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PO WER - XX LO Gdańsk - Alan Turing

Alan Turing

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PO WER - XX LO Gdańsk - Alan Turing

  1. 1. Alan Turing
  2. 2. Alan Mathison Turing was a British computer scientist, mathematician, logician and cryptanalyst. He had huge influence on the development of computer science. Turing is considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.
  3. 3. Early life Alan was born in 1912 in London. When he was 1 year old parents left him in the care of nannies and moved to India where they lived before. In 1926 a young Turing started learning in Sherbone School. From the beggining he showed the signs of the genius. In primary school he also discoverd his sexual orientation and he fell in love with his friend Christophere Morcomie who died soon because of disease.
  4. 4. Studies After Marcomie’s death Alan decided to work much harder and in 1931 he received scholarship at King’s College in Cambridge. During his stay at the university he wrote probably his most important thesis which is called On Computable Numbers.
  5. 5. Thesis In Computable Numbers he introduced abstract machine which could calculate programmed mathematical operations – algorithms. In this thesis he also introduced the scheme of first computer. This project was too difficult to be made but technically everything was correct.
  6. 6. Cryptology In 1939 Government Communications Headquarters proposed Alan to work as a cryptanalyst in Bletchley. Just there a man with group of Polish scientists designed Turing bomb – device used to break the Enigma code. This machine greatly contributed to victory and reduction of duration of the war.
  7. 7. Death In 1952 Turing admitted to be homosexual. For this reason he had lawsuit and got a choice: go to prison or special treatment – chemical castration. On 7 June 1954 Alan Turing committed suicide.
  8. 8. Vocabulary • computer science – informatyka • Computer scientist – informatyk • Cryptoanalyst – kryptoanalityk • Artificial intelligence – sztuczna inteligencja • Computable numbers – liczby obliczalne • Thesis – praca naukowa • Algorithms - algorytmy

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Alan Turing


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