Joplin Blitz Build 2012


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Joplin Blitz Build 2012

  1. 1. California State University, Chico
  2. 2. Introductions Josh Payne – Blitz Build Project Manager Danielle Van Lente – AGC Student Chapter Vice President
  3. 3. Goals of Community Service Provide Students With The Opportunity to Engage in Construction Management Practices While Meeting Unmet Needs And Experiencing The Joy of Giving Instill Service to Community Gain Real World Experience Project Development, Management, And Execution Student Organized, Implemented, And Executed
  4. 4. History of Blitz Build New Orleans 2006-2008 Concow 2009 Torres Shelter 2009 Catalyst Blitz Build 2010 Catalyst Blitz Build 2011 Joplin Blitz Build 2012 Patrick Ranch Blitz Build 2012
  5. 5. Blitz Build 2012 - Joplin Location: Joplin, Missouri March 15 – 23 4 Homes in 7 Days  3 Homes Ground up  1 Major Remodel AGC Education Foundation Partnership Became a Part of The Joplin Community Devoted Over 10,000 Man Hours
  6. 6. "You think you are going to give something to people in need. You end up receiving more than you could imagine. I feel like I became part of the community" - Ian Walline
  7. 7. Challenges Maintain ZERO Incident Policy Build in Inclement Weather Transport 90 Students 2000 Miles Communication With Partners Tools And Materials Homeowner Satisfaction Local Building Codes Cost
  8. 8. "We dont stop unless theres lightning. Its been cold, its been wet, but every one of our students has progressed through it"
  9. 9. Planning Team Structure Industry Partners Non-Profit Organization Faculty Advisors Student Project Management Group Student Committee Leadership Student Volunteers
  10. 10. Jobsite Team Structure Project Manager Assistant Project Manager Foreman Safety Officers Student Volunteers Industry Partners
  11. 11. Safety Committee Planning Phase  Student Safety Handbooks  Establish Preliminary Safety Plans  Develop Jobsite Safety Binders  PPE  MSDS  Encourage Student Collaboration  Create Future Precedence For Project Safety
  12. 12. Jobsite Safety Procedures Execution Phase  Identify Risks  Supervise Jobsite Activities  Build a Collaborative Safety Culture  Daily Task-Specific Tailgate Meetings  Documentation of Near Misses
  13. 13. Industry Training AGC Heath & Safety Council Training CPR Defensive Driver Training Hilti Training SIP Home Building Training Contractor Mentorship
  14. 14. AGC Safety Training Seminar Real World Application of Safety Analysis Instilled Safety Mindset For All New View on Jobsite Safety Detailed Analysis of Project Activities Group Oriented Dedication to Safety Plan Ahead!
  15. 15. Successes Upheld ZERO Accident Policy 4 Homes Roughed-in Personal Connection With The Community Fostered Lifelong Teamwork Skills Established Precedence For Future Community Service Projects Set New Safety Standards For Community Service Projects at Chico State
  16. 16. In many ways, the rebuilding project underway this week in Joplin rivaled that of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" - Joplin Globe "Its absolutely wonderful to have walls and a roof again, and a home we can call ours" - Sam Alderman
  17. 17. THANK YOU!