Planibel A presentation by AGC Glass Europe Uk


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Toughenable glass with enhanced thermal insulation

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Planibel A presentation by AGC Glass Europe Uk

  1. 1. Planibel AToughenable glass with enhancedthermal insulation
  2. 2. Planibel AProduct Description
  3. 3. Product Description!   Planibel A is an improved version of Planibel G fasT (Planibel Low-E)!   Planibel A was initially launched in the UK market as it was specifically developed to comply with the higher ratings in the Window Energy Rating system (WER)*!   WER = A-G rating scale similar to those used for appliances which helps consumers to: •  Assess the total energy performance of domestic windows (‘A’ rating being the most efficient) •  Choose the right products: Efficiency of the window not only in terms of glass performance but considering the total IGU structure: •  Glass combination: use of Low-E coating and extra-clear external sheet •  Type of frame: PVCu > Aluminium/Wood frames •  Type of spacer: Warm edge > Aluminium spacers •  Air filling: Argon > air filled *  PLANIBEL  A  is  subjected  to  the  same  sales  restric9ons  as  PLANIBEL  G    
  4. 4. Product Description!   Since 1 October 2010, UK building regulations have required a minimum WER band C for windows, roofs windows and roof lights!   Combining a low U-value with a high solar factor, PLANIBEL A* is compliant with those targets, especially when combined with PLANIBEL CLEARVISION *  PLANIBEL  A  is  subject  to  the  same  sales  restric9ons  as  PLANIBEL  G.    
  5. 5. Planibel APerformance & Benefits
  6. 6. Performance & Benefits!   Performance: Glass Values Improved U-value combined with higher solar factor to maximise free solar heat again
  7. 7. Performance & Benefits!   Performance: Planibel A in WER rating In most leading frames (e.g. PVCu): typical performance for 4-16-4 •  Planibel A # 3 (Ar 90%) and Warm edge spacer and Planibel Clearvision (as external sheet) A   •  Planibel A # 3 (Ar 90%) and Warm edge spacer or Planibel Clearvision (as external sheet) B   •  1/ Planibel A # 3 (Ar 90%) and Aluminium spacer and Planibel Clear (as external sheet) •  2/ Planibel A # 3 (Air) and Aluminium spacer and Planibel Clearvision (as external sheet) •  3/ Planibel A # 3 (Air) and Warm edge spacer C   and Planibel Clear (as external sheet) Minimum target of C rating can be reached by playing with the key elements of the DGU
  8. 8. Performance & Benefits!   Benefits: Glass performance •  High solar factor for maximum free solar heat gain (SF: 78% with external sheet in Planibel Clearvision) •  Low U-value of 1.4 W/m²K (with argon filling 90%) •  Neutral appearance
  9. 9. Performance & Benefits!   Benefits: Processing •  Fast technology: •  Coating can be toughened on both sides (opposite side and coating against rollers) •  Easy processing as clear float (no need for convection) •  Fast toughenable cycle: thanks to higher emissivity •  up to 15% over traditional hard coatings •  up to 25% compared with alternative soft coatings •  One single version: toughenable or not. Used in single glazing, IGU or laminated •  Improved resistance to scratches - No need for cover sheet •  No edge stripping •  Much longer shelf life (vs. a soft coating)
  10. 10. Planibel AAvailabilities
  11. 11. Availabilities!   Available from January 2010 •  From plants •  From distribution centre for a quicker and more user-friendly service New DLF Distribution Center