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AFS WMS Traceability


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FDA recalls are accelerating; consumer safety is paramount and the perils to your business of a product recall are real. Are you going to wait until the problem hits you or be prepared with systems that make your life easier? AFS has made a living for 35 years helping guide food distributors as they grow their businesses.

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AFS WMS Traceability

  1. 1. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Traceability: Compliance without sacrificing productivity
  2. 2. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Traceabilty Tracing history of an item by means of documented recorded identification. • GS1 Global Traceability Standard defines minimum set of traceability requirements within business processes to achieve full chain traceability. • From grower to manufacturer. To warehouse and final end source. • In event of food outbreak, sharing of traceability information between trading partners in supply chain is critical to ensure a targeted and effective recall.
  3. 3. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES • Critical data tracked from beginning to end and throughout the supply chain. • Linking the flow of information to physical products.
  4. 4. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Features Features in WMS allow for ease capturing data and visibility, without increasing labor. • GS1 & GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) • Single Scan Traceability • PTI Compliance (Produce Traceability Initiative) • Reporting and Visibility • Freeze Product Lot
  5. 5. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Features GS1 & GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) GTIN is an identifier developed by GS1. Brand owners assign GTIN to their products to provide full supply Global Trade Item Number chain visibility. • Supported Throughout All Activities of WMS • Scanning GS1 and UCC-128 Barcodes allows packers and manufacturers to include multiple data elements in the same single barcode – like GTIN, Lot and Quantity Single scan increases traceability & productivity
  6. 6. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Single Scan Traceability Application Identifier (AI) GTIN AI PROD Date AI Batch / Lot • Product Code • Quantity • Batch / Lot • Catch Weight • Production Date • Expiry Date Single Scan Traceability • GS1 Barcode Compliance • GS1 uses a series of Application Identifiers to include additional data such as best before dates, batch numbers, quantities, weights and many other attributes used within the supply chain. • A Single Scan of a GS1 Label Replaces Multiple Scans
  7. 7. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Features PTI Compliance (Produce Traceability Initiative) PTI Case-Level Electronic Traceability Ensures Effectiveness of Traceback Procedures • Hybrid Pallet Tags (Inbound/Outbound) • Voice Pick Box Codes • EDI/ASN Compliance Transmissions Standardized industry approach enhances speed & efficiency
  8. 8. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Features Reporting and Visibility • Lot Recall and History Reports • Lookup by Product Lot Ease identifying & locating inventory
  9. 9. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Features Freeze Product Lot • Place Hold Status on Product Lot • Order by Product Lot • Order by Status Prevent inventory being shipped due to product outbreak
  10. 10. AFS TECHNOLOGIES WMS FEATURES Contact: AFS WMS Product Manager – Fran Rifkin