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Use of ICT within AFAAS network


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Published in: Science
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Use of ICT within AFAAS network

  1. 1. USE OF ICT WITHIN AFAAS NETWORK Emmanuel Atenga CIKM Officer - AFAAS
  2. 2. Introduction AFAAS Secretariat implements networking activities at continental level and supports the Country Fora (CFs) that implement the networking activities at national level. Its core functions include enabling exchange of information, sharing of experiences among the network members and scaling up out and innovations.
  3. 3. ICT tools and platforms for engagement At the Secretariat Level different ICT tools and platforms are for engagement purpose among those there are: Website : Facebook: Twitter: Dgroups :
  4. 4. ICT tools and platforms for engagement Dgroups 664 users
  5. 5. ICT for Knowledge management The AFAAS Virtual Social Networking Platform ( is aimed for Knowledge sharing among the registered members. Over 1000 individual members and 450 organisations registered so far.
  6. 6. ICT tools and platforms for engagement
  7. 7. ICT Apps and tools scaled up and out Through innovation and direct commission grants AFAAS scaled up and out different ICT Apps and platforms at national level. Among those there are: 1. LandInfo Mobile App & iCow platform in Kenya; 2. m-Omlimisa platform in Uganda; 3. MUIIS Knowledge Application (MUIIS-KA); 4. “Farmers Hotline” call centre in Malawi; 5. Videos for farmers in Cameroon.
  8. 8. Thank You