Our first day welcome


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Our first day welcome

  1. 1. Our First Day Welcome Today students we will be going over rules and our classroom where everything is located. I am going to read a book, “My First Day” Also, the principle will be visiting us and talking with you about our wonderful school and how excited we are to have you all here.
  2. 2. Days Two and Three <ul><li>On these days we will be touring the school so you know where everything is and we will also be visiting the principle in his/her office. I want you to feel comfortable in your new setting. And to accomplish this we need to go out and explore. We will be doing some coloring on these days. I will be asking you after our tour to draw me a map of what you have learned. We may need to keep it with us until we remember where everything is. Also, we will be coloring our principle a picture of an apple to give to him/her for being so helpful. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Day Four <ul><li>Who likes to pretend to be different people I know I do. On this day I will give you name tags of different people in our school. Examples are cook, custodian, secretary, and music teacher. When we get are assigned person I will direct you in a re-enactment. If you are a cook you have to act like a cook, or if you are a music teacher you would do the same. I might even have someone be me for a day.This will help us in understanding the importance of these staff members jobs. Let’s have fun with this. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Day Five <ul><li>Today we will be learning the importance of bus safety. Because I know many of you rely on the bus to get to school and to get home. We will have a bus driver come and speak with all of you. I have an exciting video to watch called, “KC’s first bus ride.” And as something extra special we will get to go outside and and explore a bus. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Day Six <ul><li>Today we will using something called a smartboard to play a familiar game called Bingo. We will split into groups to play this game. I will go over the instructions of the game and demonstrate what a smartboard is. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Day Seven <ul><li>Because we have covered so much I would like to have a class discussion on what we have learned so far. You can tell me your favorite parts and maybe some things you would still like to know. On this day we will be doing some worksheets after our discussion. One worksheet is a story that I think you will enjoy called, “I like school.” </li></ul>I like school!!!!!
  7. 7. Day Eight <ul><li>We are doing a project with crayons, scissors, and glue. The title is, “All About my school.” Each sheet has a space for you to draw a picture of the teacher, principle, and at the end a space for your picture. After completing your drawings of all the important people in our school you can take it home and show your wonderful accomplishment. Also, we will break up into groups and I will be introducing you to the computers. You will play a game called Explore with Bob the Builder. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Day Nine <ul><li>Today I want to introduce you to Second Life. In small groups I will take you to our computer center in our room. You should be familiar with the computer because we played Explore with Bob the Builder. With my assistance I will guide you through the school on a scavenger hunt. In this computer game you will guide my character Mrs. Wooten through the school to gather prizes. I hope you know your school because I need your help in telling me where to go. </li></ul>