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Capacity Development for Scaling up Climate Smart Innovations


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Published in: Science
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Capacity Development for Scaling up Climate Smart Innovations

  1. 1. Capacity development for Scaling up Climate smart innovations By Akeredolu Mercy
  2. 2. Outline Introduction ICT& Knowledge Sharing Knowledge to be shared ICT-based knowledge sharing methods for Climate Change Examples of Knowledge sharing • Agroweather tools • Land PKS • Index-based Livestock Insurance • Digital Pen • Mobile Apps Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Knowledge plays a key role in today's globalized world There is a global knowledge economy which determines productivity The question is? What knowledge is to be transferred? Why is knowledge transferred? • know-what knowledge • know-why knowledge • know-how knowledge • know-who knowledge
  4. 4. ICT & Knowledge Sharing Support, accelerate and improve the sharing of information among firms and individuals, Change the way people learn and network Lower temporal and spatial barriers between knowledge workers, Improve access to information about knowledge Identify location and accessibility of relevant information & knowledge experts.
  5. 5. ICT & Knowledge Sharing The effectiveness of ICT for knowledge transfer depends on the type of knowledge to be shared
  6. 6. Knowledge to be shared Response to climate change has been classified by IFPRI (2014) into: water-‐smart, energy-‐smart, nutrient-‐smart, crop-‐smart, weather-‐smart
  7. 7. ICT –based Knowledge sharing methods for CC • Web based Agro-weather • Electronic Newsletter • Television • Agro-climatic stations • Climate smart villages • Automated weather stations • Radio (local and amateur stations) • Internet • Mobile phones (Interactive Voice Response & voicemail) • Social media (twitter, facebook, …) • Text messages SMS • Mobile apps • Crowdsourcing technologies (sensors) • Community mapping (collaborative cartography) • Social computing (collaborative online behavior)
  8. 8. Examples of Knowledge Sharing Yara CheckIT mobile app that gives farmers a photographic library of crops to allow a simple and fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies. Yara ImageIT is a smartphone app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a nitrogen recommendation based on photographs of the crop.
  9. 9. Agroweather tool Ethiopia & Kenya
  10. 10. The Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS) : Sharing Local and Scientific Knowledge to Increase Land Productivity and Resilience
  11. 11. Index-based Livestock Insurance Product
  12. 12. Digital pen Digital pen it is actually a sophisticated computing device that converts handwriting paper-based information into electronic data that can be modified, formatted and shared in leading application
  13. 13. Mobile apps i-cow - sends prompts to farmers to collect and store milk within the days of a cow’s cycle & information on the best dairy practices. Vet Africa- diagnose livestock disease and suggest suitable medications & helps farmers monitor and record animal data. M-Farm - updates farmers on current prices of goods across the country & connects local farmers directly to produce buyers and suppliers without middle men and gives significant discounts on fertilizers and seeds. Esoko- provides agricultural content, marketing, advisory and monitoring services for farmers and potential investors. EZ Farms - delivers up-to-the-minute insight about current and predicted soil moisture levels to farmers and water providers on smart phones.
  14. 14. Mobile apps Agro-Hub - explores joint community effort, SMS and the internet to source, manage and disseminate information on anything pertaining to agriculture. Cocoa Link - that delivers practical information from agricultural experts to farmers in English and local languages at no cost. Kilimo Salama Kilimo Salama provides farmers with up-to-date and full climate data via text message. Kuza Doctor - enables farmers to receive specific information on crop growth, soil use of environment-friendly techniques and other general questions through SMS. Modisar - Farmers are able to track their farm records, cattle herds, farm costs and sales which run both on and offline. It sends advice to farmers on animal vaccinations, feed & nutrition and receive instructions on finance via text messages.
  15. 15. Conclusions To achieve a profound effect of ICT for knowledge sharing on climate change there is need for : • Holistic approach to knowledge sharing • Accreditation, regulation of knowledge sharing • Harmonisation of pluralistic tendencies for knowledge sharing • Professionalization of people responsible for knowledge sharing • Capacity development of back-enders in knowledge sharing process • Associated inputs and resources to support knowledge shared
  16. 16. Thank you for your Attention