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Planning, Evaluation & Knowledge Management Framework

Veroinca Eluate (ACON) dicusses the implementation of improved planning and evaluation strategies at ACON.

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Planning, Evaluation & Knowledge Management Framework

  1. 1. Planning, Evaluation &Knowledge ManagementFrameworkACON’s Data RevolutionVeronica EulateManager,Planning, Evaluation &Knowledge Management
  2. 2. BackgroundHighlightedissues withincurrent systemsDataCollectionReporting &EvaluationCoordination
  3. 3. Evaluation Review
  4. 4. ObjectivesAlign Planning,Evaluation &Knowledge ManagementConsolidate data collectionand enhance reportingmechanismsMaximise potentialand outcomesRemain flexibleand adaptable
  5. 5. PEKM CyclePlanDoEvaluateReviewShareEmbedsinformationgathering & needsanalysisEmphasises cross-divisional expertise& knowledge-sharingReview &recommendationsessentialcomponentsEvaluation asintegrated asplanning
  6. 6. Planning HierarchyOperationalStrategic• 3-5 years• HIV/LGBTIhealth split• High level• SimplelanguageACON StrategicPlan (SP)Health OutcomeStrategies (HOS)• 6 nominatedhealth areas(TBC)• ComprehensiveFramework• PopulationEngagementStrategy• Strategy WorkingGroupsHealth ProgramRecords (HPR)• ProgramSpecific• ConsolidatedFramework• Cross-DivisionalHealthProject Plan(HPP)• Project &ActivitySpecific• Aligned to HPRor HOS• ConsolidatedFrameworkBUSINESSPLAN
  7. 7. Primary Activity ScheduleCaseCoordinationCapacityBuildingMarketing &CommunicationEnablersPeer Support &EducationClient Support CounsellingHome-BasedCareTherapeuticGroupsPriority Support& TreatmentsPrint & WebBasedCommunicationSocial MediaSafe SexResourcesCommunityEventsPeer EducationWorkshopsPeer EducationOutreachSocial Inclusion &ConnectednessNSPSupport &TrainingResearchPartnershipsExternalRepresentationVenuesLiaisonVolunteersGrants &New ServicesPolicy &AdvocacyOperations FundraisingLearning &Development
  8. 8. Evaluation Pyramid6 Month Follow UpPre & PostAssessmentFeedbackSurveysDataCollectionOutputIndicatorsQualityIndicatorsShort-termImpactIndicatorsLonger-termImpactIndicators
  9. 9. Evaluation Indicator BandsTHEME PRIMARY ACTIVITIESINDICATOR BANDOutput Quality Impact ImpactSVR ∆ KSC ∆ BehaviourPEER SUPPORTPeer Education Workshops X X X XPeer Education Outreach X XSocial Inclusion andConnectednessXNeedle and Syringe Program(NSP)X X XPriority Support and TreatmentsX XX X
  10. 10. Evaluation HierarchyOperationalStrategicACONStrategic PlanACON StrategicPlan (SP)Health OutcomeStrategies (HOS)HIV/STI PreventionHealth ProgramRecords (HPR)Gay Men’sHIV/STIPreventionHealthProject Plan(HPP)SAMYoung GayMenAsian Men
  11. 11. Key Benefits and Desired Outcomes• Strong and adaptable foundation• Ability to harvest accurate data to inform organisationalactivities• Build ACON’s capacity to develop knowledge in order tobecome a learning and sharing organisation• Ability to monitor and reflect on health trends, and providetargeted responses to community needs• Increased quality in service(s) delivery• Greater operational efficiencies• Increased community, client and employee satisfaction.
  12. 12. Thank YouA special thanks to:Ryan JacksonPlanning CoordinatorHelen ConwayMonitoring & Evaluation OfficerAlan BrothertonDirector, Policy, Strategy & Research