5 "Musts" for Your Cold Calling Lists


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What do you think about when you're purchasing cold calling lists? At AG Salesworks, we abide by a few "musts" to ensure that our teleprospectors are equipped with the best lists for success.

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5 "Musts" for Your Cold Calling Lists

  1. 1. 5 “Musts” for Your Cold Calling Lists
  2. 2. Must Never buy a name over a year old.
  3. 3. Why? • Generally, once you get past 12 months, parts of the contact information are incorrect. There could be a different extension, change in title, or even a departure from the company. • Then, the list is no longer worth the amount you paid for it.
  4. 4. Must Always buy a name. Don’t rent it.
  5. 5. Why? • Though the rental may be cheaper, the response rate will generally be lower. • At AG, we’ve seen a difference in response rate of 2% for rented lists and 5% for purchased lists. • If you don’t own the name, there’s no reason to invest your dollars.
  6. 6. Must Get a sample list of names before you purchase a full list.
  7. 7. Why? • You should be allowed to test the vendor in order to get a feel for the list’s quality. • Companies typically offer a sample of 25 names to test out based on your specific list criteria; jump on that. • A decent list will not be cheap, but you should be able to test its accuracy.
  8. 8. Must Make sure the vendor allows for the option of reimbursement.
  9. 9. Why? • The best vendors will pay you back for a bounced email or a disconnected line. • In fact, they appreciate you telling them because their database will be updated to the most accurate and up-to-date contact information. • Both you and the customer will be happy with this deal.
  10. 10. Must Remember that no list is perfect.
  11. 11. Why? • In order to get a dream account list together, there needs to be some manual input. • Generally a list will get you 60-70% of the way, but then you or your team need to pick up the phone to track down additional prospects. • This will put your teleprospectors in the best position to find fully qualified leads.
  12. 12. AG Salesworks Adapted from this blog post by Craig Ferrara. Thanks for reading. Click the buttons below for more tips about sales prospecting!