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Climate Smart Agriculture: Imponderables


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Published in: Science
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Climate Smart Agriculture: Imponderables

  1. 1. Climate Smart Agriculture: Imponderables by Jeff Mutimba
  2. 2. • Agric development takes place at farmer level***** • But how can we communicate CSA to farmers??? • Some definitions are a real mouthful • Nosowitz (2014) says it’s complex, vague & confusing • So, is it just a catchphrase; concept; philosophy? • Farmers will not benefit from jargon & tongue-twisting.
  3. 3. • We need practical messages of what farmers need to know & do. - What are the specific technologies & practices? - How different are they from farmers’ practices? - Are they region-specific?
  4. 4. • We need specific technologies for Ethiopian highlands
  5. 5. • We need specific technologies for Ethiopian pastoralists
  6. 6. • We need to go beyond papers submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for degrees to • Experiences in partial solution to climate-related challenges
  7. 7. Thank you