6 Warning Signs to Look for When Interviewing Inside Sales Candidates


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AG Salesworks has had experience with bad interviews. Hiring managers, look for these warning signs when interviewing inside sales reps. Interviewees, avoid these mistakes and maybe you'll get hired! Adapted from a <a>blog post by Craig Ferrara.</a>

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6 Warning Signs to Look for When Interviewing Inside Sales Candidates

  1. 1. 6 Warning Signs to Look forwhen Interviewing InsideSales Candidates
  2. 2. They trash their current orprevious employer
  3. 3. You would be lookingfor a new job too if youworked at my currentcompany.
  4. 4. Speaking negatively about previous employers isunprofessional and unnecessary. It makes thehiring manager think,“Hm, I wonder what they will say about mewhen I decide not to hire them?
  5. 5. They haven’t done any researchon the company or the rolethey’re applying for
  6. 6. Hiring managers normally spend a half hour oftheir time on an interview. They do researchon the inside sales rep in front of them.The least the candidate could do is know whatthe job is.“I’ll be selling office furniture here, right?”“No…”
  7. 7. They have little to no questions
  8. 8. Surely there are a few things the candidatewould like to know about the role and thecompany itself.Again, having no questions shows negligenceand disregard, two qualities most hiringmanagers are not seeking.
  9. 9. Their first or second question isabout the compensation plan ortheir vacation time
  10. 10. It’s obnoxious to only ask about the pay and thevacation time. Most companies are looking tosee if the candidate’s personality will be agood fit for the team; if you don’t care aboutthe job itself, don’t apply.
  11. 11. They never look you in the eye
  12. 12. Do you have something to hide?Even for a teleprospecting job that might notrequire eye contact, it’s important to gain thetrust of the interviewer and show goodcommunication skills.That means making eye contact.Smiling helps too.
  13. 13. They don’t send a follow-upemail after the interviewthanking the company for theirtime
  14. 14. I don’t care if Iwasted your time.See you!
  15. 15. This is simple common courtesy.An inside sales rep who takes the time to write athank-you email will stand out. It shows he orshe wants the job badly enough and is polite.It can also show off email-writing skillsessential for the inside sales rep job.
  16. 16. Hiring managers: Look for thesewarning signs.Job candidates: Avoid makingthese mistakes.
  17. 17. AG SalesworksAdapted from this blog post by Craig Ferrara. Thanks for reading.Click the buttons below for more tips about sales prospecting!