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How to create better A/B tests based on user research

  1. How to create better A/B tests based on user research Karl Gilis @agconsult
  2. Some of our clients
  3. Part I A/B testing: the basics
  4. Part II Main problems with A/B testing
  5. Don't test stupid things
  6. Don't test every idea that pops into your head
  7. Make sure you measure the right goals
  8. Don't copy tests you've seen on other websites
  9. Know why you're running an A/B test
  10. Make sure you've got a solid hypothesis This example is from Michael Aagaard (@contentverve)
  11. Part III How user research can help you to create more successful A/B tests
  12. Which methods can you use? • Google Analytics • User testing (Morae) • Eyetracking (MyGaze eyetracker, Tobii) • User sessions recording (Mouseflow, Inspectlet, Hotjar) • Mouse heatmaps (Hotjar, CrazyEgg) • Form analysis (Formisimo) • Targeted mini surveys (Qualaroo, Hotjar,…)
  13. User testing with eyetracking
  14. + 45,9% clicks on "Get a quote" + 15,6% clicks on "Book a test drive"
  15. Put your calls-to-action where people see them. I know this doesn't sound very innovative. But it’s really important.
  16. User session recording & mouse heatmaps
  17. 43,8% more clicks Why does this always work? A user who scrolls to the end of your page is probably pretty interested in what you have to offer. You just have to reel him in at the end.
  18. Repeat your CTA at the bottom of your page. Believe me. This works. Always.
  19. I'm sorry, but this client doesn't allow me to show the real page and his brand name. So I made a mock-up.
  20. • 27,2% more clicks on the red contact buttons. • 46,0% more clicks on the blue button. 12,2% more clicks on these boxes 6,6% more clicks below the page fold.
  21. Be careful with big headers & big, useless photos. Focus on your message. That will result in more conversions.
  22. Only 1 out 2 visitors started to scroll. So we made some changes to the first screen. (We're not allowed to show this in detail. Sorry.) Those changes have to do with copy. Not so much with design.
  23. 32,5% more people reach this point: - Our version: 69,45% - Original: 52,41% 44,1% more people reach this point 100% more visitors go to a product detail page 76,2% more requests for quote 57,8% more brochure downloads These are the results of those changes…
  24. Use tools to find where the problem areas are. And use your brain or user input to make them better.
  25. Form analysis (& user session recording)
  26. Formisimo revealed which fields caused most problems
  27. 52,9% more requests for offer.
  28. Make forms as easy as possible. And use tools to reveal where the real problems are. Don't guess.
  29. 35,4% more forms submitted
  30. Explain why you want certain information. Make sure you use positive words. You don't want to frighten the visitor.
  31. Targeted surveys
  32. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
  33. + 188% more clicks + 75% more sales from homepage visitors
  34. Push product categories instead of individual products. This depends from site to site. But most of the time it works. Big time. .
  35. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
  36. 23 times more people use the dealer locator
  37. Integrate first steps of interactions in your pages. Ton from @OnlineDialogue calls this the 'foot-between-the-door-trick' .
  38. What’s important for you when choosing a new car? Besides the way it looks.
  39. - 7,5% extra clicks to model pages - Even a bigger increase in number of requests for offer
  40. Make it easy to choose/compare. Make sure you use the main decision criteria and emotional triggers of your users .
  41. What are the most important things when buying a used car?
  42. 26% more reservations
  43. Place what's important for your visitors on the left side of your page. This can sometimes make a difference. Sometimes it doesn't do sh*t. .
  44. What convinced you the most to decide to ask a quote? Was there something that made you hesitate? If so, what? 77,1% more requests for quote
  45. Know what your clients & visitors want. And get filthy rich  .
  46. Free bonus tip
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  48. That's it! Thx