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Mobile phone as climate information and sensitization tools


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Published in: Science
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Mobile phone as climate information and sensitization tools

  1. 1. Mobile phone as Climate information and sensitization tools NGOUAMBE
  2. 2. Context • Climate has negative effect to our agriculture • Farmer in remote area have no permanent extension agent • At least one household has a mobile phone • Use of SMS for information and sensitization both for extension agents and farmer • Couple with videos for uneducated farmers in rural areas
  3. 3. Approach • Sent a group SMS to farmer including voice SMS in local language. • Training of farmer on the potential of social media and ICT for agribusiness • Use access agriculture videos to train farmer • Identifiation of capacity building needs • Projection of videos respect to the needs • Creation of visualisation centers
  4. 4. Results • From 2015 till now Actions menees results Training on social media for extension and agribusiness 5 Training on sustanailble agriucultural practices 4 Creation on functional aagricultural audio-visual centre 02 Nomber of farmer reach by project 500 directly and 1500 indirectly Number of women involve 286 Tools used Mobile phone, projectors, computers, cables and adapters total number of farmer who cangebehiavior ok