AFLK Monthly Report March 2012


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AFLK Monthly Report March 2012

  1. 1. AFLK Monthly Report – March 2012
  2. 2. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital• 26 patients taken in charge in January 2012• 22 for Hydrocephalus – 2 for Cancer• 18 Valves bought – 1 Surgery Financed – 3 Scanners realized – 1 Ultrasound• AFLK Bourse for FANN Hospital is 1500000 FCFA – 1500000 FCFA was Spent so far – 0FCFA is Remaining
  3. 3. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  4. 4. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  5. 5. AFLK Bourse – FANN Hospital
  6. 6. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital• 122 patients taken in charge since January 2012• 83 for Analysis and Prescriptions – 13 Surgery Financed – 11 Scanners realized – 7 Ultrasound• AFLK Bourse for FANN Hospital is 2,437,869 FCFA – 2,056,221 FCFA was Spent so far – 381,648 FCFA is Remaining
  7. 7. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  8. 8. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  9. 9. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  10. 10. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  11. 11. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  12. 12. AFLK Bourse – Tamba Hospital
  13. 13. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Mouskeba Cisse:• Mouskeba is a child of 3.5 years old who has been supported for a macrocrania associated with headache and vomiting.• The scanner showed a hydrocephalus. The AFLK Fund helped to buy the valve on 27/12/2011.• Unfortunately after installation of the valve occurred an infectious syndrome because of leakage of cerebrospinal fluid.• ​ Mouskeba was made up of antibiotic treatment for 23 days. With the improvement ofsymptoms, it has benefited a secon d valve on 07/02/2012.• The second operation has given a second infectious episode which pushes doctors to make a removal of the drain and to entrust Mouskeba to pediatricians for better management of meningitis. Mouskeba remains hospitalized in children’s hospital at Fann
  14. 14. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Mame Diarra: Mame Diarra is a girl of 45 days. His mother is originally from the religious city of Touba where she lives with her mother, the other two wives of his step father. The mother came to Dakar far from his family to hide her pregnancy and give birth in total discretion.Why? Because the babys father is the current husband of her mother, his step father. having been afraid of the consequences, she decided to get rid of the baby. Unfortunately, the baby is born with hydrocephalus and presented to Amy gaye social assistance, the baby has been supported by the AFLK fund. The good news, Mame Diarra is doing very well; the surgery was a succes. The bad news, the mother still want to get ride off the baby.
  15. 15. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Serigne Fallou: He is a twin baby who was born with spina bifida. He got surgery just after birth, he developed hydrocephalus. Although he has taken care by the Fund AFLK with the purchase of a valve, his family still have financial difficulties to deal with the purchase of prescriptions.• Serigne Fallou comes from a poor family whose father fled responsibilities and worst he just abandoned his mom and the other children. Since one month the valve is malfunctioning. He had a new surgery and is still hospitalized in the neurosurgery.
  16. 16. AFLK Bourse – General Information• Triplets: – :The triplets have been recommended by sister Valentine, who is the cook of St. Annes School. The mother, unemployed and father handyman are from Dakar. Parents do not earn enough revenu to feed the triplets. They started by asking help at the maternal grandmother who lives at 80 km from Dakar - Thies . The grandmother oriented the mother to the clinic of St. Anne. Once there, the triplets were ausculted by Sister Jeanne who is in charge of the health center. The clinic has limited resources and Sister Jeanne had not the financial and material to support the triplets. She asked help to Sister Elise, director of the St. Anne School. Sister Elise in emergency contacts all possible donors including AFLK to get help for triplets. With the donation of AFLK, sister Jeanne was able to buy milk and cover the needs of first necessity. Parents wishing to return to Dakar, children have been in touch with the clinic partner who is committed to follow up on the triplets and use remaining funds for medical monitoring and feeding.
  17. 17. AFLK Bourse – Dispensary of Derkle• Dispensary of Derkle: Sister Celestine in the process of manufacturing the flour
  18. 18. AFLK Bourse – Koar School• - Activity report of the first social mobilization of the School of Koar • Subjects: – Awareness on the importance of education – Marriage and Early Pregnancy – Miscellaneous topics – The presentation of the evolution of the number of students
  19. 19. AFLK Bourse – Koar School
  20. 20. AFLK Bourse – Sinthian School• - Activity report of the first social mobilization of the School of Sinthian • Subjects: – Raise awareness on activities outside school – The fight against failure at school – Reduce the repetition rate of students – The presentation of the evolution of the number of students
  21. 21. AFLK Bourse – Sinthian School