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Don't do anything on your website you wouldn't do on a first date


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Don't do anything on your website you wouldn't do on a first date

  1. 1. Don’t Do Anything On Your Website You Wouldn’t Do On a First Date Karl Gilis @agconsult
  2. 2. 1. Be on time Nobody likes to be kept waiting
  3. 3. 1 second slower 7% decrease in conversion
  4. 4. 2,2 seconds faster 15,5% more downloads
  5. 5. From 4 to 1,2 seconds 12% more revenue 25% more pageviews
  6. 6. Fast loading times are important Technical stuff: Hosting – Image size – Limited number of scripts – Caching – Compression But most importantly: nu fluffy stuff, only show things that matter. @agconsult
  7. 7. "Web design isn't about adding stuff. It's about keeping only those elements that add to the bottom line." Karl Gilis - @agconsult
  8. 8. 2. Be patient Don't start with a French kiss. Build some kind of relationship first.
  9. 9. Don't start with a modal overlay. Use delayed or exit overlays instead. Yes, most marketing people and designers hate overlays. But they do work. Especially if you use them in a smart way. @agconsult
  10. 10. • 300% increase in monthly sales leads. • 48.54% lift in sales.
  11. 11. It took me 13 years to get 2.624 subscribers to my newsletter.
  12. 12. The last 18 months my list grew with 7.978 new subscribers thanks to this beauty.
  13. 13. Start testing with delayed overlays Even if you hate them. Yes: even if you really, really hate them. @agconsult
  14. 14. Be subtle Don't force your visitor. Your time will come. @agconsult
  15. 15. 3. Don't tell your life story in the 1st minute You don't need to fill every silence.
  16. 16. "Limit the number of elements and your message will be clearer." Jason Gross Fat Free Web Design
  17. 17. 55% more clicks in the same screen real estate, after reducing the number of messages from 4 to 2.
  18. 18. Don't overwhelm your visitors Less is more. @agconsult
  19. 19. White space has never killed a visitor. Karl Gilis - @agconsult
  20. 20. 78% more clicks from this landing page to a product page.
  21. 21. Use bullet lists Especially above the fold on product and landing pages. @agconsult
  22. 22. 4. Don't shout for attention. Give attention. You're already on a date. They already showed some interest in you.
  23. 23. 28% more clicks
  24. 24. Sliders suck. Always. Except when they are just image slides. Without separate messages. @agconsult
  25. 25. "I really believe in less is more. But as a brand we want to push things on our homepage. And, as you know, an image says so much more than 1.000 words." Every marketeer in the world
  26. 26. Question: You just bought an apartment and you want to get insurance for it.
  27. 27. Version 1 Version 2
  28. 28. Only 3% clicks on the banner. 38% clicks on the direct link, much lower on the page. A big banner isn't the solution • 41% direct succes • 18% indirect succes • 42% fails 10% clicks on the general product category.
  29. 29. The boring version performed best on all questions • 61% direct succes • 19% indirect succes • 20% fails
  30. 30. Forget banners and other cries for attention The visitor is already on your website or your landing page. Pay attention to their needs. @agconsult
  31. 31. "Offline marketing is about getting attention. Online marketing is about paying attention." Gerry McGovern
  32. 32. 5. Make sure you get the attention you deserve Minimize the risk of distraction.
  33. 33. Removing the main navigation, resulted in a significant lift in bookings.
  34. 34. On this landing page, we deleted the floating main navigation. This resulted in an uplift of over 24,2%.
  35. 35. Remove navigation, especially for visitors coming from specific search queries When navigation turns into a distraction, remove or hide it. @agconsult
  36. 36. 11,4% more sales Heb je een kortingscode?
  37. 37. Remove clutter Consider everything that doesn't result in more conversion as clutter. @agconsult
  38. 38. "For every element on a web page there should be a clear justification why it's there." Karl Gilis - @agconsult
  39. 39. 6. Show interest in your date Don't make it all about you.
  40. 40. Question Why would you visit the website of a petrol station brand such as Lukoil, Rompetrol, Shell or Gazprom? What is your goal?
  41. 41. Stop asking what the goal of your website is. Find out the goals & needs of your visitors. Karl Gilis - @agconsult
  42. 42. Ask your visitors & (potential) clients the right questions Targeted surveys and interviews are my favourite methods. . @agconsult
  43. 43. Some of my favorite questions • On website • What is the purpose of your visit to our website today? • What are the most important things when buying …? • What convinced you the most to decide to ask a quote? • Was there something that made you hesitate? If so, what? • Existing clients • What would you miss most if your X broke down / if we took away X • What do you like the most about X • What's the most important thing X helped you to achieve?
  44. 44. What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
  45. 45. 23 x more people use the dealer locator
  46. 46. Give people what they want As long as it helps your business. . @agconsult
  47. 47. What are the most important things when buying a used car?
  48. 48. 26% more reservations
  49. 49. Put what's important for your visitors on the left side of your page This can sometimes make a difference. Sometimes it doesn't do sh*t. . @agconsult
  50. 50. What convinced you the most to decide to ask a quote? Was there something that made you hesitate? If so, what? 77,1% more requests for quote
  51. 51. Know what your clients & visitors want And get filthy rich  . @agconsult
  52. 52. Stop selling the way you want to sell Sell the way people want to buy Karl Gilis - @agconsult
  53. 53. 7. Tell something interesting first Don't bore your date to death. Make sure they want to know more about you.
  54. 54. Name of the tool: Hotjar
  55. 55. Only 52,41% of visitors scrolled to this part
  56. 56. Original
  57. 57. Variation
  58. 58. 32,5% more people reach this point: - Our version: 69,45% - Original: 52,41% 44,1% more people reach this point 100% more visitors go to a product detail page 76,2% more requests for quote 57,8% more brochure downloads
  59. 59. Don't be afraid of long pages. People do scroll. Not everything needs to be above the fold. But make sure visitors do scroll and convert. @agconsult
  60. 60. What’s above the fold really matters Although designers keep saying the page fold is a myth, it really isn't. @agconsult
  61. 61. 8. The fun factor Make your date laugh and you'll win their heart.
  62. 62. Big bum case Joanna Wiebe - Copyhackers
  63. 63. 123,9% more sign ups
  64. 64. Stand out from the crowd Be unique. Have your own voice. Don't always try to blend in. @agconsult
  65. 65. 9. Your first date isn't a police interrogation You've got plenty of time later on to really get to know eachother.
  66. 66. Be careful with graphs and numbers like these. There is no such thing as the ideal number of fields.
  67. 67. You have to find out what works best for your website @agconsult
  68. 68. You have to find out what works best for your audience @agconsult
  69. 69. You have to find out what works best for your product or service @agconsult
  70. 70. 52,9% more requests for offer
  71. 71. • Angry CRM-people • Too many low quality leads
  72. 72. Formisimo reveals which fields caused most problems Instead of gambling, do your research!
  73. 73. 43,7% more good requests for offer.
  74. 74. Make forms as easy as possible Tools like Formisimo reveal where the real problems are. Don't guess. @agconsult
  75. 75. 10. Initiate a next step (handshake, kiss, …) Don’t leave your date standing there awkwardly at the end of the night.
  76. 76. Of course your page needs a call-to-action But there's more…
  77. 77. 14,3% more searches
  78. 78. Use the same words your users do Not the ones you use. . @agconsult
  79. 79. 43,8% more clicks
  80. 80. Repeat your CTA at the bottom of your page Believe me. This works. Always. @agconsult
  81. 81. And then there's the exit overlay That will probably work for your website too. Remember: there should be an advantage for the visitor. @agconsult
  82. 82. • 272% increase in mail addresses • Big increase in requests for offer & test drives
  83. 83. Don't focus on one funnel. Cold selling is hard. @agconsult
  84. 84. What people think CRO is
  85. 85. CRO is also about creating other funnels
  86. 86. CRO is about business growth
  87. 87. Get my free ebook now  10 conversion tips that work on every website  15 cases from the real world  6 best practices from leading websites   Already more than 6.865 downloads
  88. 88. That's it! Thx @agconsult

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