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Teplitz creating slide_show

  1. 1. Creating High EnergyWebsites & PR Materials Applying the Science of Behavioral Kinesiology to The Art of Creating
  2. 2. BKBehavioralKinesiology
  3. 3. Paradigm Shift
  4. 4. Meridian Lines Stomach
  5. 5. Florence Kendall Qualifications Consultant To The Surgeon General Maryland State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Faculty – University of Maryland, School of MedicineInstructor in Body Mechanics – John Hopkins Hospital
  6. 6. Muscle Checking History1960 - Dr George Goodhart - Applied Kinesiology1980 - Dr John Diamond - Behavioral Kinesiology1981 - Dr Paul Dennison - Educational Kinesiology
  7. 7. Brain Gym International(Formerly Educational Kinesiology Foundation)From Learning Disabilities To Olympic Performance Call - 800 356-2109 www.BrainGym.org
  8. 8. Perceptual and Motor Skills - 1999 Volunteers said truthful statement –Their name Volunteers said a false statement –Not their name
  9. 9. Perceptual and Motor Skills - 1999 Sophisticated Equipment Measurements – Pressure person checking applied – Resistance of person being checked Variables – How long able to keep arm up – Amount of force to push arm down
  10. 10. Perceptual and Motor Skills - 1999 Results False Statements Pushed Arm Down 58.9% faster Amount of Force Used 17.2% less pressure
  11. 11. Switched-On Selling
  12. 12. COMPARISON: PRE, POST and ONE MONTH AFTER COURSE I Am Comfortable Asking For The Order 80 And Closing The Sale Total Number of Respondents (%) 70 Pre Seminar Responses 60 55 50 50 43 40 Post Seminar 40 35 Responses 31 30 20 16 1 Month after 12 Seminar 8 10 6 Responses 0 0 0 1 2 3 4 Strongly Disagree Agree Strongly Disagree Agree*Pre and Post SOS respondents limited to those who returned 1 Month Later survey
  13. 13. Switched-OnManagement
  14. 14. COMPARISON: PRE AND POST SEMINAR RESPONSES I DISCIPLINE AND FIRE PERSONNEL WHEN APPROPRIATE 90 82 82Total Number of Respondents (%) 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 18 18 10 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 4 Strongly Disagree Agree Strongly Disagree Agree Pre Seminar Responses Post Seminar Responses
  15. 15. Switched-On ManagementSwitched-On Golf
  16. 16. Smiles Vs Frowns People saw images of subliminal smiling or frowning faceSmiling face – poured more beer frompitcher and willing to pay twice as much
  17. 17. “Using your system, I discovered thatour logo was the number one offender. Iremoved one strip and couldn’t budge thetesters arm!Since the change our readership andrecognition has been tremendous. Bothadvertisers and readers tell me how theycan’t wait for the publication to arrive.”
  18. 18. Don Norman author Emotional DesignBrain wired to be attracted by good things“When we see things that are pleasurable, when we are enjoying ourselves, it makes us more wiling to explore, more imaginative. It’s part of our wiring.”
  19. 19. Contemplating Beauty vs Not Beautiful objects put us in good mood Brain enters creative, exploratory state Seek out new connections and experiences Not Beautiful Brain focuses on details and survival
  20. 20. Pain Relief Study University of Bari, Italy 12 healthy subjectsRated paintings – beautiful, neutral or ugly Used Laser to irritate skinLooking at beautiful painting – 1/3 less painLooking at ugly painting – pain more intense
  21. 21. Pleasure Triggers In The Brain Buy .lology by Martin Lindstrom See something attractive, cool, snazzy Mirror neurons are triggered Dopamine – brain’s pleasure chemical Brodmann area 10 is activated 2.5 seconds to make buying decision Overrules rationale mind
  22. 22. Religious Brain Triggers & Ads 15 Nuns asked to relive most profound religious experience Nuns brain activity increases in caudatenucleus & insula - feelings of joy, serenity, love & connection to divine Relive profound emotional experienceBrain activity located different part of brain
  23. 23. Religious Brain Triggers & Ads People viewed images associated with strong brand - iPod, Harley-Davidson, Ferrari Same brain pattern as Nun’s viewing religious experience
  24. 24. Eye Track III ResultsEyes fixate upper left, hover then left to right Dominant headlines draw eyes first Smaller type = focused viewing Larger type = more scanning
  25. 25. Eye Track III ResultsHeadlines followed by blurbs on same line = higher viewingHeadline with blurb next line = skip blurb Underlined headlines with blurb next line = skip reading blurbRule = skip reading beyond or below break
  26. 26. Eye Track III Results Headlines = one secondLong headlines = first couple words crucialLower part of page – need attention grabber
  27. 27. Eye Track III Results NAVIGATION Top of page performed bestRight side better than left (more eye fixations and longer viewing)
  28. 28. Eye Track III Results PARAGRAPHS Shorter better than longer One column format best
  29. 29. Eye Track III Results PHOTOSText attracts attention before photosLarger image better - 210 X 230 pixels Viewers attempt to click on photos Clean, clear face better
  30. 30. Eye Track III Results ADVERTISINGTop and left homepage best location Place close to good copy helped Text ads more intently viewed(7 seconds vs 1.6 for display-type ad) Bigger ads better – ½ page best
  31. 31. Peripheral Vision Weak at detecting fine-grained movementStaring intently at copy on a websitePeripheral vision wants to draw yourpupils toward the moving shape on the other side of the screen
  32. 32. Products You Use Everyday
  33. 33. Health Improvement
  34. 34. The Psychology of Color by Kevin Lerner Red Very influential color – handle with care Carries negative cultural attachments Great for conveying passionDo not use in financial information, tables or charts
  35. 35. The Psychology of Color Green Stimulates interaction Great for warmth and emotions Generates discussion
  36. 36. The Psychology of Color Blue Most common background color Calming and conservative Popular in business Slows our breathing and pulse rate
  37. 37. The Psychology of Color BlackBackground color with useful psychological overtones It is neutral and is good for presenting financial info It connotes finality and gives the impression of starting fresh
  38. 38. The Psychology of ColorColor Combinations To avoid Red/Green Brown/Green Blue/Black Blue/Purple
  39. 39. The Psychology of ColorDark Colors Perceived HeavierOn charts, arrange colors from dark to light
  40. 40. “I waited four full months to get back toyou. I redesigned my ad with yourprinciples and then tested the new ad.Here are the results:Inquiries slightly more than doubled.Sales -- the best yardstick-- fully doubled.”
  41. 41. Thymus GlandSecond button down, An inch or two below the hollow
  42. 42. Impact Of Words Harvard researchers – 47 people 60 to 85 years oldFlashed words subliminally on screen One group – positive words Other group – negative wordsWalking abilities improved 10% from positive words
  43. 43. Typed Without Halpern Music
  44. 44. Typed With Halpern Music
  45. 45. Viewing Slides on Website1. Go to www.Teplitz.com2. From the navigation bar at the top of the Home Page –3. Choose Programs and Keynotes4. Scroll down and select For Attendees Only5. Find your groups name6. Click on the program title7. Enjoy viewing the slides
  46. 46. Watch Your Thoughts– They become your WordsWatch Your Words– They become your CopyWatch Your Copy– It leads to your GraphicsWatch Your Graphics– It becomes your Ad & SiteWatch Your Ad & Your Website– It represents you!
  47. 47. Web Site www.Teplitz.com You Can Download: Free Monthly Article,Past Issues of Teplitz Newsletter