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Art Event for AGILE 2017


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Presentation to the Eclipse community of Berlin of an artistic exhibition event happening in July 2017 in Berlin. The different artistic projects should be based on the IoT technologies involved in the AGILE-IoT project.

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Art Event for AGILE 2017

  1. 1. Art event for AGILE 2017, Berlin AGILE is a 3-year-long project funded by the European Commission for the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. The ultimate goals are to lower down the IoT adoption barriers and to facilitate the creation and deployment of IoT solutions while creating of a strong community engaging developers, SMEs and entrepreneurs. For this purpose AGILE is organizing an artistic event, scheduled for the summer of 2017 in Berlin, to involve the public at large with IoT and its possibilities as well as the community of artists and developers of Berlin with this technology and with each other.
  2. 2. Art Event Berlin • Bring the public at large closer to IoT through immersive/interactive art installations • Involve the community of artists and developers in Berlin with the technology and with each other • Incite a dialogue of IoT
  3. 3. Contest Artists will be invited to submit their proposal for one of the four different categories and four winners are chosen from these submissions by a panel of artists, developers and manufacturers who assess both the artistic merit of the pieces as well as the technical viability within the given time frame.
  4. 4. Quantified Self (BioAssist) Use bio-monitoring equipment as means for an artistic installation. • Oximeter, • Blood pressure monitor • Activity Tracker/Smartwatch, • Scales, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Pulse room
  5. 5. Smart Cities (Libelium) Use environmental monitors positioned within the city of Berlin to give citizens an aesthetic experience of the intangible or unperceivable aspects of the city. Smart Cities IoT Vertical Kit • Microphone (dba) • Luminosity (luxes accuracy) • CO2, CO, O3, NO2 levels • Humidity • Luminosirty (LDR) • Temperature Ryoji Ikeda spectra
  6. 6. Interactive spaces (Atos) Use mobile technologies // wearable devices // other sensors to create indoor localization of viewers create an interactive installation • proximity-based beacon technology to position audience in space. Random International Rain room
  7. 7. Dangerous Externalities Use data from the port of Antwerp, generate an experience which represents/presents the situation. • Web installation
  8. 8. TIMELINE July 22 and 23 ‘16 GET-D // Announcement of Open Call | Contest October ‘16 Deadline for submission of Open Call projects. November ‘16 Announce winners and Connect Artists with Companies November ‘16 - May ‘17 Monthly conversations with artists and organizations to look at progress July ‘17 Exhibition at Agora/Betahaus and public space
  9. 9. Eclipse Community Involvement - Judge (contest) - Support
  10. 10. CONTACT Eric Fanghanel Carla Hubbard