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KKK product marketing plan


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KKK product marketing plan

  1. 1. 10 Step Marketing Plan forKapitKamaysaKalusugan A Service-oriented NGO for the PhilHealth Indigent Program Merce Kristin F. Tumibay
  2. 2. Health in the Philippines Majority of health expenses are out of pocket expenses 26.9% of Filipino families fall below the national poverty line. Double-burden disease: infectious and lifestyle diseases
  3. 3. Health Insurance Systems Primarily PhilHealth LGU subsidies for residents (i.e. PCGH) Health card service providers
  4. 4. Health Insurance in the Philippines Health expenditure predominantly out-of-pocket PhilHealth unable to shoulder all costs No universal coverage
  5. 5. Current PhilHealth Issues* Information management systems Requirements unclear for enrollees Too much time spent explaining processes Poor Turnaround time Accessibility Compliance Performance Indicators *Based on US-AID policy unit report Del. No. 28 dated June 30, 2005, available at
  6. 6. The San Isidro Model LGU fund reallocation towards health Enrollment of constituents in PhilHealth program Prioritization of health projects Promotion of health-oriented topics to constituents
  7. 7. Proposal: The Product Service Provision for Phil Health “middle” group to reach the gap between the Filipino PUBLIC and Phil Health A marketing firm focused on “marketing” Phil Health and “selling” the idea to the public
  8. 8. Step 1:The Primary Target Market
  9. 9. Step 1: Primary Target MarketThe Filipino Family The “senior citizens” The mothers The youth The breadwinners
  10. 10. Stakeholders Philhealth Goal of 100% coverage Decreasing OOP expenditures for every Filipino Filipinos Risk stratification Primary target market Addressing health misconceptions Privately operated HMOs Role in the driving up healthcare costs
  11. 11. Low cost health services but with good quality Faster service minus the hassles Step 2: Needs, Wants, and Demands of the new-age Filipinos
  12. 12. Types of Indigent Patients Ka-Freddy - the worker Aling Mila - the single mother with children Mang Caloy - the elderly retired Tenten & Myrna - the young unemployed
  13. 13. “Ka-Freddy” Desires Job security - steady income Blue-collar jobs - constant threat to health Immediate return to workforce after treatment
  14. 14. “Aling Mila” Desires Family security and stability Juggles supporting self and household Importance of prevention of illness “Bawal ako magkasakit”
  15. 15. “Mang Caloy” Desires disease-free retirement with partner Partner’s health usually precedes their own Importance of minimizing impact of illness
  16. 16. Tenten & Myrna Desires personal stability in raising a child Problems with stable income and education Usually reluctant to seek aid
  17. 17. Step 2:Needs, Wants, and Demands of the PTM
  18. 18. Filipino People Wants Better informed about benefits Need/Demands Bring down the cost of healthcare Better healthcare provision
  19. 19. PhilHealth Needs Increase IP enrolment rates (Goal of PhilHealth: Universal Coverage by 20__) Wants More streamlined process Demands Active participation of clients in health care
  20. 20. Step 3:Competition and Competitive Position Map
  21. 21. Direct Competition Other Health Care Insurance (HMO) Providers Target: Salary earners Hospital based, usually tertiary Stratified capitation
  22. 22. Indirect Competition “Sulit Cards” Target Indigents with little/no money for medicines/services Limited
  23. 23. Competitive Position Map Private HMOs Local Government Health Subsidies PRICE KKK RHUs SERVICE QUALITY
  24. 24. Step 4:The Gap - Positioning Statement
  25. 25. Gap Positioning Statement Now and what needs to be done Importance of 100% coverage Lowering health care costs Better profiling and stratification of clients Designing better packages Being in touch with the people
  26. 26. THE GAP: Where is the Marketing Opportunity? What needs are not being addressed? A streamlined process Lesser paperwork/steps Faster and efficient application Unique selling point Efficient service
  27. 27. Step 5:Market Size
  28. 28. Philhealth = 85% national coverage 4.6 Million Filipino families are poor (26.9%) (2005) 3C Perspective CLASS ABC 35% CLASSD 69% 82% CLASS E
  29. 29. Step 6:The Product
  30. 30. A Bridge to Health Care The missing link to between the Public and Phil Health Market/advertise Phil Health to the public and at the same time EDUCATE them on importance of health and foresight Create venues for effective information dissemination and learning
  31. 31. Health Management made Accessible HMO intermediary between patient and PhilHealth Personal assistance in completion of PhilHealth requirements Assurance of premium payment Personalization of health benefits specific to their needs
  32. 32. For Ka-Freddy... Monthly wellness check-up Coverage for dependents Rehabilitation coverage for injuries Processing for PhilHealth coverage and company requirements
  33. 33. For Aling Mila... Coverage for dependents Monthly wellness check-up, including maternity check-up Maternal screening packages Immunization packages
  34. 34. For Mang Caloy... Monthly wellness check-up Yearly executive check-up Coverage for maintenance medications
  35. 35. For Tenten & Myrna... Maternity wellness package Breastfeeding education programs Procurement of pre-employment clearance Quarterly wellness check-ups
  36. 36. Step 7:Promotions
  37. 37. Step 7: Promoting the Product Word of mouth (doctors) Mass media (internet, cellphones) Health centers (posters, pamphlets)
  38. 38. Step 8:The Price
  39. 39. Additional 20% on the premium for convenience, efficiency, personalized health care packages Prices
  40. 40. Step 9:The Place
  41. 41. Our Strategic location Should be located in a catchment area with the least coverage Tie-ups with various tertiary government hospitals that cater to the lower socioeconomic classes Exposure through print, and TV
  42. 42. Kiosks near bayad centers Health centers Hospitals Malls Offices Specifically
  43. 43. Step 10:The Winning Strategy
  44. 44. The Winning Strategy Goal: Improve PhilHealth coverage and access to its benefits Focus on core weakness of PhilHealth processes Patients don’t know their benefits They don’t know HOW to obtain their benefits They can’t allocate their healthcare budget on what’s most important to them Forward accessibility of services
  45. 45. Customized packages at a low price Provide convenience and efficiency Newborn health care Emergency health care Wellness Check-ups