Group sales hiring specialists