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Structura Duo by AGC Glass Europe EN


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Structura Duo by AGC Glass Europe EN

  1. 1. Structura DUO+  External point-fixed structuralglazing
  2. 2. Structura DUO+Product Description
  3. 3. Product Description!   Structura® is the name of a range of point-fixed glazing systems developed by AGC. Structura structural glazing systems consist of various types of glazing and the necessary fittings.!   Structura DUO is an optimal facade system, specifically designed for insulated double-glazing.
  4. 4. Product Description!   Structura DUO+ features a special new composite material which replaces the aluminium ring spacer, thus improving the spacer and seal.!   Structura DUO+ is the new generation of Structura DUO for cold climates, designed to prevent condensation on metallic fixtures and thus ensure that it can comply with regulations prevailing in northern European countries.!   Structura DUO+ reduces thermal bridges and therefore heat loss.
  5. 5. Structura DUO+Performance & Benefits
  6. 6. Performance & Benefits!   The new Structura DUO+ system has a high thermal transmittance value; Uw (U value for the facade: glass & window system) value of 1.3! •  Better than most standard facade solutions in aluminium •  Opens up new opportunities for architects to design major projects in cold climates•  No condensation on inner surfaces in areas with a cold climate (for following conditions: ext. temp. -15°C; int. temp. +20°C; humidity 45-60%)•  Ideal for large areas requiring maximum light and transparency
  7. 7. Performance & Benefits!   Provides a broad view of the surrounding environment!   Thin and insulated gap between adjacent panes!   Perfectly smooth surface on the outside!   Gas filling possibility (argon, krypton, etc.) to decrease the Ug value and thus improve thermal insulation!   Independant structural behavior of glass panes!   Static and dynamic loads taken by both glasses!   Fast and easy installation for experienced installer!   Suitable for freeform 3D structures (trapeziums)
  8. 8. Structura DUO+Availabilities
  9. 9. Availabilities!   Glass substrates •  Toughenable glass products •  Stopsol, Sunergy or Stopray solar control glasses •  Low-emissivity glasses •  Single or laminated!   Glass composition •  Thermobel double glazing •  Gas filling •  Warm edge as standard
  10. 10. Availabilities!   Architectural markets •  Not available in France yet •  Recommended for cold climates!   Additional technical information •  Please visit for the following: •  The Technical Video •  The Infosheet •  AutoCad/PDF technical library for AGC partners (many examples of connection details for use by engineers and architects)