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Shannon Medisky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                                  entrepreneur
Brand-Aid: The My...
Robin Haglund | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010
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Sara Thiel | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010
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Finding Kid-Free Time via Babysi...
Seattle Parks & Recreation
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    • • • Magnuson • • •       Co...
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Eric Lundberg | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010        home improvement
     Begin 2010 Down Under
Shannon Medisky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010               saving money
Plan Meals Wisely to Save Money
Noah Gregg | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                  home electronics
     Whole-House Audio Systems Mad...
Doug Thiel | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                             family matters
     That Rascal Common S...
Christine Litavsky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                              family pet
     Taking Good Car...
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Lauren Hopkins | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                 destinations
     Hitting the Slopes in Colorado...
Puzzles & Games
                                                                                       by Kevin
Can you fi...
Debbie Doces & Peggy Plattner | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                              comfort food
Debbie Doces & Peggy Plattner | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010                                            desser...

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American Family Magazine is about bringing families together through information, inspiration, communication, knowledge and the sharing of ideals and experiences by our staff, guest writers and you!

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  1. 1. AmericAN FAmily January 2010 MAGAZINE™ knic Rez on 0R 201 ht © yrig Cop Save The Eagles Day January 10, 2010 Photo by Ron Reznick
  2. 2. Get Cover Photo by Ron Reznick See more at: iNspired! American Family Magazine Staff & Contributors Doug Thiel.............................Publisher Kevin Reichert............................Editor Pam Jolley...........................Copyeditor Debbie Doces....................Food Editor Family Talk <- click to go there now Peggy Plattner............Asst. Food Editor Family Talk is a forum for directed discussions of all things relating to the family. If you have topics of interest or ques- Sara Thiel......................Healthy Living tions about any sort of family matters, leave a comment and we’ll discuss it here. Robin Haglund..........Family Gardening Lisa Steenson..........................Community Kids & Things <- click to go there now Kids nowadays. What are you gonna do with them? Tim Thiers..................................Community How about hike, bike, swim, climb, paddle, ski, sail or any of the other gazillion things to do outdoors (and occasion- Noah Gregg..............Home Electronics ally indoors) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Check out this blog for weekly ideas on adventures, big Christine Litavsky.................Family Pet and small, that you can share with your child. Update us on your own outings so that others can follow in Lauren Hopkins................Destinations your footsteps, your wake, or your single track. Explore and inspire. Eric Lundberg.......Home Improvement Entrepreneur <- click to go there now Shannon Medisky...........Entrepreneur Waste not, want not. Risk not, get not. Starting your own Elizabeth Fiala.........................Community enterprise can be scary. But it can be incredibly reward- ing too. From smart business strategies to tax time tips to networking necessities you’ll find most of it covered here. American Family Magazine™ 1332 NE 62nd St. • Seattle, WA 98115 Advertise: 206.706.4810 2
  3. 3. Shannon Medisky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 entrepreneur Brand-Aid: The Myths & Musts of Branding It’s that time of year again, involved with community proj- when we reflect upon the past ects and join social network sites. year and set goals for the new Getting your business known is a one. As a business owner, you’re numbers game. The more who likely looking to build your busi- know, the more who will go to ness—and profits—during the your business. (Check future upcoming year. Start the year off issues for specific ways you can right by reevaluating your com- use social networking to build pany’s branding. your business.) A business myth is that brand- Possibly the biggest myth ing has to cost a lot of money. about company branding is also Sure, a fancy, eye-catching logo the biggest challenge: you’re not helps, but the truth is if it doesn’t in control of it. You can have a get seen, it doesn’t matter. What in the traditional sense, is impor- great logo and put it out there for does matter is consistency and tant but it’s certainly not the all to see, but how your business exposure. Include it on every- only means of exposure. There is perceived is up to your exist- thing from the obvious, such as are many inexpensive and com- ing and potential customers. Do business cards and fax sheets, to pletely free alternatives to get everything in your power to make the not-so-obvious such as your the buzz going. A big must is sure that when people hear your email signature. Consumers having an online presence. Don’t company’s name or see its logo, won’t bring you their business want to pay for web hosting? No they associate it with a consis- because of your logo. They’ll problem. Set up a blog for free at tently good product or service. bring you their business because or Nothing hurts a business more they remember your company. Drive your brand by network- than negative word of mouth To gain customers, people must ing, both in person and virtually. and nothing builds it faster than first know you exist. Advertising, Join local business groups, get commendations. Loc’d Up All Ages, Races, Styles of Loc’ing Wet Sets & Maintenance • Sisterlocks tm • Children’s Hair • Nappy Locs tm • Natural Hairstyles • Loc Maintenance • Appointments Only Call Jeannee for a Free Consultation 22805 100th Ave. W., Edmonds, WA 98020 w w 425.967.3895 3
  4. 4. Robin Haglund | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 family gardening Plants’ Tea Party Many gardeners add compos- ted mulches to their gardens. We mix it into existing soil and top dress our beds with it. But, did you know that compost can be steeped into a nutritious liquid that can provide added benefits to the garden? To learn more about compost tea, I interviewed Howard Harrison, owner of Chinook Compost Tea. Robin: How did you get Howard: Spraying compost beneficial microbes present involved in the compost tea tea on plant foliage has the in the soil. Without adequate industry? added benefit of coating the biology in the soil, plants can’t Howard: I love that I can help leaf surfaces with protective access many nutritive sources. people have healthy gardens biology that helps to out-com- Pesticides and synthetic fertil- without the use of pesticides or pete disease mechanisms that izers kill soil microorganisms, synthetic fertilizers. Completing land on the leaf surface. Air pol- disrupting the balance of life Soil Food web training at the lution kills a lot of the natural there, enabling harmful organ- Sustainable Studies Institute biology that would otherwise isms to dominate. enables me to provide more populate and protect leaf sur- Robin: What do you think of expertise in helping folks with faces. In the soil the compost compost tea home brew kits? their gardens. tea helps to augment the good Howard: Aerobically aerated Robin: Why would someone biology that should be there in compost tea brewers are… the who composts and mulches good compost. It inoculates the only method that I recommend regularly also use compost soil with beneficial microbes for high quality compost tea. tea? and may help combat non- These brewers have air bub- bling through the compost tea GARDEN MENTORS during the brewing cycle. This process selects for beneficial microorganisms. Otherwise you can get anaerobic, harm- Empowering Gardeners by Sharing Knowledge, ful organisms. Encouragement & Joy in the Garden When I asked Howard about compost tea success stories, • Personalized Garden Coaching & Consultation Sessions his first response was no sur- • Hand-in-hand Training for New & Veteran Gardeners prise “Rhododendrons are • Personalized Care Booklets Connecting You & Your Garden often plagued with black spot • Award Winning Landscape Designs and other diseases. Time and Garden Mentoring makes a great wedding, birthday, again I have seen applications shower or new home gift for just about anyone! of compost tea help to pre- vent the return of black spot.” “I loved working with you! I Gift Garden Mentors Inc 206 953-5032 Rhodie revivals via compost finally feel like I know what Certificates tea salvation are anecdotes I am doing in the garden.” - H. Bauer, Seattle Available often shared—heck, I’ve even got one in my own garden. 4
  5. 5. www. ImageBlossom .com Thousands of plants and flowers Indexed by common names Search for specific colors Free images for mobile devices Use for web, art, media, more Take me there now! Photo by Ron Reznick
  6. 6. Sara Thiel | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 healthy living Put Some Snap in Your Life Ginger, spicy as she is, is that of the dimpled darling. began her career swanning She rolls around the refriger- around the Indian sub-con- ator in a rather chubby body tinent. There she was com- of lumps and bumps but does monly used in Ancient Indian so with an advantage: you Ayurveda medicine and as a can snap off any of her little constant addition to savory appendages and use them for dishes. Thus she was used for cooking. As an herb she is an centuries to settle and sooth all around dogsbody, but she the stomach’s flim-flams, has too much bang in her bite travel sickness, nausea and for some people. coughs, while delighting the Her favorite venue is that culinary senses. of being presented in cookies Her secret is that her diges- which, in utter devotion, were tive magic acts directly on the named Ginger Snaps. The stomach and not the nervous variations on snaps boggle system, regardless of whether the taste buds, especially for she is in food, tea or a ginger the ginger aficionado. lolly. Mid Eastern foods are rife up to a pile of hanging wires This gentle digestive was with her scents and tastes. and all the little men now gone brought home to Greece by Likewise the Japanese, Chinese off to puppy land. Alexander the Great. Thus it and Thailanders always offer And as a reminder, remem- was the Greeks who intro- a wee pile of chopped ginger ber to keep some ginger in duced her many curative to add a gourmet finish. your kit for your whole family powers to the West. A com- During the holidays our elu- while traveling or eating out: mon means then of using gin- sive gingerbread people are for that tummy rumble or ger was to wrap it in piece of loved by all. But know this: our tucked-too-full feeling, she’ll bread and eat it after a heavy dogs are especially enchanted do her magic. meal and thereby sooth the by the taste and smell of Finally, if you have ever stomach. This treat eventu- ginger. Therefore, don’t put wondered what the “diges- ally evolved into what we now gingerbread men on your tive biscuits” were in all those call gingerbread. Christmas tree if you have a PBS dramas, voila… they were Our girl’s peculiar appearance bowser or you will likely wake ginger cookies. If You Can Read This... So can your customers! MONA’s Bistro & Lounge Advertise Here Culinary Delights | Relaxing Atmosphere | Handcrafted Cocktails (206) 527-4417 6421 Latona Ave NE, Seattle 98115 • (206) 526-1188 • 6
  7. 7. Elizabeth Fiala | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 community Finding Kid-Free Time via Babysitting Co-ops Many parents today have was one of the best things that a hard time finding any time has ever happened to them. alone with their significant My own parents were mem- other. With the current reces- bers of a babysitting co-op sion, more and more parents while I was growing up, and to simply cannot afford babysit- this day they swear that they ters, and with so many daily don’t know how they could stressors, modern couples have possibly survived with- need more time to recharge out one. Not only was it a lot their batteries, not less. Enter: easier on the wallet than con- babysitting co-ops. ventional babysitters, but the Babysitting co-ops are a fun, kids and the adults all got to easy, and inexpensive way know each other, so “babysit- groups are all great places to to get away for a few hours ting” was actually more of a look for existing co-ops. You while leaving your kids in good playdate that everyone looked probably already know those hands. Essentially, a co-op is forward to because the kids people, and even if you don’t, just a group of parents who all kept each other busy while there’s a good chance that get together and take turns the supervising adult(s) could one of your friends does. If looking after each other’s chil- read or catch up on household you can’t find a co-op that you dren. The main advantage of chores. In the meantime, the like, then start your own! All a babysitting co-op is that it other couple got to spend a you need to do is get every- doesn’t cost anything. It’s a few hours on their own, all the one together, set up a list of trade-based business, mean- while knowing that their kids ground rules to determine how ing that you get free babysit- were in the hands of experi- you want to handle schedul- ting in exchange for providing enced parents that they knew ing and what to do if someone it for the other families every and trusted, and not some leaves the group (i.e. whether once in awhile. It’s a very “you teenager that might have been or not they should be required scratch my back and I’ll scratch ill-prepared to care properly to make up for time owed), yours” kind of thing. And most for their children. and distribute a master list co-ops operate on a point sys- If you’re interested in a co-op, with everyone’s contact infor- tem, ensuring that everyone then just ask around your com- mation and emergency con- gives as much as they take. munity. Daycares, after-school tact information. Once you’ve Most co-op members I know clubs, condo associations, par- done that, your co-op should say that their babysitting group ents’ organizations, and church be ready to go! 7
  8. 8. Seattle Parks & Recreation Full Schedule at: • • • Magnuson • • • Community Center • 7110 62nd Ave NE • (206) 684-7026 January 9, 16, February 6, 13 (Saturdays) 12 – 2 PM Magnuson Park Wetlands Class/Volunteer Project Location: Meet at South Wetlands Entrance (off of 65th St.) January 16 (Saturday) 1:30 - 3:30 PM Magnuson Cinema Festival - FREE February 5 (Friday) 6:30 - 9 PM Lunar New Year Celebration Join us as we celebrate the Year of the Tiger with live music, tea room, dance, games, food (served between 5-7 p.m.) and more! The grand finale is an authentic Chinese Lion Dance. Always fun! Activity fee $5 individual, $20 family. • • Meadowbrook • • Community Center • 10517 35th Ave NE • (206) 684-7522 January 22 (Friday) 6 PM Amadoo and the Crocodile & Other African Stories by Clay Martin’s Puppet Theatre and Magic Show Enjoy a collection of African folktales featuring Anansi the Spider and other memorable characters. The show includes stories like “Anansi and the Witch,” “Amadoo and the Crocodile,” and “Nyap and Nyakwe.” There is also a magic show by The Magic Man, a puppet based on a painting by the late African-American artist Jacob Lawrence. All stories are accompanied by au- thentic African music. Activity fee $3 per person, $10 per family. • • Ravenna–Eckstein • • Community Center • 6536 Ravenna Ave. NE • (206) 684-7534 January 8 (Friday) 6 – 8 PM Friday Family Flicks & Food (F4) Enjoy a casual evening of Friday family fun watching the evening’s feature presentation and enjoying scrumptious snacks. All ages. Activity fee $3. January 22 (Friday) 6:30 – 8 PM Brownies, Brownies, Brownies Join us for National Brownie Day! We’ll decorate brownies, play games with your family and friends, and of course sample our creations! Activity fee $3 per person. Ravenna Graffiti Red Wagon Rangers Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center hosts a Graffiti Red Wagon Ranger Team with Seattle Public Utilities. If you are interested or would like more information on how you can help paint out graffiti in your neighborhood, please call 684-7534. • • • Laurelhurst • • • Community Center • 4554 NE 41st • (206) 684-7529 January 22 (Friday) 6 - 8 PM Family Dinner & Game Night A tasty dinner followed by a fun night of classic games such as Uno, Con- nect Four, Sorry, Candyland, and Guess Who? Dinner is from 6 – 7. Games will take place the entire evening. To better serve our guests please let us know you’re coming for dinner and register by 1/20. All ages. Activity fee $5 per person for dinner. 8
  9. 9. w w w. D i g i t a l – P h o t o – S t o c k . c o m (d o n ’ t forget the hyphens) Cop yrig ht © 201 0R on Rez nick Thousands of scenic images Free images for mobile devices Use for web, art, media, more Take me there now! Photo by Ron Reznick
  10. 10. Eric Lundberg | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 home improvement Begin 2010 Down Under Welcome to 2010 every- Inside the crawl- one! This is going to be a space, check over great year filled with family, the entire area for friends and memories. This any wood scraps month I will be addressing a or branches. highly overlooked, and often These can invite ignored, area of the home: dry rot or wood- the crawlspace. This may d e s t r o y i n g not be the most pleasant of insects. Check areas, but rest assured, a around the foun- few hours of your time could dation for wood save you agonizing repairs in form boards also. the future. If you have forced air heat- it is black—and not clear— Proper venting and air flow ing in your home, inspect all plastic, in order to reflect is vital for the sub-structure ducting for splits in the cou- off any sunlight entering of your home. Make sure plings. Small metal screws through the vents thus deter- to check every foundation or even duct tape can seal ring weeds from growing vent making sure all leaves, any possible leaks. Make under the barrier. The bar- branches and other debris are sure all ducting is securely rier will of course keep any not blocking them. Installing hung from the floor joists and all moisture from seep- bricks or pre-made concrete with metal strapping. ing into the crawlspace. vent wells can help keep them Any loose or dislodged Make it a New Years reso- clear in the future. Also fas- insulation can affect the lution to properly maintain tening quarter-inch screen temperature of your home. your crawlspace. It will give over the vent will insure Insulation can be re-hung you peace of mind know- any unwanted objects—and with metal insulation rods ing your home’s structure is rodents—steer clear of your or with twine stapled to safe. Be sure to make 2010 crawlspace. the underside of each joist. the best year yet. Twine will need to be woven back and forth along oppo- site joists in order to be KSR effective. Roofing & Driveway Any dirt coming into con- Residential and Commercial tact with the structure must Summer Special be cleared away. Standard 10% discount crawlspace clearance is mentioning eighteen inches between this ad dirt and floor joists and twelve inches between dirt and support beams. This also helps to prevent dry Family-owned for 30 years, we stand behind our work with full job warranty. We eliminate the rot and wood-destroying need for costly roof replacement with money- insects. saving corrective methods that will last for years. Finally, spread a six mil- Call Today for a Free Estimate limeter black plastic vapor 425-646-8998 barrier over 100% of the crawlspace floor. Make sure “We’ll beat any competitor’s written estimate!” 10
  11. 11. Shannon Medisky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 saving money Plan Meals Wisely to Save Money If the holidays have left your or month. On the other hand, it pocketbook feeling a little less makes even more sense to stock full than your stomach, you’re up when there’s savings to be not alone. At the top of nearly had on staples you purchase and everyone’s New Year’s resolution use all the time anyway. Strive list is the wide-reaching goal to to keep a supply of such ingre- “save more money.” dients in your pantry and only Begin by planning out your purchase to replenish if they’re meals in advance. Whether you on sale. In the long run, you’ll plan a week’s worth or a month’s appreciate having the stock of worth of meals in advance, staples on hand and the added doesn’t matter, you’ll quickly savings. being to save money. If you’ve Become a master of disguise already got the food purchased when it comes to leftovers. Forget and in your home ready to go, boring leftovers and instead pur- suddenly getting in the car, driv- posefully plan your meals to cre- ing to the restaurant and shell- ate enticing “encore” entrees. ing out a bunch of money for For example, instead of eat- meal doesn’t seem as attrac- ing the same meal two or three tive. (Click here to download nights in a row, devise and dis- and print a handy meal planner cover different ways to reinter- worksheet.) pret the same food. One night’s Rethink how you spend your mashed potatoes and pot roast grocery dollars. Yes, it makes can become the next night’s sense to base your shopping list shepherd’s pie. What once began and purchases around the spe- as leftover spaghetti noodles can cific meals planned for that week quickly become the next night’s stir fry. A bit of culinary creativ- ity can help ensure no food goes to waste, no money gets squan- dered and no one’s taste buds suffer from boredom. Kinder Kampus Christian Preschool and Childcare We provide children with quality care in a safe, loving atmosphere. Call 206.525.3830 6801 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115 ImageBlossom .com 11
  12. 12. Noah Gregg | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 home electronics Whole-House Audio Systems Made Easy Now that the pandemonium standard among the industry homes, and they distribute their of the Holidays has passed, we and virtually any system on the music via the home network. In can reflect on the memories market will work in this applica- each room that will have music, that resonate most strongly in tion; it’s just a matter of finding there simply needs to be a small our minds. What made the big- the right fit. box with speaker wire running gest impact on you this year? More often than not, however, from it to the speakers. Even For many, holiday parties and homes are already completely the most difficult installations their classical music can usually be com- breed a special form pleted with minimal of nostalgia. You may intrusion if the wir- have been to grand ing is within the same parties that feature room. These sys- music cascading tems are controlled around you as you by handheld wire- move throughout less touch screens, each room of the and some even have house. How do you applications on your turn your house into favorite touch screen that house? smart phones to run Many whole-house the entire system! audio systems start By ignoring your in the construction home’s construction phase with speaker challenges and lever- and networking wire aging a technology snaking from each room to a built and new wiring can’t be that you most likely already centralized location usually in a installed between rooms with- have installed, it’s quite easy mechanical room where a fully out major retrofitting and dry- to transform your home into a featured stack of equipment is wall repairs. But just because house of music. Whether you’re located. With this setup, any your home can’t accommodate inviting a long list of guests at device that one wants to hear— new multi-room wiring doesn’t your next big soirée, or having iPod, Radio, CD, and Internet mean that you need to host a quiet dinner party for four, Streaming Music—can be heard your next party in silence, or a whole house music system in any room of the house. This with the blare of a boom box. makes entertaining and attend- configuration allows for the New multi-room audio systems ing parties more fun. greatest functionality and flex- take advantage of the WiFi ibility because this layout is that is already installed in most 12
  13. 13. Doug Thiel | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 family matters That Rascal Common Sense Common sense too often is not we depend on school to do much of a common denominator. Sorry, what common sense says should at we all blow this one as we blame least be initiated at home. others for this sometimes venial, The first of these, common sense sometimes mortal, sin most tells us, is that our children should commonly referred to as “human take over doing whatever they can nature.” do as soon as they can do whatever Run through these items they should be doing. This includes that prepare our children for a things like sharing household successful, happy, self sufficient life responsibilities. of us can, being mortal and such. and see which ones that you have Consider that learning can develop So, what to do? Common sense maybe overlooked. into responsibility; even if doing so tells us that we can learn to First, recall that our children takes longer and is done somewhat compensate for mistakes and move mimic what they see and hear, not ineptly. on down the road. unlike many creatures, including Common sense does tell us How? We take the advice the cold blooded ones. that this is how we learn: repeat, of Polonius to his son Laertes Second, recall that the parents eliminate mistakes, and move on. who is departing for France in of human offspring set behavior Isn’t this interesting? Didn’t we all Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “This above patterns both good and bad. Notice fudge on this? Not do some things all: to thine own self be true/And it how common sense is creeping in we should have? Not take the time must follow, as the night the day/ here. or be patient enough? Run out of Thou canst not then be false to any Third, other than what seem to be excuses but, gee whiz, I can’t do man.” But you probably knew this our normal, daily, home routines everything. And you’re right, none anyway. Confined by Group Medical Plans? m- Visor Benefit Bucks lets you choose only the individual benefits you want or need. To learn more, call Scott Black at 206-396-6043 Toll Free: 877-713-7266 6201 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 13
  14. 14. Christine Litavsky | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 family pet Taking Good Care of Your New Bunny My son and I were in a pet store when he saw the bunny. It was tiny and gray, with ears that were impossibly pink. For my son, it was love at first sight. He begged. He pleaded. He offered his stash of birth- day money. The salesperson (who seemed only slightly older than my 10 year old son) assured me the bunny was a dwarf variety that would grow only as large as a small guinea pig. Relieved, I gave my son the green light, and the bunny First, purchase your rabbit Third, understand that bun- became his. from a breeder. Just as dog nies have sensitive stomachs, This bunny, christened Pepper, breeds vary in size and temper- especially while they’re young. is now the size of a very large ament, so do rabbit breeds. A They cannot tolerate water- housecat. She quickly began rabbit breeder will be passion- rich produce like lettuce; it hopping out of her original ate and knowledgeable about wreaks havoc on their diges- cage and is now ensconced their rabbits. You can find tive systems and makes for an in a pricey rabbit hutch in the breeders through your local extremely messy cage, espe- backyard. The pink dye used 4-H club or your veterinarian. cially if they’re indoor rabbits. to highlight her ears is entirely Second, decide whether you Stick with rabbit food, hay, gone. She eats massive quan- want an indoor or an outdoor and the occasional carrot. tities of food and hay. She is bunny. The rule of thumb is Fourth, hold your bunny sev- tame, but far from cuddly. large breeds do well outside eral times a day, especially if We’ve learned some valuable while the smaller varieties fare they live outdoors. This will lessons about rabbits: better indoors. gentle them. Resist the urge to hand feed them. They Psychic Readings should never associate your hands with food, or they may bite. Also, get in the habit of by Ruth clipping their back nails often. Love • Business • Health • Family They grow quickly and become Miss Ruth will help you to understand razor sharp. your life and what your future may hold by Finally, enjoy your bunny. means of psychic, palm or tarot readings. They are beautiful, calm ani- mals that are fascinating to Miss Ruth has read for celebrities such as observe. Our hutch is right JK Rowlings and Condoleezza Rice, and outside our kitchen window now she wants to read for you. and we love watching Pepper Call Miss Ruth Today... busy herself throughout the Get 50% off day. first psychic (425) 454-0119 reading ...understand life tomorrow She’s a bit larger than we with this ad expected, but she’s still 729 122nd Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA delightful. 14
  15. 15. Thousands of wildlife photos Indexed by common names Search for specific animals Watch a Slideshow Download Images Take me there now! Photo by Ron Reznick
  16. 16. Lauren Hopkins | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 destinations Hitting the Slopes in Colorado - Helpful Mini Guide Although the Northwest has great skiing, the powdery Rockies offer a light, easy glide down the slopes. With more than 30 ski resorts in the state of Colorado, it’s tough to choose the one that’s perfect for your family. Here are some of our favorite places, along with suggestions for accom- modations and restaurants. Beaver Creek Snowmass Vail Beaver Creek’s strong suit Snowmass is the second Vail lives up to its tagline remains its uncrowded slopes largest ski area in the coun- “America’s favorite resort.” of accessible beginner and try—36 Disneylands could fit As the largest single ski intermediate terrain as well within the ski-area bound- area in the United States, as its down-home, low-key aries. With a vertical rise of Vail offers roughly 5,300 vibe. On the hill, Beaver Creek 4,406 feet, Snowmass has the acres of skiable terrain proves to be one of the best highest vertical rise of any ski with the fastest high-speed ski areas in America for lower area in the U.S. New attrac- detachable quads on one intermediates. The top third tions to note: Snowmass mountain. Plus, Vail main- of the mountain is almost Park’s 22-foot superpipe and tains a strong commitment entirely easygoing. The more the new 25,000-square-foot to the environment. The adventurous skier can find the Treehouse Kids’ Adventure resort uses 100 percent steeper terrain on the lower Center on Fanny Hill. The wind-generated energy and portion of the mountain. More first of its kind in the snows- is the second-largest cor- recently with the linking of ports industry, the Treehouse porate purchaser of wind neighboring Arrowhead Resort includes a family-friendly power in the country. When and Bachelor Gulch, develop- climbing gym, teen activities, you’re ready to take a break ers have added 30 percent kids’ retail shops and a host of from the slopes, Vail offers more novice and intermediate themed rooms for ages eight museums, ballooning, dog terrain. weeks and older. sledding and more! Where to Stay: The Charter Where to Stay: Capitol Peak Where to Stay: Lion at Beaver Creek, Sheraton Lodge and Hayden Lodge for Square Lodge, Vail Cascade Mountain Vista Resort ski-in/ski-out condos. Resort & Spa Where to Dine: Vin 48, Where to Dine: Lynn Britt Where to Dine: Up the Grouse Mountain Grill Cabin, Cirque Bar & Grill Creek Bar & Grill 16
  17. 17. Puzzles & Games by Kevin Can you find 15 differences between these photos? Click here for answers Chinese Calendar Puzzle The lunisolar Chinese calendar determines Chinese New Year dates. The calendar is also used in coun- tries that have adopted or have been influenced by Han culture. Place each year next to the animal to which it is associated. Use hints below each year. ______Ox ______Sheep ______Rat ______Horse ______Rabbit ______Rooster ______Tiger ______Monkey ______Snake ______Pig ______Dragon ______Dog 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 woods peter puff asp counting mustang no evil crow yeller porky jerry paul 17
  18. 18. Debbie Doces & Peggy Plattner | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 comfort food Beer Tasting Party Abby’s Chili (from Debbie’s Grandfather) 2 1/2 pounds ground meat (we use turkey) 2-3 tablespoons olive oil 2 large onions, chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 1 jar pimentos 1 teaspoon celery seed 8 to 12 cloves garlic, chopped January is a wonderful time to have a 1/3 cup brown sugar beer tasting party! Before your party, 1 teaspoon ground mustard powder go to and print out a 2-6 tablespoons ground chili powder to taste description of each of your beers. Be sure 1 large can V-8 vegetable juice, spicy or regular to include the alcohol content and descrip- 2-3 (14.5 oz) cans crushed tomatoes, to taste tion of flavors, and arrange them on your table from the lightest flavor to heaviest. 4 cans kidney beans, rinsed and drained Serve this hearty meal that is guaranteed 2 teaspoons rice vinegar to chase away the winter chills and thrill 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce your guests! Sauté meat in olive oil until browned, remove, then saute onion and garlic until soft. Put Start your meal with a tray of sliced veg- all of the ingredients into a pot that will hold at least 24 cups and simmer over low to etables (carrots, celery, lightly steamed medium heat 20 minutes. This recipe is easy to double or triple and freezes well. Serve fresh green beans, lightly boiled purple over cheese grits (see recipe). potatoes, sliced, Broccoflower). Serve with Hidden Valley Ranch Dip. Cheese Grits 1 cup Albers Grits (in the hot cereal section Dip Recipe of the grocery store. Use only Albers) 1 cup grated medium or sharp cheddar, 3 cups buttermilk or pepper jack cheese 1 cup mayonnaise Salt to taste 1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Slowly add grits while stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low. Buttermilk Dressing mix Continue to cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add grated cheese. Stir until cheese is Mix all ingredients together. melted and combined. Taste, add salt if needed. Serve hot under chili. Serves 6. If You Can Read This... So can your customers! Advertise Here (206) 527-4417 18
  19. 19. Debbie Doces & Peggy Plattner | American Family Magazine™ | January 2010 dessert Crust Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie 1 1/3 cups graham cracker crumbs Filling 1/2 cup pecan pieces 3/4 cup raw sugar 2 tablespoons raw sugar 6 tablespoons butter, melted 6 tablespoons cornstarch Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 1/4 teaspoon salt Put pecans and sugar into a food processor, 5 egg yolks, whipped with fork process until pecans are finely ground (not a paste), add graham cracker crumbs and 4 cups whole milk melted butter, and pulse until combined. 3 ozs bittersweet chocolate, Turn into a deep-dish pie plate and press finely chopped with fingertips so that it is evenly spread on bottom and all sides. Bake for 10 minutes, 3 tablespoons butter, melted or until sides are a light toasted color. 2 tablespoons dark rum 1 large ripe banana Topping 2 ripe bananas Warm milk in microwave until very warm, not boiling. Place sugar and cornstarch in a 1 1/3 cups whipping cream blender and with blender on, add warm milk. Turn to low speed and add egg mixture. 1/4 cup powdered sugar Pour into a 2-quart pot, stir until mixture begins to boil and thicken, then remove from 2 tablespoons dark rum or vanilla heat. 1/4 cup shaved dark or milk chocolate Put 1½ cups of custard into a bowl with chopped chocolate let stand until chocolate Remove pie from refrigerator. Whip the melts. When chocolate is melted, stir and put into cooked pie shell, and set aside until pie cream, add powdered sugar and rum or is room temperature. Slice banana onto top of chocolate mixture. Meanwhile add rum vanilla. Slice bananas and put on top of and butter to remaining custard, put into refrigerator. When chilled, pour gently over custard, then gently spread cream. Top chocolate and bananas. Carefully spread over entire pie. Chill for several hours. with shaved chocolate and serve. 19
  20. 20. Bird Watchers and Bird Lovers Love This Site Easy-Find Catalog Watch a Slideshow Download Images Take me there now! Photo by Ron Reznick