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2016 AFS Peer to Peer Discussion v3


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AFS 2016 User Conference

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2016 AFS Peer to Peer Discussion v3

  1. 1. Peer to Peer Discussion AFSTPM RetailV3 2016 AFS User Conference
  2. 2. ©2016 AFS Technologies, Inc., Proprietary and Confidential Presenters Sharon Fay, VP Global Operations • Over18 years of experience in the Supply Chain and CPG industry and is a seasoned and resourceful Executive Operations Professional with extensive expertise and leadership in Professional Services, Project Management, Software Implementations and Customer Service and Support. Harry Ferrante, Sr. Project Manager • Harry has more than 20 years of experience in finance and IT roles for mid-sized consumer products corporations. Dozens of successful TPM Retail implementations, and astute understanding of business operations and performance drivers across technology and management lines for all functional areas.
  3. 3. ©2016 AFS Technologies, Inc., Proprietary and Confidential Objective Discuss the following topics, in order to create a dialogue between our clients, so they can share ideas on business process and how it would be utilized in our Enterprise Software.
  4. 4. PEER TO PEER DISCUSSIONS: AFS Services and Client Open Forum to share best practices. *Sensitive business metrics can be discussed in a one on one session
  5. 5. ©2016 AFS Technologies, Inc., Proprietary and Confidential Agenda: Suggested Discussion Topics • Hierarchy Structures: Opportunity to improve? • Natural Calendar: Promotions, forecasting & Objectives • Ideas on improving Sales Forecast functionality • Bill of material and planning in alternate units of measure • Business Workflow Structures. Opportunity to improve • Improvements in “Payments” functionality • Plan Analysis and reporting capabilities • Ideas on new functionality that would benefit your business
  6. 6. ©2016 AFS Technologies, Inc., Proprietary and Confidential Peer to Peer is always happening! For on going discussions, please visit our discussion group on
  7. 7. Contact Information Name: Sharon Fay Title: VP Global Operations Email: Name: Joel Cartwright Title: Director Product Management Email: Name: Harry Ferrante Title: Senior Project Manager, PS-Imp-TPM RE Email:
  8. 8. Thank you Q & A Next Session: 5 Ways to Achieve the Biggest TPM Impact with AFS G2 and IRI/Nielsen data