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AgriWare / Holonix


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Offer an effective tool to produce food and buy on the market consciously

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AgriWare / Holonix

  1. 1. AGRIWARE solution
  2. 2. AgriAware: project concept Offer an effective tool to produce food and buy on the market consciously From fields and environment to guide farmers following correct procedures for the production of high quality product, tracing maturity stages Farmer Assistant app  suggest appropriate treatments and operations to provide both trees and fruits,  suggest right time to proceed with fruit picking  send climate conditions notifications Farmers enabled to produce more with less becoming economically competitive applying environmentally sustainable techniques. Thanks to AGILE demonstrate how it’s possible to integrate different types of weather stations and new sensors in order to acquire a wider variety of environmental data that influence the treatment to be provided to the fruits.
  3. 3. AgriAware: project concept Meteo data from the field Production & Past treatments data Suggestion on treatments AgriAwarebackend
  4. 4. Scenario Definition & Requirements collection Scenario  Agricultural sector Stakeholders  Producers (olive tree growers and olive oil producers)  Producers’ association Requirements  Plants everyday treatments / climate  Traps  Therapy for fungi  Pruning phase  Harvesting phase
  5. 5. AgriAware architecture
  6. 6. AgriAware architecture
  7. 7. Our solution
  8. 8. AgriAware platform
  9. 9. Holonix srl - Spin Off del Politecnico di Milano Sede operativa: Corso Italia, 8- Meda (MB) Sede legale: Piazza L. Da Vinci, 22- Milano Tel: 0362 1582 033 / 0362 1582 029 Strictly Confidential Questo materiale è da ritenersi riservato e strettamente confidenziale e non potrà essere diffuso né in toto né in parte. Holonix esercita la proprietà intellettuale e tutti i relativi diritti su idee e concetti esposti in tale documento.