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Communication Consultant Decision Matrix
Project/Initiative: ___________________________________________________________
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Communication Consultant Decision Matrix AENC M&CC


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Marketing & Communications Conference

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Communication Consultant Decision Matrix AENC M&CC

  1. 1. Communication Consultant Decision Matrix Project/Initiative: ___________________________________________________________ Timeline: _________________________________________________________________ In-House Manager: _________________________________________________________ Rate each component on a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 being “low” and 7 being “high.” Add each score and note the total in the column on the right. Membership Considerations Number of members/potential members impacted Level of impact on key external stakeholders Level of impact on industry future & growth Level of buy-in for proposed initiative Impact on membership growth/retention Score Score: ________/35 Strategic/Governance Considerations Importance to strategic plan Importance to individual board members Level of buy-in from board/leadership Importance to key external stakeholders (e.g. sponsors) Importance to organization vs. other strategic initiatives Level of media interest Score Score: ________/42 Resource/Logistical Considerations: Score Level of in-house expertise available Availability of tools needed for project Availability of funds for project Amount of time available to complete Knowledge of available external resources Trust in known external resources Score: ________/42 Higher scores in the first two sections generally indicate a need to look outside for help. Lower scores tend to point more toward completing the project in-house.