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Positively Online


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Cipriano Martinez, (WA AIDS Council) describes a half day workshop that helps peole living with HIV better engage with the online environment to access treatments & health information. This presentation was given at the AFAO/NAPWA Gay Men's HIV Health Promotion Conference in May 2012.

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Positively Online

  1. 1. By Cipriano Martinez
  2. 2. Covering Rational/Objectives What is Positively Online? Websites explored Feedback from clients Where to next ?
  3. 3. Rational/Objectives HIV Futures Six (Grierson et al, 2009) approximately 36.5% of respondents source HIV treatment and living information from the internet. Many services for people living with HIV are overtime slowly progressing to the online environment e.g. treatment information and management of side effects. Communities are increasingly using the online environment to organise and engage with its members e.g. Facebook groups. E-health record is the most efficient and likely way that health information will be stored and exchanged in the near future. To identify and access online HIV peer support 24/7, HIV treatment and side effect management resources. To explore websites with quality of life enhancing potential.
  4. 4. Websites – US based, forums, personals, treatments, side effect management – US based, forums, treatments, side effect management UK based, treatments, side effect management, charting, resources – International gay online live chat – Australian treatment and advocacy sites provided on handout.
  5. 5. Websites – searching , maps, – contact with friends, community engagement, – learn from the web, connect with others, creative fun - be inspired by the world’s best speakers – Free international calls (also MSN, FBK,) – Store access and share your files photos, videos – create your own website or blogg
  6. 6. FeedbackWhich websites do you enjoy learning about the most and why? -Poz websites – very informative and supportive -I found the whole range, as covered, where all relevant to what I wish to do. -I found learning about Word press interesting as it is something I have been considering doing this some time.Comments on anything regarding the days activity? I had a great time- learnt a lot today Very informative, there is a need for some basic computer training if you are a bit uncomputer wise. All really useful and will change my online skills for the better!!! I got a lot out of the day, will enhance my computer skills, thank you.
  7. 7. Where to next? Continue to review HIV and life enhancing websites, identify which are best/most valuable and why e.g. Kickstarter Monitoring tools ? (what’s accessed and why) Skills assessment ?(fit for purpose e.g. socialising online) E-Health/online self Mgmt- preparing individuals Service through dominant platforms (FCBK), shift as required.