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Eric willeke when models collide


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Eric willeke when models collide

  1. 1. When  Models  Collide:   Flowing  Bigger   Eric  Willeke   @erwilleke  
  2. 2. HURRAH!   We  won!   (for  now)  
  3. 3. STEPPING  UP   Single-­‐team  flow  is  a   great  start,     now  flow  as  a     group  of  teams    
  5. 5. CONTAINER   The  partitioning  of     teams  heavily  impacts   organizational  capability    
  6. 6. CONTAINER  good  fences     good   make     neighbors     good   make     neighbors   good  fences  
  7. 7. CONTAINER   Strong  shared  visions   combat  the     tragedy  of  the  commons  
  8. 8. CONTAINER   Containers  define  the   dominant  feedback  cycle   within  a  group  
  9. 9. COMMITMENT   Commit  to  the     right  level  of     abstraction  
  10. 10. COMMITMENT   Commitments  define  the   boundaries  between   teams.  
  11. 11. COMMITMENT   Manage  options:     decisions  crossing   containers  become   commitments  
  12. 12. COMMITMENT   Commit  to  the     hard  to  change  first,     validate  results,   then  address  details  
  13. 13. CAPABILITY   Encourage  compatible   commitments  over   homogenous  behavior  
  14. 14. CAPABILITY   Derive  sequencing     from  complexity     and  risk  
  15. 15. CAPABILITY   Pull  decomposition  from   the  collective  teams     in  the  context  of     their  own  capabilities  
  16. 16. CAPABILITY   Align  vision     across  teams;     outsource  the     easy  and  boring  bits  
  17. 17. EPIC  FLOW   Flow  is  no  longer  a  single-­‐ team  consideration  
  18. 18. EPIC  FLOW   Optimize  decomposition   for  the  value  flow,  not  the   story  flow.  
  19. 19. EPIC  FLOW   Teams  pull  per  their   individual  strengths,   committing  to  a     shared  vision.  
  20. 20. Questions?  Eric  Willeke  @erwilleke  (Twitter)