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Sami honkonen scheduling work in kanban


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Sami honkonen scheduling work in kanban

  1. 1. Scheduling work in Kanban (Breaking the boundaries) Copyright Reaktor 2011
  2. 2. Sami Honkonen•  Software development coach•  Reaktor, Helsinki, Finland•  10 years in sw dev•  6 years of experience with Scrum•  9 months of experience with Kanban•  Blog: –  Direct link:•  Twitter: @shonkone
  3. 3. Experience report
  4. 4. Background•  Customer: Finnish telecom company•  Product: self service channel for corporate customer•  3 years of Scrum, 9 months of Kanban•  25-30 people directly involved
  5. 5. ”Start with what you have”
  6. 6. No estimation
  7. 7. No sprints
  8. 8. No teams
  9. 9. No fixeddomain areas
  10. 10. We changed a lot
  11. 11. ”When are you going to be working on my feature?!
  12. 12. Having a plan that changes is better than not having a plan
  13. 13. Collaboratively creating a plan is a an effective way of communicating the reasoning behind it
  14. 14. A transparent, visualized plan is a great way of communicating direction to developers
  15. 15. Keys to success •  Collaboration •  Transparency •  Pessimism
  16. 16. Thanks!Interested in an article? Copyright Reaktor 2011