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ICT innovations - AEW 2017


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Published in: Science
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ICT innovations - AEW 2017

  1. 1. AEW 2017, by Angelique UWIMANA – National ICT4ag policy & strategy consultant @FAO-Rwanda and CIKM FAAS Rwanda Scaling up ICT innovation for climate Smart Agriculture
  2. 2. Basic facts of Rwanda  Land Area: 26,340 square Kilometers.  Population: 11 million .  Rainy seasons: March -May and October – November  Average Tº: 24.6 - 27.6ºc. Hottest months: August, September. Agriculture : 85.3% of pop. And contribute 45% of GDP.
  3. 3. Priority programmes towards Food security  Crop Intensification Programme (CIP)  One cow per poor family (Girinka programme)  School feeding programme  Integrated kitchen gardens (Fruit and Vegetables)  Fish farming  Poultry development  Promotion of Bio fortified crops  Promotion of mushroom consumption
  4. 4. CIP 4
  5. 5. Crop and animal products: Food diversification at HH level  Kitchen garden  Small stock  Fish farming
  6. 6. Land Husbandry
  7. 7. Marshland Development Marshland redistribution in favour  of poor farmers with no land or with just small plots of land Impact of the Programme Increased access to Land as the Primary productive Resource Increased agriculture production Access to Productive Resources
  8. 8. 8 ICTS– Enablerfor Smartness With all these agricultural priorities and others to ensure climate smart agriculture , ICTS comes in as enabler tool to quckly achieve it and government of Rwanda gives it priority to ensure : • Smart Rwanda, • Smart Agriculture, • Smart village • Smart Farmers
  9. 9. Agriculture Extension and Advisory services & ICTS Master Trainer Farmer Trainer Farmer Group 1. Knowledge Website 2. SMS system 3. Smart phone system
  10. 10. An intuitive website for Extension Agents Designed for extension workers: Get to the info you want just by clicking “CLICK”
  11. 11. “CLICK” A intuitive website for Extension Agents Click on stable crops
  12. 12. “CLICK” A intuitive website for Extension Agents “CLICK” Click on banana
  13. 13. “CLICK” A intuitive website for Extension Agents “CLICK” Click on Production
  14. 14. “CLICK” A intuitive website for Extension Agents Documents Audio Videos “CLICK”
  15. 15. A intuitive website for Extension Agents Videos on Vimeo or YouTube
  16. 16. The connected Facilitator FFS FACILITATOR • Training booklets • Training videos • Radio shows Facilitators access the website dedicated to extension workers and call the HOT line EXTENSION WEBSITE 2 way communication by SMS
  17. 17. Introduction video
  18. 18. Text it to follow up activities ACTIVITY: Create a new group FFS FARMER GROUP Send an SMS to 427 SA to ask if they have evaluated new FFS groups Send an SMS to 2388 Facilitators to ask if they have created a new FFS groups Master Trainer Farmer Trainer ACTIVITY: Evaluate Sector Agronomist
  19. 19. Planned message for Sector Agronomist: Thank you for your reply. Please note that this assessment should be conducted before the end of March 2017. You should have received the evaluation forms. If not, please contact your District Agronomist. Thank you. Thank you for your reply. Please inform us how many FFS groups you have assessed? Please reply with the number of groups. No Dear Sector Agronomist, This is RAB. We would like to know if you have already done the FFS field assessment for new groups created in 17A? Please reply “Yes” or “No” Yes Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day. “X”
  20. 20. Planned Message for FFS Facilitator Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day. Thank you for your reply. Please inform us if your sector agronomist has already done an evaluation? Please reply “Yes” or “No” No Dear FFS Facilitator, this is RAB. We would like to know if you have created a new FFS group in 17 A? Please reply “Yes” or “No” Yes NoYes Thank you for your reply. Please contact you sector agronomist and ask when he/she will visit your group to do the evaluation. Thank you. Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.
  21. 21. Category of recipients Total # of text it sent MESSAGE-ENGLISH Responded % responded Answered Yes % Yes All FFS Facilitators 2388 Hello ! this is RAB. Tell us if there is any new FFS group that you formed in season 2017A. Reply by pressing 1 for yes 2 for no . Thank you 1,091.0 45.73% 956 87.63% All Sector Agronomists 427 Hello,this is RAB. We would like to know if you have done evaluation of FFS for new groups(IAMU) establishmentin season 2017A.Reply by pressing 1 if yes and 2 if No.Thanks 114.0 26.70% 94 82.46% Finally… it was simplified to just one message for each  In this case, we get some info, but what can we do with it?  >50% did not answer? Just did not reply or no group?  Reasons for not replying:  No money (reply only free for MTN…)  Considered as SPAM  Not personal …  It did serve as a reminder for the SA to do the evaluation (even if they did not reply)
  22. 22. Mobile services for Farmers 4 SMS based mobile , developed under FAO “ Agricultural services and digital inclusion in Africa” project
  23. 23. 23 Getting information & Knowledge closer and as close as possible to the farmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. 24. 24 With ICT innovations and well packaged information and knowledge : Our farmers will be ease and happiest farmers ………… “ Get informed for your own development”