10 Tips on How to Create a Successful Cold Calling Script


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Read these 10 tips to learn how to create a successful cold calling script as an inside sales rep teleprospecting!

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10 Tips on How to Create a Successful Cold Calling Script

  1. 1. 10 Steps for a SuccessfulCold Calling Script
  2. 2. VerifyMake sure you’respeaking to theright person.You’ll earncredibility.
  3. 3. PurposeBe honest. Let them know that you are calling tolearn more about their environment.“I’m calling because I’mwondering how your business isdoing with their current system.”
  4. 4. Transition QuestionDesign an open-endedquestion about thechallenges they facewithin their environment.Never gives the prospect theopportunity to give a “yes” or “no”response.
  5. 5. What We Do StatementGive a brief and simple statement about whatyour business does.
  6. 6. Time SavingsStatementHow doesyour product/servicesave time?
  7. 7. Impact on Business Statement• How will your product/service impact theirbusiness?
  8. 8. Probing QuestionsDesign a set of questionsto get your prospecttalking about theirpains and needs.
  9. 9. Qualification QuestionsIs your prospect a good fit for your solution? Themore you know in the initial conversation, themore successful the next call will be!
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